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Content for Wednesday, June 9

Man Sparks Heated Debate: 'All Men' Wear Underwear 'Three to TEN Times' Before Washing Them

A man sparked a heated debate online after he tweeted that men wear underwear several times before washing them. The man wrote, “Let's be honest, No man wears a pair of underwear just ONE time before washing them. Every man wears each pair of underwear at least 3-10 times before washing them. Lets keep it a buck.” But most of his male followers disagreed with him saying they will go weeks without washing their jeans, but wear their underwear just once before washing them. Women were grossed out by his tweet with one woman tweeting, “Oh no. No. No. Lord please no. That can't be right. But if it is, sir, thank you, because I am never having sex with a man ever again.”

People Share the Really Weird Food Dishes Their Families Ate Growing Up

A new TikTok trend has people sharing what weird food they ate growing up that they thought was normal: A woman shared that her dad mixed cold peas, mayonnaise, and sugar as a dinner side all the time. @ruthielovescoffee said her parents would cook a pot roast and put the leftovers in a food processor. "They would mix it with Miracle Whip and pickle relish and eat it on bread. They called it BEEF SALAD. She said they did the same with hot dogs and they called it "ham salad.” @she_writes_black explained how her grandma made ~damn if I know soup~: "My grandma would literally take everything out of the refrigerator, clean the refrigerator, and just throw it in a big-ass pot and make some cornbread.” @fredericaseverinsen use to east something called "mock chicken": a recipe made up of salted potato chips, chicken (or mushroom) soup, and tuna layered up and baked like lasagna...served with peas. @thebryanmiller said his family invented something oddly delicious called SCHMOES: "Take two Ritz crackers. Upon one Ritz cracker, place chocolate and marshmallows. Stick that in an oven or microwave. Atop the other Ritz cracker, smear a bit of peanut butter. Once the chocolate and marshmallow are warm to your liking, sandwich it all together in a wonderful, crispy, salty-sweet snack.”

Introducing... Jeans That Look Like a Glitch

Designers LEJE created jeans that look like you're wearing a glitch. One style is called "Slash" Jeans and another are dubbed "L" Pants. The price of wearing designer glitch garments? Each pair is around $500 each.

Basically... it looks like the designers cut up a pair of jeans and sewed them back together... badly.

(TOPIC STARTER)... "The Worst Houseguest Experience You've Had?"

Reddit user Valkyrie_to_Odin asked for "the worst houseguest experience you've had?" Replies include: "My aunt came to visit for what was supposed to be a week or two and didn’t leave for almost a year when I was a kid. She redecorated my room and even put up pictures of herself. "Now the running joke in my family is to randomly leave pictures of yourself around the house when we visit people." "We had a house-sitter once who wanted to bring their own dog for the week. They assured us the dog was well behaved and housetrained. This was a pretty close friend, and their house is nice and clean so we believed them. "Came home to find every rug in our house destroyed. The house smelled funky when we walked in, and I immediately found wet spots on our living room rug. Lifted it up and it had more stained areas than not. Same with the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and guestroom rugs. I'm guessing this dog didn't pee outside a single time it was there. "This was someone we paid to watch our house." "My ex-wife's friend had her car break down, and our apartment was right on a bus route to her job. She was supposed to stay over for a week while she got her car fixed. "After 2 months and a lot of warning, we packed her bags for her and put them by the door." "Instead of asking where the toilet paper is, they let their kid wipe his ass with our guest towels." "That would be the girl visiting my sister-in-law who decided it would be funny to repeatedly prank call 911. I got a very angry call from the local police station saying we either stopped or they'd be sending a squad car over. Apologized profusely to the officer and thanked him for calling us first. She was not invited back to her house, she was 17 and definitely old enough to know better." "Sister-in-law house sat when we were out of town. There were tons of disrespectful presents left for us - a cookie crumb trail of condom wrappers, which lead to an actual used condom - like WTF? "But the worst was after cleaning all that up, which was just aggravating and stupid... there was a putrid smell I couldn't put my finger on. Until I finally opened a draw in the dresser in the guest room - she had left a takeout container in there, half an omelette that had gone rancid. "... we took our key back from her."

70% in U.S. Support Same-Sex Marriage

U.S. support for legal same-sex marriage continues to trend upward, now at 70%, which is a new high. This latest figure marks an increase of 10% points since 2015, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all states must recognize same-sex marriages. These data are from Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs poll. Republicans, who have consistently been the party group least in favor of same-sex marriage, show majority support in 2021 for the first time at 55%. Democrats have consistently been among the biggest supporters of legal same-sex marriage. The current 83% among Democrats is on par with the level of support Gallup has recorded over the past few years. Gallup's trend shows that Americans' views can shift in a relatively short time span, creating a new consensus.

