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Content for Wednesday, May 12

Thanks to the Pandemic, Our Personalities have Changed

The pandemic has changed our personalities. A survey of 2,000 Americans found that 86% saw a change in at least one area. Becoming more conscientious (40 percent) and open to new experiences (38 percent) were the most common personality changes. One-third (33 percent) of people reported increased agreeableness due to the global pandemic. More time at home has led to reading, streaming, and new hobbies, making 70 percent of Americans feel smarter. 58 percent say the media source they spend the most time on is either social media or streaming media. More than a quarter of Americans (27 percent) changed their relationship status during the pandemic. The most common relationship change was breakup or divorce (19 percent), while only nine percent got engaged or married. Midwesterners were the most likely to have an in-person conversation (35 percent), while the West Coasters were least likely (just 14 percent). Northeasterners were the most likely group to use Zoom to break up (19 percent) and Southwesterners were most likely to end a relationship with ghosting (21 percent). More than 70 percent of Americans say their relationships with family changed, with 22 percent feeling less connected from their family. However, 30 percent believe the pandemic brought their family closer together.

Americans Eager to Travel, But Average Person Hasn’t Left Home State in Nearly 4 Years

A new study finds 9 in 10 people are in desperate need of a vacation, even if it’s just to the next state over. Less than 10% said they’ve been out of their home state over the past year. However, there’s good reason for that as over half the poll add they feel the safest traveling within their state this summer since safety guidelines and restrictions vary between states. With its beaches, mountains, and everything in between, California tops the list as the best state for road trips. Following in second place, 29 percent picked Arizona with its red rocks and the Grand Canyon. As for when Americans want to hit the road, June comes in as the top month followed by May. The top places respondents would like to visit on their “perfect road trip” included a river or lake, the ocean, and a hiking trail. Those surveyed were split on whether their road trip would be spontaneous or pre-planned, but respondents did agree they’d like to have two friends along for the ride.

People Share Red Flags You Can Spot on Your First Day at a Job

A Reddit user asked people to share first-day red flags or experiences that caused them to quit their jobs immediately. Here's what people shared: 1. Bonkers boss: "Had two interviews to work housekeeping at a hospital. Got a call the night of the second interview at around midnight from the guy saying, 'I was just so excited I wanted to call and tell you I'm gonna call you to offer you the job tomorrow.' Should have taken that as the first red flag, but I needed the job. I go in for my first day of training and he has printouts of my Facebook wall and my boyfriends. He started asking me how long we had been together and made it clear he knew everything, so not to lie to him. It was so uncomfortable. After my first session of training, we break for lunch, and he sits with me in the cafeteria asking how it's been going so far, etc. Then, tells me he expects to see me at his church Sunday. I haven't gone to church in like 10 years at this point.” 2. Clocking out and then working more: "It was around 10:30 p.m., and they told me it was time to clock out, despite not having finished closing. I was there 'til midnight.” 3. Work doesn't match the job description: "Young and naïve right out of college, I took a 'marketing' job. After four hours of training, my first day consisted of going door to door in a suburban town trying to sell cable to older people. We were told to dress for business, so I’m hiking around for miles in my best skirt, suit jacket, and heels. Hours were from '9-5,' but we didn’t get back to the business until well after 10 p.m. Not to mention, the person I was shadowing was able to make a sale to an older gentleman, who seemed to have memory issues. I nope'd the fuck right out of there.” 4. Hired for one job and ends up doing another: "I was hired to be a waitress, which has a lower hourly wage due to tips. The entire shift, they had me wash dishes in the sink, but paid me waitress wages. A few months later, the restaurant was investigated for a number of fraud activity.” 5. Having to pay to use the microwave: "When the microwave in the lunch room was coin activated." 6. Working for free until you learn: "It was a gas station, and the manager wanted me to work for free until I had learned their computer systems to what he deemed a satisfactory extent. After about an hour and a half without the manager showing up or anyone training me on anything, I decided that I wasn't going to continue to be taken advantage of and told the cashier to pass on the message to the manager that I had quit." 7. Exploiting people: "Salesman for Kirby vacuums. First sale call was to a single elderly woman who was supporting her son in hospital. The supervisor training me pushed and pushed to make the sale until this old woman was in tears. Just as she was about to sign the paperwork, I asked if she actually wanted the vacuum and she said it was lovely, but she couldn’t afford it. I took the paperwork away from her and said not to worry. Outside, I told the supervisor I quit, to which he replied I would’ve been fired anyway.” 8. Tricking people: "Electronics store. My first day, we had to attend a class where they teach people how to up-sell folks. Basically, they walked you through ignoring what customers ask you for and using their ignorance of the equipment against them. I thought that was really scuzzy." 9. Criticizing your body language: "I took a part-time job at Bath & Body Works during the holidays years ago. I made it through the videos and tried one shift. The store was freezing for some reason and the manager kept berating me for having my arms crossed. She also didn’t like my posture." 10. Illogical rules: "It was a small independent insurance agency in 2006. My first day there, the owner said email and fax were strictly forbidden as he only ‘believed in’ communication in person, by phone, or through mail. Left for lunch and never went back. I couldn’t imagine the inefficiency I’d have dealt with had I stayed." 11. Paying for training: "My very first job was at a little drive-in restaurant close to my high school. I showed up to work the first day, the lady said I had to pay her $50 for training."

