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Content for Wednesday, August 4

WORK FROM HOME? What Would YOU Give Up To Stay Remote?

Many white-collar workers in the United States, Canada and around the world have spent 17 months working from home, rearranging their working — and often personal — lives. A small online survey says many workers would give up pay and holidays in order to continue working remote. What would you sacrifice to stay remote or would you even want to stay remote?

Teacher Humiliated After Reading Note From Student After Class

A science teacher took to TikTok to share an “embarrassing” encounter he had with a student after class. He said, “Thinking about that note a student left on my desk at the end of the day.” The note said, You have a hole in your pants. All the kids are talking about it.” It even encoded a so-called “poker face” emoji drawing. In the TikTok video, the teacher then revealed that there was a very visible hole in the seat of his khaki pants that showed a small sliver of his underwear. Commenters were both horrified by the situation and impressed with the student’s actions. One user said, “This is an actual nightmare, but that kid had your back.” Another wrote, “I’d never go back.”

PARENTING: Mom Waxes 5-Year-Old's Unibrow to Stave Off Bullies, Infuriating Dad

A mom waxed her daughter's eyebrows after she was bullied for them. She ended up getting into a huge fight with her husband over the waxing. So she took to Reddit to find out who was in the wrong. The mom, who has since deleted her post, explained that her daughter had a "pretty thick dark unibrow that is very noticeable." Her cousins were bullying her, and the poor girl was upset. With school coming up, the Mom was worried the bullying would get worse. However, Dad wasn't happy about the waxing. She said the two had a "huge fight," accusing her of holding her 5-year-old to "beauty standards.” The mom said, “He said that at such a young age I'm pushing these beauty standards on her, instead of telling her she is beautiful the way she is.” The Mom understands, but she says she was just trying to help her kid, "My daughter told me she wanted to get rid of her unibrow. And I didn't want her to grow up with the bullying and teasing and blame me because I could have prevented it.” She wanted to know if she did the right thing and most commenters agreed with her anti-bullying move.

Frontier Flight Attendants Suspended for Duct Taping Unruly Passenger

A few flight attendants are temporarily suspended after Frontier Airlines decided that duct taping an unruly passenger to his seat might have crossed a line. The video was captured Saturday on a flight from Philly to Miami, in which a young guy is seen losing it on passengers, yelling at them that his parents are worth $2 mil and other bizarre ramblings. He's cussing out the flight attendants as well, who were trying to calm him down. Eventually, he gets into a scuffle with a male flight attendant and he's finally restrained to a seat with a ton of duct tape. The rest of the passengers were cheering his detainment. What led up to all of this was the man reportedly emerged from the bathroom shirtless after he spilled a drink on himself. As some attendants helped him get a new shirt from his bag, he allegedly went around groping some female attendants' breasts, and things escalated. He was arrested and booked on several charges upon landing, but Frontier says it also suspended some of the flight crew in question as an investigation gets underway. Frontier Airlines said the passenger made inappropriate physical contact with 2 flight attendants and physically assaulted another flight attendant. The airline says the passenger "needed to be restrained" until the flight landed and police arrived. Frontier is working with law enforcement to prosecute the passenger, and the airline says the crew members' paid leave is line with their policies and an investigation is pending.

Poll: Most Unvaccinated Americans Don’t Feel Responsible for Surging COVID Cases

Very few unvaccinated people feel they are to blame for the rise in COVID-19 cases across the country. A study found that nearly 80% of vaccinated Americans blame the rise in COVID-19 cases on the unvaccinated. Vaccinated people also consider Donald Trump (36%), conservative media (33%), foreign travelers in the U.S. (30%) and Americans traveling abroad (25%) to be key contributors to the rise in cases. Among unvaccinated people, fewer than 10% thought unvaccinated people were responsible for rising cases. A significant number of people who hadn’t been vaccinated blamed foreign travelers in the U.S. (27%), the mainstream media (27%) and Americans traveling internationally (23%). Unvaccinated people also placed blame on President Joe Biden (21%), the CDC (19%) and national public health officials (18%).

