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Social Content for Monday, August 16

A big topic of conversation lately has been cash and the idea that it's disappearing from our lives. I recently went to an NFL game, and it was totally cashless. In fact, for those of us who brought cash to the game, we had to go to a kiosk and get a gift card to use around the stadium. Is cash dead in your city?

Here are more engaging topics for your social channels:

It's time for a 'Quick Poll' based on one of today's prep stories:

Moms With Young Kids Drinking MORE Since The Start of The Pandemic

Moms with young kids increased their alcohol consumption by nearly 325 percent between the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of last year. Overall US drinking consumption was 39 percent higher in November 2020 than the previous February, before the virus hit the country. The general recommended drinking guidelines for men allow up to four drinks per day but no more than 14 drinks per week, while for women, it’s no more than three drinks a day or seven drinks per week. Americans exceeding those guidelines increased by 27 percent from February and April of 2020 — and jumped to 39 percent between February and November. Additionally, binge drinking that increased 26 percent between February and April 2020 only jumped further, to 30 percent, between February and November. More women disproportionately reported exceeding the recommended drinking guidelines than men between April and November 2020. Women with children under age 5 in their homes increased alcohol consumption 323 percent.


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