Mom Goes Viral on TikTok For Shaving Her Legs With Sandpaper

A 49-year-old mom, nurse and soft-core model — known digitally as “Jules” — is teaching her more than 11,000 TikTok followers how to shave their legs with nothing but 600 grit sandpaper. She says “it works." Jules explained that she tested out the razor-free shaving technique after “stalking” another TikToker’s profile for tips. While seated in a park setting, wearing a tank top, green bikini-style bralette and shorts, Julesdemonstrated the sandpapering process, rubbing the abrasive buffering utensil — typically made of aluminum oxide or granite, and often use to smooth or polish woodwork — around on her shin. She says, “My god, my skin is so soft, it’s awesome." Jules instructed viewers to massage their legs with the sandpaper in clockwise and counter-clockwise motions, making in 10 small circles on the skin each way. In a follow-up post, Jules said she lathered her legs in lotion after sanding them down, ensuring that her stems stayed hydrated. She then admitted that her smooth shave only lasted about 24 hours before she noticed stubble growing back.

Women In Their 30s Are Sharing Life Lessons They Wish They'd Learned Earlier

1. "All of the superficial stuff we all worry about? Don't. It's not worth it, especially as a teen." "You will move on after high school and see that following trends is just not important, and no one will care what you do. Just be you!" —jennifert68 2. "It is 100% okay to accept a job based only on its monetary value to you (as long as the job doesn't hurt you in the long run). Your job doesn't have to be your purpose. You can find your passion outside of work and do it because you want to, not because you need to. If you're one of the lucky few who can make money by doing what you love, that's awesome! It's just not a reality for most people..." —unabridged81 3. "It’ll be scary, and then it won’t be, and then it will be." "This cycle is continuous, hold out for the 'won't be' parts." —dontblinktimeywimey 4. "The best dating advice I ever received was from my mom when I was going through a bad breakup: All you’re doing when you’re dating someone is learning about the other person. You are learning qualities that you want or don’t want in a partner. And you get to learn about yourself while doing it." "Trust your gut. If you notice a red flag, there’s a reason for it. It seems so simple and obvious but hearing it out loud really put things in perspective when I felt like my world was caving in." —daisy121 5. "Find a comfortable pair of shoes and spend money on them. It’s worth it." —helloiamplant 6. "No matter what you do or how much you change, there will always be someone who hates your guts. Just do what is best for you and no one else." "The ones who matter will be there." —m4616e2cd 7. "Don't let anyone try to tell you that being married with kids isn't aspirational." "I love my career and make great money, but my fiancé and our future kids will ALWAYS be my priority over any job. That doesn't make me any less of a powerful, intelligent, or courageous woman." —lindsayymarie003 8. "Sometimes being alone is better than being in the wrong company."—34blobfish 9. "It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself. Love yourself, and make decisions that benefit you, not anyone else. You only have to answer to yourself." "You don't have to answer to anyone else. Don’t be apologetic about it." —ameliay4c3d6da72 10. "If you aren't going to most invites, you'll stop getting invited."—ilikenarwhals 11. "Don’t ever for one second feel superior to other women. One day you WILL feel self-conscious, you WILL have bad skin, and you WILL date the wrong person." "Don’t let your moronic teen brain think any less of the women who experience those things first, because you’re not better. It just hasn’t happened to you yet." —majestic27

