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Content for Wednesday, Sept 22

(PARENTING) Thanks to Digital Devices, 4 in 5 Parents Think Raising Kids is Harder than Ever Before

A new poll finds four in five American parents in agreement that it’s harder to raise children today than when they were growing up. Eight in 10 agree parenting is more challenging than 30 years ago due to the role technology plays in our everyday lives. Eighty-six percent of parents also agree that kids “grow up” much faster today thanks to tech. The average parent gives their kids their first internet-connected device at just seven years-old. Just under a quarter of respondents (23%) say they gave their child access to the web between the ages of three and five. Kids are spending an average of 43 percent of their free time on some type of internet-connected device. Four in five parents admit they’ve allowed their kids to have more screen time to stay entertained during the pandemic. In fact, four in 10 parents say their kid racks up five or more hours of entertainment-related screen time every day. 86 percent of parents talk to their kids regularly about their online safety. Fifty-five percent of parents admit to arguing with their child over how much time they’re spending online. Forty-two percent say their kid’s smartphone usage frequently causes arguments.

(Poo Paranoia?)... People Worried About Going Back to the Office Because They Don’t Want to POO At Work

A new study finds that some people are worried about going back to the office because they don’t want to poo at work. Poo paranoia is real. A survey found that 18 percent said that their most pressing back-to-office concern was going to the bathroom at work.

Kim Kardashian’s Viral Met Gala Look Can Be Your Next Halloween Costume

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look can be your next Halloween costume. The reality star wore an all-black Balenciaga bodysuit complete with a black face covering for this year’s Met Gala in New York City. And the look is easy to pull off for Halloween. In fact, you basically have a complete costume with a $25 dollar bodysuit from Amazon that even comes with the face covering.

Things People Learned About Their Partners After Moving In Together That Made Them Go, ‘Who Did I Even Marry?’

BuzzFeed recently published a post in which married people shared the hilarious and random things they learned about their spouses after marrying them. Here’s some of the responses that made people go, “Who did I even marry?” 1. "I learned that my husband likes to pee outdoors. We live in the country, so it's fine...except for the times I caught him peeing off our front porch and once OUT OF OUR OPEN BEDROOM WINDOW in the middle of the night! Luckily, he doesn't do that anymore.” 2. ”I learned that my husband saves his nail clippings and snacks on them later. He either rips them off his fingers or clips them, and I randomly find clusters of clippings at his desk or next to his spot on the couch. It completely grosses me out!" 3. "I learned that my husband refuses to use plates. He eats out of glass Pyrex pie dishes. His reasoning is that 'plates need sides.’" 4. "My husband refuses to use a steak knife to cut his meat. He just stabs it with his fork and eats it like a caveman!” 5. "My husband has bad night terrors where he screams so loudly I worry someone will call the cops, thinking I'm murdering him! He even used to have them when we traveled, in the damn hotel rooms!" 6. "I learned that my partner doesn't flush the toilet when he goes 'number one.' He grew up in a really poor household, where they had to save money wherever they could — including not flushing unless absolutely necessary — and the habit just stuck." 7 "My husband sleeps with his eyes open. The first time I stayed the night at his place, I thought he'd died!” 8. "Literally today I learned that my husband blows his nose while he's on the toilet, to help himself poop." 9 "I'm married to a professional musician, and I discovered that occasionally, he sings background vocals in his sleep.” 10. "I learned that instead of walking into rooms, my husband has to dance into them." 11. "My husband does this thing where he rubs a blanket between his thumb and pointer finger while he sleeps — and occasionally, he gets ahold of my hair and rubs it like that all night. I wake up with giant knots in my hair that take forever to brush out!” 12. "I discovered that my ex-husband would fight zombies in his sleep. He'd be kicking and talking in his sleep, and in the morning he'd explain he was fighting zombies."

Man Secretly Turns Off His Wife's Work Email Notifications On Vacation

A man is being slammed after he revealed that he secretly turned off his wife's work email notifications while they were on vacation. The Reddit user took to the “Am I the A**hole” forum last week to confess that he went behind his wife's back and muted her emails, claiming it was in her best interest. He said, “She is hourly, and not paid a high enough wage to warrant her needing to check emails after hours.” He also admitted that he takes issue with his wife working after hours and deduced that she would just catch up with the emails after their trip. But other Reddit users slammed the man calling him “disrespectful” and “condescending”.

