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Social Content for Wednesday, July 21

Some fun topics you can use to engage your followers:

What’s one celebrity that you could 100% get to sleep with you?

(Some ideas for you to 'go first' in your post:)

-- "Bill Cosby."

-- "Amy Schumer wouldn’t turn me down."

-- "Drake."

-- "Ryan Reynolds. I’m a guy and straight damn is he hot."

What is the worst music to play on a wedding day?

(Some ideas for you to 'go first' in your post:) -- "Highway to Hell" -- "Another one bites the dust." -- "F--- You" by Ceelo Green -- "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" - Led Zeppelin -- Funeral music. -- "Before He Cheats" Carrie Underwood -- "Run Like Hell" by Pink Floyd -- "Confessions part 2" Usher -- "Everyday I Love You Less and Less" - Kaiser Chief -- The Prodigy: "Smack my Bi**h Up"

This could TOTALLY be turned into a morning show contest with submissions from local listeners. Handle submissions on your show page, but post the best ones on social:

PARENTING: TikTok Trend Has Moms Sharing ‘Ugly Baby Challenge’ Photos

A new TikTok trend has mothers sharing their babies' worst photos. Each video follows the same formula: Backed by the comical piano track from ABBA’s “Chiquitita,” the women either post a photo of themselves pregnant or with their spouse, with a captioned variation of the question, “Would you tell me if you thought our baby was ugly?” The spouse then basically responds, “Yes, but our child will be beautiful,” which is followed by a quick montage of their baby as a newborn, and their not-so-cute in appearance. Not only are the children’s mothers roasting them, but TikTok users are commenting how they wholeheartedly agree with the mothers — and take the opportunity to poke even more fun at the babies. Some of these mothers are getting upwards of 1 million likes and views.

You can never go wrong with a friendly debate on a non-political subject!

You can only pick one brand of cereal to eat for the rest of your life... what are you picking. Me? Fruit Loops.

You can also never go wrong with posts that allow your followers to dream:


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