Australian Woman Wakes Up From Tonsil Surgery Speaking In IRISH Accent Despite Never Visiting The Country

A woman in Australia woke up from tonsil surgery to find she has an Irish accent. The woman posted a video to her TikTok account two-days after undergoing an operation on her throat and was shocked to find she no longer had her Australian accent. After two weeks of research and meeting with doctors, the woman believes she has Foreign Accent Syndrome… a rare condition usually caused by a brain injury that sees sufferers lose their natural accent. There have only been 100 cases reported since it was found in 1907. She says she's found a neurologist who specializes in stroke rehabilitation who is willing to meet with her and help her.

(TOPIC STARTER)... "If You Could Go Back in Time to Any Point, Would You? If So When and Why?"

Twitter user TheyCallMeDoc (@TheyCallMeDoc1) asked: "If you could go back in time to any point, would you? If so when and why?" Replies include: "To see if Noah really built that boat." "Yes! for piece of mind." "the dinosaurs early man vikings the new world" "I would like to go back to watch the New York Yankees when Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gherig and the rest of the Bronx Bombers play." "Just 10- 20 years. as long as I could take back all the knowledge I have now." "I’d like to go back to my childhood because everything was simple and we were happy. I'm 71 years-old." "I’ve always wanted to meet Jesus and His Apostles." "Depending on your theology : A. Watch the Big Bang B. Watch the creation of the world. Unfathomably beautiful either way, I think." "A few days before Apple launched shares." "Yeah - I’d love to ask Marilyn a few questions." "no, I rather keep moving on and get it over with."

Facebook's Plan For Kid-Targeted Instagram Platform Slammed By U.S. AG's

Facebook has come under fire for its ongoing plan for an Instagram platform targeted for kids. A bipartisan group of 44 U.S. attorneys general sent CEO Mark Zuckerberg a joint letter, pleading with him to axe the proposal immediately, citing numerous, adverse developmental effects including cyberbullying and online predators. Facebook said earlier this year it was considering an idea for a "parent-controlled experience." Facebook elaborated on its plan on Monday, saying the design would give parents more oversight over their children who are already online, while promising to make every effort to protect children. Currently, children under the age of 13 are not allowed on the app.

The Horror! Chick-Fil-A Suffers Sauce Shortage Amid Industry-Wide Supply Chain Issues

Chick-fil-A is facing a shortage of its popular sauces. The fast food restaurant will limit customers to one sauce per entree, two sauces per meal and three sauces per 30-count nuggets. The company’s decision to limit the number of sauces per customer comes about a week after it announced that it may start running out of sauces due to supply chain shortages.

NFL: Raiders Are Going To Have A Literal Party In The End Zone, Featuring Nightclub With Bottle Service

The Las Vegas Raiders have added a nightclub to Allegiant Stadium. The Wynn Casino Field Club will span nearly 11,000 square feet across the entire north end zone. It will be equipped with bottle service and two DJ booths so fans can enjoy nightclub-style seating just feet from the goalpost. And the 29 booths in the club can fit an occupancy up to 719 people.

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