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Content for Wednesday, June 2

Fewer Babies Were Given the Name Karen in 2020

Fewer American babies were named 'Karen' last year than any year since 1932, after the name became a pejorative slur for white women who throw fits in public. Just 325 newborns were named Karen in 2020. Karen plunged from the 660th most popular female name to 831st, tying for the 13th sharpest decline among all female baby names. The most popular baby names last year were Liam for boys and Olivia for girls.

Introducing... The First-Ever Manicure ROBOT, Which Paints Nails In Just Ten Minutes - For Only $8

A startup company created the first-ever manicure robot which can perfectly paint nails in about 10-minutes. Clockwork opened a lab in San Francisco on Friday and offers contactless manicures for just $7.99. The machines take photos of customers' nails and then coat them with polish, getting them in and out the door in a fraction of the time that it takes to get a traditional manicure. The company expects the robots to be in retail stores, office, and even apartment complexes in the future.

People Are Sharing The Real Life "Cheat Codes" That Work For Them

Redditor u/SunZuu asked, "What are some cheat codes you've found in the game of life?" Here are some of the responses. Some of the best responses include: "You can mute self-checkout kiosks." —u/thewilburbeast "Smiling is actually magic." ""Smiling can actually make you happier. People often return a smile with a smile, which spreads positivity. Smiles and confidence will open doors for you in life." —u/takes_joke_literally "If you have no complaints about your food service or staff at a restaurant, ask to see the manager and pay a compliment and give a 'thank you' about the server, host, or staff." "Usually people want to see a manager to complain, and a compliment is nearly always welcome. I've gotten countless free drinks, appetizers, and money off my bill, all for just making a polite comment to management." —u/heelstoo "If any website offers a percentage coupon code like '10percentoff,' try higher values like '20percentoff.' They often work. —u/TheGarp "Walk with a purpose. For some reason, people think you're busy, and you don't get hassled." —u/Just_Curious_Duder "Several times in life I've cold-called a company to confirm my interview time. I didn't have an interview prior to my call, but in their confusion and inability to even find my résumé, I've managed to secure an interview about four out of five times. Twice I've gotten the job." —u/TickleMeStalin "You can borrow almost all of your textbooks from the library as a college student." "WorldCat allows you to be linked to almost any library in America. All you have to do is find your book in the system and fill out a request form at a library, and it should be there in a week. I’ve saved probably $2,000 doing this in my first two years of college." —u/exoticpike "I have a heated throw blanket in my living room. During the winter, I wrap my coat in it and crank up the heat. In a few minutes, my coat is toasty warm so I can brave the coldest day." u/Lectric_Eye "Toss your jeans in the dryer for 15 minutes on a cold morning, and you've got warm pants." —u/deepsoulfunk "No matter what your bed time and wake up time [are], stick with it." "After a decade of being that person on Facebook at 3 a.m. and leaving for work four hours later, I started to view sleep as an enjoyable activity, not a chore." —u/lucy_throwaway "Living within your means makes life pretty easy." —u/littleredhoodlum "Ask questions about everything. Ask people about themselves, and be open about stuff you don't understand." "I am amazed at how many people won't acknowledge ignorance, won't show honest curiosity, can't admit they've forgotten something they feel is important, and won't ask for help. Your life becomes so much easier if you just drop the ego and ask." —u/tylerss20 "Once you unlock the skill of not giving a crap about other people’s thoughts, you basically double your mana indefinitely."—u/Pfeiferrm Say 'thank you' instead of 'I’m sorry' in most situations. 'Thank you for your patience' is much better than 'I’m sorry I’m late.'" —u/Ignoble_profession "Act like you belong. In any situation. It will change your life." —u/triple4567 "Get a credit card that has 3%–6% cash back at groceries. Buy all your items at that grocery store. All together, the math works out to being 12%–15% off pretty much everything."—u/kukukele "When you're married, don't stop treating your significant other like you did when you were trying to win them over." —u/Knockemdeadkidd "Set the do-not-disturb feature on your phone to turn on from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m." "You will sleep so much better without constant notifications from emails or texts." —u/deleted

A Transparent Pool Has Opened Between Two Towers… and it's Terrifying

A transparent swimming pool built more than 100ft above the ground is making people feel queasy. The BBC posted footage of people enjoying the pool, which was built between two London skyscrapers, and it had generated a ton of talk online. Comments include: 'This feels like a Final Destination set piece waiting to happen. It looks awesome though.' 'I've taken a lot of calculated risks in my life but I would not swim in this pool. No thanks.' 'Part of me thinks this is cool. Part of me thinks this is stupid.'

Two Days After Wedding, Bride Gives Kidney to Husband's Ex

Ten years after their first date, a Florida woman married her longtime sweetheart at their local church. Two days later, she put on a hospital gown and donated a kidney to her new husband’s ex-wife. The ex-wife had been struggling with kidney disease for quite some time, but didn’t know it. She had been sick and struggling to get the energy to make it through a workday. By the time she was admitted to the hospital in November, her kidneys were only functioning at 8%. Her brother offered to donate a kidney but wasn’t a match, so the new wife volunteered. She was a match. The ex-wife was about to become a grandmother for the first time and the new wife couldn’t imagine her step-daughter giving birth and her mother not being there. The women, who now call themselves kidney sisters, are both doing well.

