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Social Content for Monday, July 26

Here are a bunch of engaging topics you can use on your social channels today!

Change it up today... do one of these as a video and post to Insta / Facebook Stories.

What is something that rich people do that really annoys you?

(as always... here are some 'I'll go first' ideas)

-- "Say that we're all on the same boat. Nope. We definitely aren't."

-- "Act like everybody has the same 24 hours in day. Like oh okay, how many hours did you spend at the laundry mat last week? Or how many hours did you spend on the bus."

.. "This one gets overlooked a lot. Rich people think "you work for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours so you have 8 hours to make more money" as if everyone else has everything they need within arm's reach."

-- "Lack perspective. The advice they give (just borrow money from your parents, go back to school) often shows that they have no idea how so many people live."

.. "Don't worry about the money just travel'. Lol ok"

What is something people don't realize is a privilege?

(as always... here are some 'I'll go first' ideas)

--"Having your parents to fall back onto for help or advice during adulthood."

-- "Getting as much sleep as you need."

-- "Going to school."

-- "Being able to spend time and money on hobbies."

Guys, what double standards today infuriate you the most?

.. What very much existing double standards today upset you the most?

-- "That mom is the go-to parent. I do all of my kids doctor stuff, and am registered as the primary phone #, yet the pediatrician will only call her or ask for her or email only her the info. I also do all their trips out (playground time etc) and got a "is today Daddy day? Mom getting a break?" comment. I replied "every day is Daddy day" and they kinda melted away from the implied glaring."

-- "When young boys are sexually abused by an older women its looked at as a good thing and that the boy enjoyed it."

-- "Women are given free passes when they are violent."

Here's one you can definitely do as a video on TikTok... you're sure to get some 'stitch' love from viewers

If you tell someone a secret they are almost definitely going to tell their spouse, even if you promise them to secrecy.

-- "Have a friend who worked in government. Pretty high up. Told their spouse a bunch of stuff that came out of an emergency meeting. Spouse posted all of it all over Facebook. That person was out of a well paying job 24 hours later." -- "My sister casually told my dad something that was a mini “secret” from my mom and it tore him up for weeks until all was revealed. He was so emotional about it and told her never to tell him a secret from my mom again..." -- "My better half works in a hospital with mostly woman. You would be surprised how much people tell her. She has told me about all the cheating, emotional abuse, drug problems, and dibiliting porn addictions. As well as who is a horrible sex partner. I cant even count how many of her coworkers have shared that they have never climaxed with their partners and who has a small peepee. It's hard to look at these guys in the face when we all hang out in social settings. I just want to hug some of them and tell them it's all going to be ok...."


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