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Social Content for Wednesday, Sept 8

There's a fun social/on-air piece for tomorrow at the bottom of this post, but first, we want to highlight one of our clients: WIXX in Green Bay (CHR). They're having some great success with our social content, specifically, the high-engagement topics.

We'll share some of their recent posts so you can see the engagement they're getting, the reach they're getting, and it will give you some content ideas for this week at the same time.

Of note: they aren't doing this with any 'frills'. They aren't using graphics, just simple text... and it works. To bring it all full-circle, they do the same topic on the air, at the same time, and get lots of calls for on-air content. A perfect marriage.

Want to try this tactic today?

Here's a topic you can post on Facebook, and some starters calls (from you can use on the air to make it all come together:

Callers: What's the most amount money you've ever found?

  1. Call 1

  2. Call 2

  3. Call 3

  4. Call 4


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