Burger King Worker Claims Customer Complained That Her Uniform Was Distracting Her Husband

A TikToker says a customer apparently made a comment about her Burger King uniform – accusing it of being a “distraction” to her husband. The woman, named Lala, explains in text on the video: “I had a lady complain today because my uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband.” During the clip, Lala is wearing what appears to be the standard Burger King uniform – a grey cap, polo top and jeans. It seems that it was the (tight) jeans that the customer had a problem with, as the TikToker then provides a brilliant comeback.

Tough-As-Nails Teen Pushes a Brown Bear Off of Her Patio

A video is going viral that shows a group of dogs swarming to a patio to fend off a brown bear and her cubs that had come over the wall. Eventually, the brown bear starts to go after the dogs. That’s when a California teenager comes running out of the house to grab her dogs, and gives the brown bear a shove off the wall. The teenager said that she lives in the mountains and bears appearing at people's houses is "really normal," especially in the summer. She said she heard her dogs barking, which was not unusual, so she went to tell them to stop and saw the big bear picking up one of her smaller dogs. She said, ”I go over to the bear, I look it in the eyes, and the first thing I think to do is push it. Push a bear. Push an apex predator.” She didn't shove it too hard, but just enough so that it lost its balance. The only injury the teen sustained was a scraped knee and a sprained finger.

(Hallelujah!) — Target Reopens Fitting Rooms at All Stores

Target has reopened fitting rooms at all of its stores this week after more than a year of being closed to customers due to the pandemic. The only exception is "a small number" of fitting rooms being used for vaccine administration. Target, which operates hundreds of CVS pharmacies inside its stores, offers COVID-19 vaccines at several locations nationwide and has made some fitting rooms available. A spokesperson said, ”We’ll continue to frequently disinfect and clean our stores throughout the day, as we have throughout the pandemic, and have team members dedicated to high touch areas like fitting rooms.”

Young Kid Sold His Prized Pokemon Cards To Save His Puppy’s Life

An 8-year-old boy in Virginia sold his prized Pokemon cards to save the life of his puppy. The family took their dog to the vet’s office where it was diagnosed with Canine parvovirus. It is a highly contagious virus that is often prevented by a vaccine but if left untreated it can cause anemia and lead to shock and death. They would need $700 for treatment to save the puppy from the infection but the family didn’t have the money. So the boy volunteered to sell his Pokemon cards to pay for the treatment. His mother posted a picture of her son selling cards on the roadside to save the puppy and that’s when the public got wind of what was happening and raised money for the family. He did sell some of his rare Pokemon cards but The Pokemon Company got wind of this and sent him a generous care package.

Toddler Requests 'Lion King' Death Scene on Birthday Cake

A 3-year-old girl from Minnesota, asked for a "Lion King" cake, but one with King Musafa dead so she didn't have to share. Leona Feigh requested that her cake show the scene in the movie where Mufasa is killed. The reason? “Everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will be all for me.” Thirsty Whale Bakery in Minneapolis brought the grim scene from the 1994 movie to life; its confectionary cookies-and-cream concoction depicting Mufasa’s brother Scar standing over his murder victim on top of the cake, with the fallen king lying dead on the platter. The tot’s morbid request and its online traction got the family invited to NBC’s “Today Show.” Her mom says, “Leona is hilarious and quirky. She’s also a very empathetic, sweet kid.”

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Cows Stop High Speed Chase In Wisconsin

  1. Deputies in Barron County, Wisconsin are thankful for some cows who helped end a chase Monday night. The Barron County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that they were in a 13-mile pursuit, when suddenly the driver left the road and was blocked by a herd of cattle. Farm owner Brandon Grewe talks about hearing sirens after checking on his cows.

Viral Video Shows Teen Shoving Bear To Protect Dogs

  1. A TikTok video of a teen named Hailey Morinico from Southern California, shows her shoving a bear off the brick wall in her backyard to protect her dogs. Hailey posted this video talking about what happened.

  2. Hailey said her first instinct was to push the bear to release one of her dogs.

'Friends' Reunion Director Talks Matthew Perry Health

  1. 'Friends' reunion director Ben Winston, responded to the rumors about Matthew Perry's health. Some said he had slurred speech and looked down.

Venus Williams On Dealing With Media Scrutiny

  1. When Naomi Osaka was forced to withdraw from the French Open over the weekend due to the anxiety from mandatory press conferences, other players were being asked how they deal with the constant media attention. Venus Williams gave an epic response to the crowd of reporters.

Kelly Osbourne Talks Relapse

  1. Kelly Osbourne discussed what led to her relapse on Red Table Talk, and said she made it almost all the way through the pandemic before falling off the wagon.



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