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Social Content for Friday, August 6

It's Friday! Time to get a some scheduled posts ready for the weekend. Here are some topics you can use to maximize your engagement while you sit on the beach:

Post this today... you're comments will BLOW UP:

After a long work week, this should go over well:

Here is a good one for Monday morning:

A Bunch of FUN Topics for User Engagement:

We’ve all heard of chick flicks, but what is the single most dude movie ever? What makes it so manly?

(Here are some 'I'll go first' options)

"Predator. The cast are a bunch of jacked mercenaries sent into a jungle to hunt an alien." .. "Every time I watch this movie a bunch of hair appears on my chest. I am a woman." "Big Trouble in Little China." .. "So manly he even leaves the girl at the end, unkissed and all." "Tombstone." .."A girl once said, derisively, that Doc Holiday was my perfect man." .. "I’m your huckleberry." "The 2nd 'Mad Max' movie: 'The Road Warriors'. Heavily modded rat rods, guns, post-apocalyptic survival, cars blowing up, epic fights including the classic "blower motor versus nitrous oxide" showdown." "'The Expendables' series fills this void for me. A series of adrenaline fueled action movies that gradually increase the volume of action stars with each movie? What's not to love?" "'Conan The Barbarian'. Hands down." .. "hear the lamentations of their women" is an all time Schwarzenegger quote for me". "'Black Hawk Down'. If you ever want your girlfriend to go home it's perfect."

"What is one trait that turns someone from a 10 to a 5?"

(Here are some 'I'll go first' options)

"Dishonesty." "Being condescending." "Doesn’t take your feelings into account." .. "But takes your bank account into feelings." "Littering." "Being rude to customer service workers for no reason."

UNPOPULAR OPINION: "Making Your Bed Everyday Is Completely Pointless"

What’s the point of wasting your time making the bed only for you just to undo it all whenever you go to sleep. Does making the bed improve your quality of sleep? No.

Have you ever been drunk or high and came up with this truly amazing idea but then became sober and realized it wasn't as amazing as you thought it was? If so, what was the idea?

-- "To have a fast food spot that sold frozen meals already cooked. Like you can order a heated up hot pocket, toaster strudel, chicken pot pie, etc."

-- "While high I came up with the idea of making pens with white ink that would cover up any mistakes on white paper....realized not only that it had been done already but that I had one in my backpack next to where I keep the pen I used to write down the idea.

-- "A food truck specializing in egg rolls the size of burritos."

What is your worst experience with bad neighbors?

--"Apartment building- The upstairs neighbors dog peed on their patio and it dripped down onto me while I was sitting outside reading. I yelled and ran to shower and when I texted them to ask them to take their dog out to pee in future they said it wasn’t their dog and it must have blown over from somewhere else. What?"

-- "A bunch of things with my ding-dong neighbor. She had a large dog that hated my older, smaller dog. One day her dog ran into my yard and bit my dog. She did apologize for this one, did not happen again.

"Neighbor dumped her lawn clippings into my back yard. Had to ask her to stop and clean up her mess.

"She decided to build a fence. No survey. So I paid for a survey of my property. She started building her fence 3 feet over on my property. I had her stop and remove the fence. She was angry and never rebuilt it.

"I painted my house. She painted her house, same color. I bought a new car. She bought a new car - same color, same configuration.

"There's other minor stuff, but that's enough. Odd person. Very odd."


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