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Social Content for Wednesday, August 11

After seeing the Tik Tok where someone gets a crap ton of packages delivered to their house, you should be asking: who, locally, holds the record for 'most packages received in one day'?

Here are some audience-engaging topics to help with your social stamina and growth:

Here's a story from today's prep (so you have the backstory). There's a video below that you can post on your socials. The idea is to kick-start a conversation in the comments on 'who's in the right':

Fight Breaks Out After Woman Helps Dog Locked In Hot Car — But Who Is In The Right?

A woman in Massachusetts helped a dog out of a hot car and the dog’s owners weren’t happy. The woman saw the dog in the hot car in a parking lot and waited 20-minutes before opening the door and giving the dog some water. She then waited 42-minutes for the dog’s owners. And when the owner finally did arrive, with her husband and child, she was not happy that someone had touched her car. The dog’s owner yelled at the woman "You touched my door on my car! Do you own my vehicle?" The dog’s owner explained the only reason the dog is soaking wet is because he "just went swimming"; the only reason he is shaking "is because you broke and entered my f--king car and touched my private property." The two then kept throwing insults at each other before the dog’s owner took off. **According to police, when the air temperature is 85 degrees — as it reportedly was in this instance — temperatures inside a car can reach a sweltering 123 degrees in 40 minutes... and rolling the windows down makes very little difference. A dog, meanwhile, can die of heat stroke in just 15 minutes.

And finally... a party bonus that should light up your comment section:


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