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Content for Wednesday, June 23

A Bride is Being Criticizing for Trying to Cut Costs at Her Wedding

A bride-to-be posted two videos on TikTok last week sharing the things she and her fiancé would not have at their wedding, because of how costly they are. In one video, the future bride said she wouldn't be sending save-the-dates, having a guest book, giving out party favors, or using real flowers at her nuptials. She said she planned to use silk flowers and DIY her arrangements. She also said she would get married on a weeknight because her venue was cheaper to reserve during the week than on the weekend. In a second video, the bride said she wouldn't have a big wedding cake, as the base cost of a three-tiered cake with no decorations in her area was over $500. She bought a small cake that she and her fiancé could cut and would provide Krispy Kreme doughnuts for her guests. She said that she hired a DJ for only a portion of the evening and intended to use a playlist for the rest of the night. She also said she’d buy her veil on Etsy or eBay to further cut costs. Her guests will RSVP through a wedding website rather than through the mail. Overall, she and her fiancé are saving money by focusing on the parts of the wedding that are most important to them and that they hoped other couples do the same. The couple received criticism from viewers on TikTok. The bride hit back, saying: “To all the Karen's who blew up my tiktok overnight because I don't want a guest book and are having a mid week wedding for OUR wedding, this is OUR wedding, not yours. We hope our guests are coming to celebrate us as a couple and not for the free stuff.”

1 In 4 Couples Sleep In Separate Bedrooms

According to a new survey… 1 in 4 couples in the US now sleep in separate beds. Some common reasons couples sleep apart include snoring, restlessness, parasomnia, frequent trips to the bathroom, or incompatible sleep schedules. Experts say there's shame attached to sleeping in separate bedrooms for some people because of how taboo the topic is. Also they say it has an impact on families especially kids who have experienced embarrassment, insecurities or concerns as a result of their parents' sleeping arrangements. It’s important that parents address the sleeping arrangements with their kids.

"Men... What's An Unspoken Rule Between Men That Women To This Day Have Trouble Understanding?"

Reddit user u/TheForbiddenFruit123 asked: "Men of Reddit, what's an unspoken rule between men that women to this day have trouble understanding?" Replies include: "How we implicitly agree to chill. My ex couldn't understand how I was having a good discussion with my friend and suddenly we stopped talking for half an hour. Like the silence needs to be filled or something." -- "Someone once told me that your best friends are the ones you can sit with in unawkward silence. Ive found my wife and her friends don't understand this at all as well." -- "On the flip side, something I don’t understand about women is the need to talk! I lived with 4 girls in my first year at uni, and they’d put on a film and then chat about irrelevant things through the whole thing! I just want to watch the movie!" "Reverse haggling... If your selling something and your friend wants it. You offer him the homie discount. Normally the friend buying counteroffers with full price and then you both try to counter offer until you decide on a price that both the homie discount and fair payment is achieved. The beauty of it is that this that payment isn't exclusively in money either, It could be literally anything of value.... "In my experience the whole thing is equal parts business transaction and an honor test. Because you as the seller don't want to be firm on the price as you would a stranger, and as the buyer you don't want to be too eager to accept the discount and put your friend out money he would get from a stranger." "The bathroom is no place to socialize." -- "If you are going to socialize in the washroom, do it while you are both washing your hands. No talking when peeing is a rule for me." "The head nod." -- "I've had a few women ask how I know so many people. I don't, I just nod and say good morning to people as I walk by and they reply in kind." -- "Up for friends, down for strangers." "Don't hit in the balls." -- "even in a dirty fight, balls are off limits. you can pick up a brick, but no ball grabs."

Fourth of July Expected to Bring Near Record Travel Numbers

Nationally, more than 47.7 million Americans are expected to travel from July 1-5. That’s a 40% bounce-back from 2020 levels. The number of road trips, in particular, is expected to hit a record for the holiday. AAA’s vice president of travel, said ‘People are taking vacations they’ve deferred for the last year and a half, and all indications now point to a busy Independence Day.’ The travel booking app Hopper said it saw a surge in travel searches for the summer, including a 56% spike in searches for the July 4th weekend. 90% of travel for the holiday will be by car. The worst traffic delays are forecast for the Thursday and Friday afternoons before the holiday weekend, along with mid-day July 5. Airports are expected to be busy, with more than 2 million passengers passing through airport security checkpoints nationwide on peak days. July 2 should be the busiest departure day, while July 5 will be the busiest day for return flights.

