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Social Content for Tuesday, August 3

Today's engaging social content will boost your audience interaction:

What is something that lost popularity ages ago, but you still really like?

(If you 'go first', here are some options)

--"Blu Rays"

--"I like old arcade machines."


What's something that's easier to do with one person/alone?

(If you 'go first', here are some options)

--"Deciding what to eat."

--"Shopping. I love being on my own and spending all afternoon in a city center going exactly where I want to go without feeling I need to apologize to someone for stepping in the same shop for the 3rd time."

--"Assembling a piece of furniture. When someone else is involved, a mistake can quickly devolve into an argument, whereas when you do it alone, you might get a little frustrated, but you can move on without resenting someone else in the process."

What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults?

--"You two deserve one another.”

--“There’s no accounting for taste.”

--"That mask looks great on you!"

--"Bless your heart."

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