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Social Content for Tuesday, July 20

Want to keep your audience engaged with a post? Give them a puzzle to solve.

Here's one that will have them getting their friends and co-workers involved with your content:

In your post, give them one more so they 'get it'... #21 is Scooby Doo.

Nostalgia wins BIG on social media.

It's SUPER relatable. Keep it simple with this on Facebook. It could be even better for your algorythm if you ask people to include pictures.

Here are some great topics for your social channels today:

What should you NEVER do on a first date?

(If you 'go first' when you pose the question, here are some possible starters:)

-- "Stare at your phone the entire time and text or call random people."

-- "Only talk about your previous relationships."

"She talked about him so much I started to miss the guy."

-- "Once had a dude grab some of my food off of my plate with his bare hands. He was trying to do a cutesy sharing food thing but it was a poached egg. He grabbed a poached egg with his bare hands right off of my plate. Please do not be like that guy."

-- "Propose."

What is something a high school teacher told you, that you will never forget?

(Some possible starters for you:)

"We're all trying to figure it out, at any age. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. " "Was in the 90s, my political thought teacher “Never document your deviance”.

"My chemistry teacher told my mom that I would do so much better if I asked questions. I’ve found that this is true in all stages of life. Ask questions!" "On 9/11, while classes were all but canceled, most teachers just rolled in tv's and left the news on. Not Jim R. He got up and lectured, to the groans of students. He talked about the effects this would have on the economy, our politics, our culture and society. And he was right. In somewhat broad strokes, of course. He talked about how traveling would change with restrictive security measures, how politics would take advantage of 'terrorism', how the wars we will engage will be paid for by my generation, my kids generation and so on. He talked about how racism will spike toward middle eastern peoples out of anger and fear and how that is totally wrong. As a vet and former cop, he cautioned us to not join the military while emotions ran high and a sense of patriotism was thick in our veins. It was a gift. As the years went on, wmd's, the iraq war, tsa, department of homeland security all came about, I felt like I already knew. I will never forget that fourth period class."


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