NFL: Carl Nassib's Raiders Jersey is the Top Seller

The NFL player with the top-selling jersey over the last day and a half is Carl Nassib. According to fan gear website Fanatics, Nassib's #94 Las Vegas Raiders jersey has been flying off the shelves ever since he announced Monday he's gay. No word on the total number of Nassib jerseys that have sold so far this week, but it's more than Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

(What's YOUR Claim To Fame?)... Guy Stacks Five M&M's For a Guinness World Record

A British man said it took him hours of attempts before he was able to break an unusual Guinness World Record by stacking five M&M's candies. Will Cutbill had long dreamed of getting his name into the Guinness Book of World Records, but it wasn't until the COVID-19 lockdown that he decided to make his dream a reality by stacking M&M's. He filmed his attempts for two or three hours before he managed to get his stack of five M&M's. The record of four M&M's had been jointly held by Silvio Sabba of Italy and Brendan Kelbie of Australia before the record-keeping organization verified Cutbill's video and issued him a certificate.

153 Houston Hospital Workers Fired or Quit Over COVID Vax Requirement

More than 150 workers at a Houston hospital quit or were fired on Tuesday after being suspended for refusing to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Houston Methodist Hospital system suspended 178 unvaccinated employees without pay two weeks ago for missing a June 7 deadline to get jabbed. Whoever didn’t comply or resign during the suspension period was let go on Tuesday. A group of 117 staff members had sued the hospital in May, claiming the COVID-19 vaccines were “experimental” and required inoculations made workers “guinea pigs.” The lawsuit compared the vaccine requirement to medical experiments inside Nazi Germany concentration camps. But US District Judge Lynn Hughes tossed out the suit on June 12, condemning the Nazi comparison and saying it was false to label the vaccines as experimental. The judge made a distinction in her ruling between an employment requirement and a forced inoculation. The case has been appealed.

Billionaire Twitter CEO Once Ate A Goat Mark Zuckerberg Slaughtered With A Laser Gun

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he once ate a goat with Mark Zuckerberg that the Facebook CEO slaughtered using a laser gun. In an interview, Dorsey said Zuckerberg killed the goat with a laser gun and then the knife; then they sent it to the butcher so it could be prepared. Dorsey said, “We go in the dining room. He puts the goat down. It was cold. That was memorable. I don’t know if it went back in the oven. I just ate my salad.”

Harlem Globetrotters Petition NBA To Become An Official Franchise

The Harlem Globetrotters are trying to become an NBA franchise. The Globetrotters sent a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver saying, "Based on what we've already proven, we can field a team of talent on par with the pros of today, and we want the chance to do that.” The Globetrotters were founded in 1926 and say it's been 72-years since they last played an NBA team, beating the reigning champion Minneapolis Lakers in 1949.

WATCH: Wooden Board Flies Off Truck an Smashes Into Car’s Windshield

A shocking video shows the moment when a wooden board flew off a truck that was speeding down the road and hit a windshield on an Ohio turnpike. A woman was riding with her friend when the board smashed into the windshield of her car. Dashcam video showed the pickup truck speeding and changing lanes before the incident. Troopers said the driver of the truck didn’t realize he had lost part of his load and kept driving. He was cited and secured his load with additional straps. In Ohio, traveling with an unsecured load is a minor misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $150.

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Phoenix Suns Win On Buzzer-Beating Dunk

  1. Deandre dunks the go-ahead bucket in the game's final second, finishing one of the most dramatic alley-oops in NBA playoff history.

TikToker Goes Viral After Discovering Outline Of ‘Dead Body’

  1. A woman on TikTok pulled back the carpet in her new home and made a shocking discovery. Underneath the carpet, outlined in black marker is the shape of a dead body. Also written on the floor are the words “Case091101” and a date: 01/19/2018. Underneath the carpet appears to be the outline of a dead body along with a case number.

  2. She went to the basement to look under the living room floor, but it was too creepy.

Joy Behar Makes Sex Joke About Carl Nassib

  1. “The View’s” Joy Behar is under fire after she made an anal sex joke about Las Vegas Raiders' Carl Nassib, the first openly gay active player in the history of the NFL. (Content Warning - preview before airing)

CBS 62 Insider Details Media Corruption In Passionate Interview

  1. April Moss talks with Project Veritas about the corruption she's seen in journalism. She accuses CBS of running fake stories.

  2. Moss gets emotional listening to her job being threatened by her boss.

Miley Cyrus Covers Metallica Classic

  1. Metallica is celebrating the 30th anniversary their 1991 self-titled album, A.K.A 'The Black Album'. The Metallica Blacklist, is a 53-track tribute album featuring covers of the album’s songs with proceeds going to charities. The first track released is Miley Cyrus' cover of 'Nothing Else Matters' featuring, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo, and Chad Smith.



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