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Social Plan for Friday, July 16

As you head into the weekend, be ready with some scheduled posts!

Remember... interaction = algorithm love, so make sure at least one post daily is designed to get people commenting.


With the warm weather, some quick polls about pools should create talk. Here are some potential questions you could ask, with the idea that there could be some AMAZING content for your show on Monday morning:

  1. Is it weird when a guy wears a shirt in the pool?

  2. (If you, or someone on the show does this, make it personal)

  3. (if you have a pic of a show member wearing a shirt in a pool, use this on Insta Stories, you'll get an amazing response rate)

  4. Bathing suits - How skimpy is too skimpy when company comes over to swim?

  5. Are there women who WANT to see guys wearing those tiny Speedo swimsuits, because they still exist!

  6. Most embarrassing pool moment

  7. Here's a good Facebook topic: A listener wrote in and said she caught her neighbor watching her while she was sunbathing by her pool. We couldn't believe what she said! We thought she would have called the guy a creeper, but she said it made her feel like she was 'hot'. She actually liked the attention. Is that a 'normal' feeling?


If you didn't see Lizzo's TikTok stitch last month where she eats watermelon with mustard, it could be an ongoing social idea for you, and could help you break into TikTok.

Invite listeners, or anyone for that matter, to offer up the wacky food combos they're into.

Then you try them... good, bad, or nasty. Have fun with it. (don't forget, once you get 10k followers, you start making $$'s on TikTok for every view your profile receives).

Best part: your TikTok videos play well on other social platforms. Cross-promote so people know they can find you elsewhere.

Here's the Lizzo TikTok from last month:


Here are some memes:


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