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Social Content for Wednesday, July 28

Engaging topics for your social channels:

What is a word that you think people over use?

(Some 'I'll go first' options for you)

-- "Literally."

-- "Like."

-- "Love. I think it gets thrown around a lot."

-- "Iconic."

-- "Racist."

-- "Guys"...."When I hear the word 'guys' in like a friend group I don’t mind it. But when it’s a douchetuber being overhyped and dropping guys every five seconds I can’t handle it."

What are you boycotting till the day you die?

(Some 'I'll go first' options for you)

-- "Gas station bathrooms."

-- "...I'm boycotting booking through any third-party booking sites, period... booking through anyone but the hotel/airline means a customer service nightmare in the event that something goes wrong."

-- "Stubhub— the way they handled the pandemic with changing their policies in peak pandemic so people could only recover credit or resell their tickets instead of receiving cash for cancelled events was ridiculous. I was forced to hold my Coachella ticket for 2 years, then they decided to refund everyone this year when they realized they would make more money since the ticket prices will surge when the event is back in 2023."

-- "I was boycotting Blockbuster for charging me late fees because they lost the tape I returned in their evening return slot. F--- those guys they ain’t getting my business!"

-- "Anything that even has a hint of MLM. Stop exploiting your personal relationships out of greed." (MLM stands for Multi-level Marketing / pyramid schemes.)

This is an actual trend on TikTok right now... is someone on your show willing to try it? Has anyone in your audience tried it?

People are deworming themselves and sharing pictures of their poop on TikTok.

The trend started after a video uploaded by a nurse recently went viral when she mentioned the possible connection between intestinal parasites and depression.

This led to others deworming themselves-- taking papaya enzyme pills… and showing their poop, and in some cases the worms on TikTok.


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