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Social Content for Thursday, July 22

Easy Tik Tok strategy for your show: get listeners to 'stitch' your video.

It's where they take part of your video and add their own video content to it.

Using this viral TikTok video as a spring-board, you could post your own video and get your listeners to 'stitch' their embarrassment moments with your video.

Do you have a MORE embarrassing story than this:

Some topics for your social channels today:

What’s the worst candy of all time?

(some ideas if you 'go first' in the post)

"Cheap holiday chocolate. You know the kind."

(Cinnamon Discs)... "Those cinnamon bas***ds that look like butterscotch but it ain't and now you got a mouthful of... thermite that sucks a--."

"New recipe Butterfinger."

"It happened a few years ago. I decided to try one and was so disappointed..."

"Those candy necklaces you sweated on."

"Palmer chocolate. Tastes nothing like chocolate."

"Circus peanuts. Who tf is keeping the Circus Peanut company in business..."

What’s a question you hate being asked?

(some ideas if you 'go first' in the post)

"What are your plans for the future?"

"Why are you so quiet?"

-- "Can be countered with "why do you talk so much?""

"Anything about getting married or having kids. I’m 24, shut the f--- up and let me play my guitar badly and drink excessively with my friends."

"i’m deaf and i’ve seriously had people ask me how i can talk. so stupid."

""How's the job search going?" I'll let you know when I have a job."

More Post Ideas:


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