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Social Content for Thursday, August 12

Back to school season is here... let's get teachers involved on your social channels today:

And... it feels like a good day for some back-to-school wisdom:

Topical: Strike on this one today!

I'm sure you heard about the guy who rented out a theater to surprise his wife with a showing of the video from their wedding, which they've never seen because it was lost since their wedding day. Someone at their church found the tape, and the husband kept it a secret. On their anniversary, he set up a sweet date-night for his wife and the theater helped him by playing the wedding video, instead of the movie his wife thought she was seeing.

Use this as an opportunity to let the ladies brag about something sweet their hubby did for them.

(You could contest the post with a pair of tickets to a show, or dinner. Something simple would suffice. Your show picks the winner.)

More listener-engaging content for your page:


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