Bud Light Is Making A Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer

Bud Light is releasing three new hard seltzer flavors including Pumpkin Spice. The two other new flavors are Toasted Marshmallow and Maple Pear… and they are coming to stores this fall. They will come in 12oz cans and they will all hit 5%-AbV as well as 100 calories and 1g carbs.

TikToker ‘Cooking’ Chicken In The Kitchen Sink Called A ‘Recipe For Disaster’ By Viewers

A TikTok user showed a hack for cooking chicken in your kitchen sink, and users weren’t impressed. His food “hack” involves nothing more than tossing a raw chicken breast into a kitchen sink and running hot water over it. Then once that side of the chicken has turned white, he flips it over and runs more hot water over the raw meat. Once both sides have turned white, he picks up the “cooked” chicken, pats it dry with a paper towel, and serves it up with some broccoli and potatoes. Users slammed the hack with one person writing, “Please. Don’t do this. Neither chicken or pork can be eaten raw.”

Chris Harrison Won’t Return as Host for ‘The Bachelor’

Chris Harrison, host of “The Bachelor” since it launched in 2002, won't be returning. He hasn’t hosted since March after he defended Rachael Kirkconnell, a contestant who went to a plantation-themed party in 2018 and liked Confederate flag-related TikTok videos. Harrison, who blamed the "woke police" for criticism of Kirkconnell, said at the time that he was "stepping aside" from the Bachelor shows but wanted to return. Yesterday, Warner Horizon and ABC Entertainment thanked him "for his many contributions over the past 20 years.” Harrison posted on Instagram about his gratitude “to Bachelor Nation for all of the memories.” He also said, "I've had a truly incredible run as host of The Bachelor franchise and now I'm excited to start a new chapter.”

RELATED: Chris Harrison Wanted $25M Payout for ‘Bachelor’ Exit

“The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison demanded a $25 million payout after being booted from the show. Apparently, he threatened to spill all the franchise’s dirty secrets if he didn’t get it. A source said, “He has nearly 20 years of dirt. Instead of handing them a rose, he was absolutely ready to hand them a lawsuit detailing all the behind-the-scenes details.” The source said, “He knows a lot about inappropriate behavior on set: fights between contestants, misbehavior including use of illegal substances while overseas and complaints from producers that were allegedly brushed under the carpet by ABC execs. He was ready to tell the truth about how things really work over there — and he has plenty of evidence to back him up. Chris was making $5 million a season and wanted $25 million to go.” A second source said a settlement with Harrison was eventually reached — although it is not believed to be as high as $25 million.

Late-Night Emails From The Boss Could Soon Be Easier To Ignore! IPhones Will MUTE Work Emails Out Of The Office

Late night emails or calls from your boss could be easier to ignore if you have an iPhone. The new Focus setting for the iPhone lets users setup their device to only allow certain people to reach them. When setting it up, you can name the “Focus” and determine which apps and people can reach you while the Focus is activated which can be for a time or at a place. The setting will be released with the iOS 15 software update. The tech giant didn’t reveal when that update will be released.

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Chris Harrison Officially Leaves 'Bachelor' Franchise

  1. Chris Harrison has struck a deal with Warner Bros. and producers to leave the 'Bachelor' franchise after 19 years after a racism controversy earlier this year. the deal is being said to be eight-figures. 'People' reported on the exit of Harrison.

Michael Che Has Big Love For Crocs

  1. 'SNL' 'Weekend Update' man Michael Che on his love for wearing Crocs.

Helen Miren Had Fun With Her Driving Scenes In 'Fast 9'

  1. Helen Mirren on her driving experience in 'Fast & Furious 9', "I'm a slightly mad driver..."

Couple's Karaoke Performances Of 'Dilemma' Goes Viral

  1. Sarah and Jeff Grossfield are a retired couple of 35 years in the Tampa, Florida area. They have been going to a local bar singing karaoke and have now gone viral thanks to people recording their performances. Here's a local news report on the couple including their version of 'Dilemma'.

  2. Jeff and Sarah perform "Low" by Flo Rida.

Uber Eats Driver Cries After Getting Tip Of Just $1.19

  1. An Uber Eats driver got emotional in a video he posted saying he received a $1.19 tip after driving more than an hour for a delivery. Smithson Michael said he was struggling to survive driving for the food delivery service, and asked customers to tip in a video viewed more than 1.1 million times on the video sharing network. 'I wish people knew what it was like to deliver for Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash all these companies,' he said with tears down his face.

High School Senior Wants Her $40,000 Scholarship Given Away

  1. A high school senior on her way to Harvard asked that her school give away her $40,000 college scholarship to someone going to a community college. Asst. Principal Thomas Digeronimo talks about the history of the scholarship and announces the winners.

  2. Verda Tetteh announces that she wants the scholarship given away.



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