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Content for Wednesday, June 16

TikTok Hack For Buttering Popcorn Evenly Goes Viral: 'The One True Life Hack’

A TikTok user posted a video of a hack that makes sure a whole bucket of popcorn gets buttered-- and not just the top. She says in the video, "This is my movie theater popcorn hack" as she puts a plastic straw into the middle of a bucket of popcorn and puts the bucket under a butter dispenser. She adds, "I love buttered popcorn, but I hate when the butter is only at the top. So I use a plastic straw all the way down in the popcorn bucket to get the butter to the very bottom and all the way through." The video has been viewed over 4.6 million times.

"What Do People Think Makes Them Look Cool, But Actually Makes Them Look Like a D-Bag?"

Reddit user u/finleyg113 asked: "What do people think makes them look cool, but actually makes them look like a douchebag?" Replies include: "Being an a--hole to other people to boost your own ego." "Pretending to know... Or be something when actually having no Idea." "Doing something nice for someone and video taping it for clout." "Picking on weird kids." "Picking on someone in a group and trying to get everyone else to laugh at them. Not in a hey! everyone’s joking around kind of way- in a being a nasty piece of work and embarrassing the person kind of way. People like this suck." "The ones who don't know how to get attention so they start gossiping about everyone. " "It's just a prank bro, It's just a prank! - said by every douche about to get their ass kicked because they pushed too far." "Vandalizing rocks, trees, etc. in parks and nature preserves. It takes you out of the experience when you’re scanning a gorgeous landscape and your eyes land on ‘butthead + dingdong forever’ in bright colors." "Being mean to serving staff." "People who tease guys for drinking “girly drinks”. If a guy wants to drink a Strawberry Daiquiri let him drink it in peace."

"What Makes You Nervous No Matter How Many Times You Do It?"

Reddit user u/WinstonChurchillin asked: "What makes you nervous no matter how many times you do it?" Replies include:

"Approaching a green light that has been green too long but you are getting to the distance where you don't know whether or not you should stop or if you can stop." "Drive in front of a police officer when I have no reason to be nervous." "Driving in between two semi trucks on the freeway. Bonus points if one or both is carrying a bunch of logs." "Finding a tick on my body...." -- "Yes! I alway think of what disease I will get." "Calling off work." "When my boss goes 'can we just have a quick chat?' -- “Why don’t you take a seat”. "Using my table saw. Even though I am a Carpenter." "Sticking my hand inside the disposal when I drop a fork in it. I’ve seen people telling me to unplug the disposal, how does one do that?" "Putting my luggage in the overhead storage on a plane. Major anxiety like what if I’m the last person on the plane and have to run around and look for a place to put my luggage. "Walking over a storm drain with my keys in my hand." "Flirt, ask someone out." "Trying to mingle/start conversations in social settings where I don't know anybody."

More Than 3 in 10 Americans Admitted to Having a Kink Their Partner Doesn’t Know About

More than 3 in 10 Americans admitted to having a kink their partner doesn’t know about. 46% of Americans in a relationship said they want to spice up their sex life, but worry their partner will judge them. That includes trying new sex positions and kinks such as public sex, BDSM and roleplaying. 43% of men and 23% of women want to incorporate sex toys into their sex lives, but worry about being judged by their partner. 4 in 10 Americans want to try sex toys, but are afraid of how their partner will react. In some cases, the sex toys themselves had a hidden fear factor. Butt plugs, anal beads and whips topped the list of most intimidating sex toys. Things people are interested to try with a partner:

  1. Public sex 23%

  2. Bondage, discipline, dominance and submission (BDSM) 22%

  3. Role playing 21%

  4. Multiple partner / group sex 20%

  5. Anal sex 18%

  6. Orgasm control 18%

  7. Impact play (i.e., spanking, flogging, paddling, consensual striking) 17%

  8. Phone sex / webcam sex 15%

  9. Sadism and masochism (S&M) 13%

  10. Voyeurism 12%

'Airbnb Has A Secret 'Black Box' Team That Forks Over $50 Million A Year In Settlements'

Airbnb has a top-secret team to keep disaster stays out of the press and gives staff blank checks to help rape victims and pay to clean up dismembered human remains. The company has spent an estimated $50 million every year on payouts to hosts and guests when things go wrong. The team known as the “black box” is made up of around 100 agents across the globe… several of whom have backgrounds in the military or emergency services. Team members have the power to spend any amount tackling the worst crises at their rentals including sexual assaults, murders and deaths. In one incident, a rape victim received a $7 million payout in exchange for agreeing not to 'imply responsibility or liability' on Airbnb or the host.