Body Found is Gabby Petito, Coroner Says She was Murdered

A coroner in Wyoming has confirmed that the body found in Bridger Teton National Forest over the weekend is that of 22-year-old Gabby Petito. The Coroner also ruled the death a homicide in preliminary findings. The FBI said the cause of Petito's death is pending final autopsy results. Petito was reported missing earlier this month after boyfriend Brian Laundrie returned from a cross-country road trip alone. Brian Laundrie has been named a person of interest. Laundrie hasn't been seen for a week. Witness: Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie Argued ‘Aggressively’

According to a new witness who’s come forward, Gabby Petito and boyfriend Brian Laundrie fought over a phone and argued “aggressively” in front of people outside a Utah store last month. The witness said that Petito appeared to be hitting Laundrie during a fight over a cellphone. The witness offers a different perspective than the person who called the fight into 911, and said he saw Laundrie apparently hit Gabby. His statement to police: “They were talking aggressively at each other & something seemed off. I think the male took the female's phone. It appeared that he didn’t want her in the white van. At one point she was punching him in the arm and/or face & trying to get into the van. I wasn’t sure how serious this was – it was hard to tell if they were sort of play fighting, but from my point of view something definitely didn’t seem right. He grabbed her face and pushed her back as she pressed upon him and the van, he tried to lock her out and succeeded except for his driver’s door, she opened that and forced her way over him and into the vehicle before it drove off.”

Woman Finds AirTag on Her Car and Realizes Someone was Tracking Her

A small business owner in Los Angeles recently went viral after her trip to get ice cream with her cousin ended with them discovering an Apple AirTag hidden behind the license plate of her car. AirTags were designed to help those who lose everyday objects like our keys, wallet, backpacks, etc. Once attached to an item, the AirTag's location will pop up on the owner's radar in the Find My app, and they are then directed toward its whereabouts.

In the woman’s video, she holds an AirTag up to the camera while saying, “I'm literally f—king shaking – look what I just found on my car.” When reaching out to Apple about the potential use of AirTags to track people instead of objects, a representative said that the two features the woman mentioned — receiving a notification when an AirTag is nearby and being able to locate the tag via sound, were specifically designed to combat this very issue. A rep for Apple said, ”AirTag is designed with a set of proactive features that discourage unwanted tracking, an industry first. iOS devices can also detect an AirTag that isn’t with its owner, and notify the user if an unknown AirTag is seen to be traveling with them from place to place over time.” After finding the tag, the woman admitted that she feared the worst and called her local police station to alert authorities of her discovery.

America's Longest-Living Married Couple Celebrates 86th Anniversary

America's longest-living married couple is celebrating their 86th anniversary and they say their secret is... togetherness. Ralph Kohler is 104, and his wife, Dorothy is 103. The couple from Palm Springs, California, are the longest-living married couple. They got married in Nebraska in 1935 when they were 18 and 17 years old, respectively. The rest is history — literally — considering their marriage was given Congressional recognition last year. Over the decades, Kohler said he and his wife have done almost everything together — including compromise. They participated in each other's favorite hobbies, including bowling, ballroom dancing and trap shooting. Kohler said the couple shared "a sharp word once in a while, maybe, but it didn't last." Ralph and Dorothy have six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

'Pitch Perfect' Is Becoming A TV Show

“Pitch Perfect” is being made into a TV series at Peacock. The series will follow Bumper, who is played by Adam DeVine, several years after his last appearance in “Pitch Perfect 2.” In the show, he moves to Germany to revive his music career when one of his songs becomes big in Berlin. It's currently unclear whether Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin and others will participate in the new series.

Netflix Announces New Britney Spears Documentary, ‘Britney Vs Spears’

Netflix announced a new documentary focusing on Britney Spears‘ conservatorship. Called “Britney vs Spears,” the documentary has been in production for approximately one year and will follow Hulu’s 2021 doc “Framing Britney Spears.” It’s highly unlikely that Spears, herself, will appear in the project, given how closely guarded she has been from media opportunities throughout the course of her conservatorship. It will hit Netflix on September 28th… just ahead of Britney’s next court date on September 29th.

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Teacher Asks Students To Wear Masks So She Doesn't Miss Concert

  1. Jennifer Hayes, a teacher in Massachusetts and a huge Harry Styles fan, pleaded with students to wear their face masks properly so she would not get COVID-19 before the concert.

Jo Jo Siwa On Her Historical 'Dancing With The Stars' Appearance

  1. JoJo Siwa and dance partner Jenna Johnson made 'Dancing with the Stars' as the first same-sex dance couple to compete on the show. She spoke about the moment.

  2. JoJo Siwa always gets asked who leads the dances.

Woman Has Meltdown At Restaurant Over Children Laughing

  1. A TikTok mom posted footage of a restaurant patron confronting her in a New York restaurant, telling her it 'is not the place' for her to take her autistic toddlers for dinner before, the poster said, demanding free food from the diner. User @bamskye2426 shared a few short clips from the tense interaction, which she said took place at a 'family oriented spot' on Long Island.

  2. The mom shared this clip of her children laughing at the table, showing that they were not a distraction.

'Britney Vs. Spears' Documentary Coming To Netflix

  1. They teaser released yesterday is a 2009 voicemail from Britney Spears to a lawyer about "eliminating the conservatorship.”


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