Coffin Pops OPEN After Cemetery Workers Try To Force Casket Into Grave

A coffin popped open as workers at a Brooklyn cemetery tried to force it into a grave that was dug too small. The coffin carrying the remains of 79-year-old Claribel Oppenheimer got stuck in the grave and popped open as workers struggled to shake it free during the somber burial. When family and friends looked inside the damaged coffin, Oppenheimer’s hands were no longer folded as they had been in the funeral home because of “rough handling." The sound of the coffin scraping the sides of the hole “filled the air,” and workers “pushed, lifted and lowered the coffin over and over to try to get into the ground.” When the coffin got stuck, workers tried pulling it — growing more aggressive and arguing among themselves as the process dragged on. They kept “pulling and tugging” even after the top opened and mourners feared Oppenheimer’s body would fall out. Some members of the family watched, crying. Workers moved the coffin to the grass for an hour while a backhoe was brought on to lengthen the grave. After some arguing over the condition of the coffin, the body was transferred to a new coffin at a nearby funeral home and finally lowered to its final resting place — headfirst rather than horizontally. One worker allegedly told the family “this section of the cemetery has had this problem before with coffins not fitting properly into the graves.”

College Students Buying Fake Vaccine Cards To Circumvent Shot, Testing Requirements

College students are now buying fake vaccine cards to evade campus requirements that they either get the shot or submit to regular testing. At several colleges throughout the US, students must provide a copy of the card before their return to campus or be tested every week. And some students are now buying fake vaccine cards. Students describe it as easy as getting a fake ID with online vendors making blank cards more accessible to anyone.

Yum(?)... Ikea is Releasing a Candle That Smells Like Their Swedish Meatballs

Ikea is offering a candle called Huvudroll that smells like the Swedish meatballs available at many of the chain's locations. The candle is part of an Ikea Store in a Box package aimed at recreating the sensory experience of visiting a store. Ikea will offer the package, meatball candle included, as part of a sweepstakes celebrating the 10th anniversary of its U.S. Family Program, a free loyalty program which gives participants special offers and rewards. Ikea would not specify what else is in the Store in a Box, other than saying it will contain some of the most recognizable pieces of an Ikea store. The Store in a Box sweepstakes kicks off Aug. 6 and runs through Aug. 22.

Man Brought His Own Scale To Texas Roadhouse To Make Sure His Steak Was Truly 6 Ounces

A man from Colorado brought his own scale to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant to make sure his steak was truly 6-ounces. The 22-year-old man was celebrating his birthday at the restaurant and ordered ribs and a 6-ounce steak. He thought the steak looked small so he whipped out his scale and it weighed 3.6-ounces. He took to social media to post the results and some of the comments called the move that of a “Karen,” as it was extra and unnecessary while others praised him for holding Texas Roadhouse accountable. Some even pointed out that the steak is 6-ounces before it is cooked and will shrink upon hitting the grill.

Fewer Doctors Wearing White Coat, But Many In US Expect It

Fewer doctors are wearing white coats nowadays... but many Americans still expect them to. Researchers surveyed nearly 500 adults and found that a majority perceived doctors in white coats as more experienced, professional and friendly than those wearing a fleece or a softshell jacket. For surgeons, the people preferred a white coat worn with scrubs while for family physicians and dermatologists, they preferred a white coat worn with business attire. But over the past 20-years, doctors in the US have moved away from wearing the traditional white coat.

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Topic Starters: Where couldn't you work for fear your spend your entire paycheck there?

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Simone Biles On Winning Her Bronze Medal

  1. Simone Biles ended up winning bronze in the women's beam final.

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President Biden Says Gov. Cuomo Should Resign

  1. President Biden was asked if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign following the state attorney general’s findings in a sexual harassment investigation.

Report Reveals The Governor Cuomo Sexually Harassed Women

  1. Cuomo talked about the investigation, and admitted that he's physical with people.

  2. Cuomo says, "I have learned from this..."

Gold Medal Swimming Caeleb Dressel On Repeatedly Texting Michael Phelps

  1. Olympic gold medal swimmer Caeleb Dressel has used advice from Michael Phelps for help during the Tokyo games.


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