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Social Content for Thursday, August 19

It's always good practice to weave your social conversations into the discussions you're having on the air. Here are a couple of good on-air / social pieces you can pull off on your show simultaneously!

Here's a hot topic for social media, based on this story:

Woman Announces She's Engaged To Her STEPBROTHER-- At Her 21st Birthday Party

A woman took to Reddit to reveal that her younger sister is engaged to her stepbrother. The 23-year-old woman wrote that she and her 21-year-old sister grew up with the stepbrother when their parents got together, adding that he “bullied me especially because how weak and thin I was.” She went on to explain how he would bully her at home and high-school and even got her friends to turn against her by “spreading rumors and lies.” Turns out, her sister and stepbrother have secretly been dating and announced their engagement on her birthday. The woman added that she’s furious about the engagement, and their family doesn’t support of the relationship.

Another Sure-Winner based on a story from today's prep:

According to a New Study: Petting, Cuddling With A Dog Is Good For You

Petting and cuddling a dog can significantly improve your well-being. Researchers studied 280 college students, seperating them into three groups… one group could interact with a therapy dog, but with no touching, another could both interact and touch their therapy dog and a third group met with a dog handler and no pup at all. Before and after the study, each student filled out a survey asking about their overall well-being. Researchers found the group where the students were able to pet the dogs was the only one of the three that displayed big improvements across all well-being factors.

More listener-engaging goodness:

And... a meme


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