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Social Content for Tuesday, July 27

An off-beat idea: it's fair season (or you could do this at a local zoo), so post a collection of animal selfies from each fair and make it a recurring 'feature' for your social pages. Just you, with a bunch of different animals. We're talking close-ups. One of our client stations tried this last week and it was a big hit! Tag the fairs, the zoos, etc, and get some extra eyes on your post.

Today's topic ideas to generate 'likes' and 'comments' on your social channels:

What was your favorite “trash TV” show?

-- "Married at First Sight. It's like watching a car crash, but everyone totally thought it was a good idea."

-- "'Maury': you are NOT the father!"

-- "The Paris Hilton/ Nicole Richie show from the early 2000s is still the funniest show I've ever watched. I think it was called "The Simple Life."

-- "Wife Swap."

-- "'Bar Rescue'. 99% of the time, the show follows a formula: bar owner in over his head; staff has one crazy/idiot person who makes things worse; owner comes to his senses; bar is renovated; bar now makes money."

-- "90 Day Fiancé is pretty wild."

"... i'll second this. you turn it on... think it's stupid... then watch 4 hours worth b/c you gotta see what happens next when xxxx meets yyy's family, etc."

What’s the worst thing to say after a kiss?

-- "Im gonna brush my teeth."

-- "The worst thing a dude ever said to me after I used tongue - "There's no food in there for you!!"

.. "One time a girl tried to use tongue and I just used my tongue to push hers back in."

-- "you kiss like my mom..."

-- "Do you want a mint?”

-- "You should probably get checked now."

What are you sure people just pretend to like?

-- "Baby showers."

.. "This and children’s parties."

-- "Obnoxiously loud music at parties."

-- "Yeezys."

-- "Weddings."

-- "Fine wine."

-- "Their in-laws."

Guys, what “chick flick” did you actually enjoy?

-- "Legally Blonde."

-- "'Mean Girls' is a masterpiece."

.. "That movie is so fetch."

-- "'Clueless' is in my top 5 all time movies..."

-- "Love Actually."

--"Fried Green Tomatoes..."

Asking people for advice can be a good way to engage the masses. Here's a great one:

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