Quarantine Or "Corn Teen"? Each State's Most Misspelled Word

"Quarantine" is the top misspelled word in the US according to Google Trends data. AT&T Experts analyzed Google Trends data from March 2020 to March 2021 to identify the most common searches beginning with "how to spell." The data revealed "quarantine" was the most searched spelling word in 12 states: Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The analysis found the most common misspelling of "quarantine" was "corn teen." "Coronavirus" was the most misspelled word in six states including Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Other words making the list include "favorite" and "which".

90s TOYS Are Now Worth A Fortune

Toys from the 1990s are worth a fortune these days. A new study from The Toy Zone found almost a dozen different Beanie Babies have sold for $15,000 or more on eBay. The biggest money maker right now is a Chameleon Beanie Baby from 1997. It reportedly sold for $50,000. A couple of Valentine's Day Beanies allegedly sold for between $25 and $30,000 each. And a Princess Diana bear was recently sold for $19,000. MORE: - Nine of the top 10 most valuable ‘90s toys are Beanie Babies. - The only top 10 toy not to be a Beanie Baby is a copy of "Goldeneye 007" for Nintendo 64 ($14,999). - The most expensive action figure is Scratch from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Playmates ($5,850).

The Best State to Live In Is... Wut?

WalletHub looked at more than 4 dozen metrics in all 50 states in 5 main categories to figure the best state to live in. The categories were, affordability, the economy, education and health, safety, and quality of life. New Jersey tops the list, overall and in terms of safety. Best States to Live In: 1. New Jersey (No. 1 in "Safety" category) 2. Massachusetts (No. 1 in "Education & Health" category) 3. New York (No. 1 in "Quality of Life" category) 4. Idaho 5. Minnesota 6. Wisconsin 7. Utah 8. New Hampshire 9. Iowa 10. Pennsylvania 11. Vermont

App Aims to Creatively Reduce Food Waste

An app aimed at mitigating a massive food waste problem has moved to the Seattle area. The Too Good To Go app allows people to buy food that would otherwise have been thrown out by restaurants, delicatessens, supermarkets, hotels and bakeries at one-third of the price. Since the platform’s establishment nearly 37 million meals have been saved and over 90,000 businesses have joined the platform worldwide. What the app does is create a marketplace for surplus food. Customers can affordably buy from their favorite food businesses, or they can use the app to try out a new business. The food comes at a discounted price but customers may not know what they are about to receive in their “surprise bags,” because the logistics of creating a menu is too difficult, especially when businesses don’t know what kind of food they may have to offer from one day to the next. Businesses receive the majority of the proceeds, while the Too Good To Go company receive $1.79 transactional fee per purchase.

Woman Beat Her Girlfriend Over Sleep Talk

A Tampa Bay woman beat up her girlfriend who was“talking in her sleep about an ex.” Police responded after a neighbor called 911 to report a fight. She was asleep when she was woken up by the woman, who “told her she was talking in her sleep about an ex.” A verbal argument turned physical and the woman began punching the victim in the face. The woman was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the county jail.

Today's AUDIO:

Topic Starters: What is your best 'Don't Be That Guy'?

  1. Call 1

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  5. Calls with set-ups.

Pilot Gets Emotional Announcing His Father On Plane

  1. A pilot got emotional while introducing his father to other passengers on the intercom. It was the first flight they would share together with him flying the plane.

Salma Hayek on Ellen

  1. Salma Hayek talks about sleeping with her pet owl.

  2. Salma talks about her owl once vomitting on Harry Styles' head.

Michael Bolton On The Rumor That He Babysat Paula Abdul

  1. Michael Bolton talks with Andy Cohen about the long-standing rumor that he was Paula Abdul's babysitter early in his career.

Kelsey Grammer Cries Talking About Meeting Paris Jackson

  1. Kelsey Grammer started crying while remembering meeting Paris Jackson with her iconic fathers Michael.



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