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Content for Wednesday, August 25

Americans End Up Throwing Out $1,500 in Wasted Food Every Year

The average American spends nearly $1,500 per year on food they’ll never eat. That’s almost a fifth of their grocery bill after every shopping trip. Less than 10 percent of survey respondents claim they “never” purchase food they don’t end up eating, while 27% say this is something they “always” or “often” do. Half of respondents prefer to head to the grocery store solo, and when they do, they’re more likely to stick to their list and are less likely to buy food they don’t want or need. 38 percent of shoppers are more likely to let food go bad if it wasn’t originally on their shopping list. Six in 10 add they always try to avoid shopping while hungry, as they’re more likely to buy foods they won’t eat when they go to the store on an empty stomach. 46% usually buy and end up wasting the same food every month because they think they’ll get around to eating it. The same number do this with healthy foods, specifically. Fruits (53%) and vegetables (45%) are the foods most likely to spoil before eating. Dairy products (39%) follow closely behind.

Hiring Managers Share ‘WTF Is Wrong With This Person’ Moments They've Had During Interviews

Recently a Reddit user asked, "Hiring managers, what was your most 'WTF is wrong with this person' moment you've had during an interview?” Here's what people said: 1. "One guy I almost hired emailed me after the interview, swearing and insulting me and the company for asking him to fill out a personality test — I’ve done a lot of recruitment, but I think that was the most surprising." 2. "My manager and I were conducting phone interviews to fill a spot on my team. One candidate answered the phone while peeing, asked us to hold on a minute, finished up, and got back on the call early enough, so that we could hear the sound of the toilet flushing. Needless to say, he didn't get a call back." 3. "I came in to the bar to meet him, he had a pint of lager in his hand. No joke. The guy had a pint, at his interview." 4. "When doing a phone interview, I heard someone in the background giving the applicant the answers. After the second question, I asked him if someone was giving him the answers. He replied that it was the TV. So after the third question, he repeated it, and I again heard a man in the background give him the answer. I never sent a 'discontinued' email so fast in my life!" 5. "He was naked during the interview, so we declined. When we brought up his video feed, he was laying in bed nude." 6. "I was hiring for a senior development position and had a telephone interview. She seemed confident and competent, so I flew her down for an on-site interview. She wanted a corporate limo to pick her up and nothing else would do.” 7. "A graduate sent his résumé in by email, had all the grades — presumably a quality hire. He showed up...but with his entire family." 8. "I asked, 'How well do you interact with people?' He said, 'I used to be a bouncer, so I know how to DEAL with people.' I immediately said, 'OK, this interview is over. Thank you for your time.’" 9. "He showed up late. Then, he started checking his hair in the front camera as I was mid-sentence!" 10. "To start the interview, I asked him to tell us a little bit about himself. Thirty-five minutes later, he stopped talking." 11. "She listed all of her ex-boyfriends who currently worked there and said she couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when she showed up to work."

Even New Cars Are Now Selling For More Than Their Sticker Price

Some new cars now selling for more than their sticker price thanks to the pandemic. With customers now looking for cars after last year's shutdowns-- and with a persistent shortage of computer chips that go into new vehicle-- dealers don't have enough cars and trucks on their lots to keep pace with demand. This is leading to a spike in car prices with some vehicles even going for more than their sticker price.

NFL: The Most Bet On Team To Make The Playoffs This Season Is...

The Detroit Lions are the most bet on team on BetMGM to make the postseason this year. And, according to sports business reporter Darren Rovell, the most bet on team to miss the playoffs at Bet MGM sportsbooks is... the Dallas Cowboys.

Hospital has Plate-Smashing Booth for Doctors and Nurses Stressed Over Delta Surge

Oregon is one of the states where COVID-19's Delta variant has put more people in the hospital than at any other point in the pandemic. Unlike some of the other states hitting hospitalization records, Oregon has a relatively high vaccination rate, 72% of adults. An ICU nurse said her hospital created new ways of coping with stress of the pandemic. The wellness department recently set up a booth and filled it with dinner plates. Staff puts on safety glasses and take plates and smash them.

Woman Went Viral for Pouring Peroxide Into Her Ears to 'Clean' Them

A TikTok user showed how she cleans her ears by pouring hydrogen peroxide into them. So far, the video has been viewed over 14 million times. In the video, she pours the peroxide into her ear and let's it "sizzle" to separate and remove the ear wax. Then she tilts her head into a towel and lets it all run out. She said that her family was recommended this method by a pediatrician and described it as "the most satisfying feeling. Once you lean over and it drains out, you feel so much clearer, lighter even.” A doctor said that not only is this method safe, it's actually something she uses in her own practice. For removing ear wax at home, the doctor recommends putting 5–10 drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal, and lay for 5 minutes. Then, you should sit up and tilt your head so the peroxide and wax can run out of your ear. The doctor doesn’t recommend using Q-tips because it pushes wax deeper into the ear canal instead of removing it. Continued Q-tip use, pushing wax deeper and deeper, will eventually cause wax impaction.

Chris Pratt Tops TV's Highest-Paid List With $1.4 Million PER EPISODE For Amazon's 'The Terminal List'

Chris Pratt is TV’s highest paid actor. Pratt topped Variety's list of highest-paid TV stars making $1.4million per episode for the Amazon Prime thriller “The Terminal List.” Jeff Bridges came in second with $1 million per episode for “The Old Man” which is set to premiere next year on Hulu. Bryan Cranston was third on the list with $750,000 per episode for Showtime’s “Your Honor” followed by “Sex and the City” stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis who are all believed to be earning around $650,000 to $750,000 per episode for the HBO Max reboot.

Shawn Mendes, Doja Cat & More Added To 2021 MTV VMAs Performance Lineup

Shawn Mendes, Doja Cat, Chlöe and Twenty One Pilots were all added to the performance lineup for the 2021 MTV Music Video Awards. They join Olivia Rodrigo, Lorde, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Nas X, Foo Fighters and Camila Cabello who were all previously announced to perform. The VMAs are set to air live on MTV on September 12th from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Kanye West Files To Legally Change His Name To... YE

Kanye West is changing his name. The rapper filed to have his name legally changed from Kanye Omari West to Ye. He cited personal reasons behind his decision to change his name in legal documents but didn’t provide any other details. The name change comes as he’s going through a divorce from estranged wife Kim Kardashian.

NCAA: Notre Dame Defends Leprechaun Mascot After Survey Calls It '4th Most Offensive' In College Football

Notre Dame issued a statement in response to the school's Fighting Irish leprechaun being named the “fourth most offensive college football mascot”. The university said, "There is no comparison between Notre Dame's nickname and mascot and the Indian and warrior names (and) mascots used by other institutions such as the NFL team formerly known as the Redskins.” The statement went on to say “Our symbols stand as celebratory representations of a genuine Irish heritage at Notre Dame, a heritage that we regard with respect, loyalty and affection.” The survey found that Florida State University's mascots Osceola and Renegade were rated the “most offensive” college mascot followed by San Diego State University's Aztec Warrior and Vili the Warrior from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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Country Fans Blast Cancel Culture

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The White House On If Americans Could Be Left In Afghanistan

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Rolling Stones' Drummer Charlie Watts Dies At 80

  1. Watts remembers being asked to join the band.

  2. Watts talks about if Stones could ever carry on if one of the members retired.

  3. Paul McCartney shared his condolences in a social media video.

Rob Lowe Joins, And Makes Fun Of TikTok

  1. Rob Lowe joined TikTok and for his first video, he poked fun at people who post videos of themselves doing boring things. Rob was having his beard trimmed.


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