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Content for Tuesday, Sept 7

PARENTING: How to Tell if You’re a ‘Cool Mom’

Half of moms worry about whether their kids think they’re cool, and according to kids, there are some things a “cool” mom should not do. According to a new study, 42% of kids say using their home nickname in front of their friends is uncool. 40% say shouting their name at a sports game or other event is also not cool. Dancing in public also made the list, and was mentioned by 40% of kids in the study. Nearly three in five kids agree that a “cool” mom helps them out with homework or projects for school. Snacks and lunches can be a bragging point for kids, too — especially those that include chips (50%), baked goods (44%), or a fruit bowl (44%).

2 In 5 Grocery Shoppers Use Self-Checkout — To Avoid People Judging Their Purchases!

Two in five shoppers in the US frequent the self-checkout to avoid cashiers judging their purchases. Researchers surveyed 2,000 adults in the US to look at their grocery shopping habits. They found about 40% use the self-checkout to avoid others judging their purchases. And 78% say they leave the store with more than they intended to buy, while about two-thirds admit they sometimes spend more than $50 on unintended purchases.

Highly Questionable Survey: What's The No. 1 Spot In Your State to Grab That Grub After The Game?

Online commenters doubt the veracity of this survey result from Thrillist. Texas seems to be the only accurate state; possibly California. "Who goes to Starbucks after a game... or Panera?

Males In A Relationship: Why Do You Guys Follow/Like Instagram Models When You’re In A Relationship?

Reddit user u/chanelesposito asks: "Males in a relationship: why do you guys follow/ like Instagram models when you’re in a relationship?" Replies included: "If I'm only following online, and not in real life, what's the problem?" I am happily married but I still follow celebrities and models (female and male) on IG and my partner does the same. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look at beautiful people and you can think someone is beautiful, but not in a sexual way. Folks don’t understand that there’s about 100 steps in between thinking someone is beautiful and wanting to sleep or have a relationship with him or her. If I’m so insecure that I get upset when my partner follows pretty models, then there is something wrong with the relationship." .."Absolutely spot on. Like I don’t care who she follows. as long as we are loyal to each other." "I stopped it as soon as I got into my relationship coz I felt like looking at other women and getting off to that whilst being in a relationship felt like cheating and my girlfriend thinks like that too. So it depends on each person" "Most decent guys wouldn't do this." "Hi - new perspective. I'm not an "Instagram model" but I am a minor fitness influencer. So I've got a larger than most following. "The number of messages I get from men in relationships is astounding. For me personally, it's good to have followers and people that engage/follow my content or buy my work out plans. However, if you've got a man for instance, and he doesn't work out, and I'm not his PT - why is he liking/following/messaging? "I think it's reasonable if your man is into fitness as he might be looking for tips, workout routines etc. But if he's not going to the gym - he's obviously following fitness models/influencer's for other reasons. "My DM requests could quite literally ruin relationships. So watch your men, you've a right to be wary of it."

TV Sports Reporter Divides Opinion After Calling Out Drunk Football Fans For 'Violating Her Space' During Live Broadcast

A sports reporter in Georgia says she was “violated” by fans during her post-game television coverage of the Georgia-Clemson game on Saturday leading to a debate on social media.

Lyndsey Gough shared video on her Twitter account where she repeatedly asks apparently drunk fans not to touch her or her equipment. Then, in a post featuring video of the incident, she said, “After the first guy touched me I started rolling... this isn't even all of it. So uncomfortable. Can we please respect people's space.” Social media was split over the topic with some agreeing with Gough, saying that the fans needed to respect others. Others said that she needed to pursue a new career. One commenter wrote, 'Touching is out of the question. Period. However, setting up in the middle of "Their Space" & demanding everyone obey your arbitrary rules is ridiculous." 'You cannot just camp in the middle of people & say "follow my rules" even if your media. No one agreed to this.'

Rose McGowan Drops Bomb: 'Hillary, I Was in a Hotel Room with Bill Clinton'

Actress and activist Rose McGowan just dropped a bombshell by claiming that she was involved in an incident with Bill Clinton "in a hotel room." The former "Charmed" actress made the allegation in a Twitter post where she slammed Hillary Clinton as "evil" and having "no soul." McGowan hinted she would release more details about the encounter soon with a very cryptic line. She ended the tweet by adding "here comes the bomb." Full tweet: "You are a shadow leader in service of evil. You are the enemy of what is good, right and moral. You represent no flag, no country, no soul. You eat hope, you twist minds. I’ve been in a hotel room with your husband and here comes the bomb." McGowan also slammed Oprah Winfrey in a tweet claiming the TV mogul is "as fake as they come."

Study: 4 in 10 Get Less Joy Out of Vacations as an Adult

According to a new survey that asked 2,001 Americans about vacations, four in 10 believe trips don’t feel as exciting in adulthood. Taking a vacation as a grownup means stressing about covering the cost (51%); for another 36%, it’s a major headache just making plans for the trip. Parents who are planning the next family getaway may want to break out the bathing suits. Thirty-five percent list swimming as something they are excited for their kids to try while on vacation, along with other water activities like surfing and jet skiing (32%) and visiting a water park (29%). Fishing (28%) is another event parents put on the family vacation to-do list and about one in four look forward to attending a live show or concert (24%). While 49 percent of all respondents have taken a vacation that ended in disappointment, 52 percent believe that vacations are more enjoyable if kids are around to partake in the fun.

Doctor Reveals Grim Reason Why You Should NEVER Sleep Naked In Viral TikTok Video

A doctor took to TikTok to reveal the gross reason you should never sleep naked. The doctor says the average person passes gas 15 to 25-times a day and this can happen while you're sleeping. He continued, “A scientific study proved every time you pass gas you're spraying a tiny amount of fecal material.” The doctor added the same study showed that underwear will catch all of these fecal particles.

Teen Earns Every Boy Scout Merit Badge Possible... All 137!

Omkar Tamhane from Georgia is an Eagle Scout. In fact the 16-year-old has earned 137 merit badges — all of the badges a scout can earn. In the 111-year history of scouting, and 110 million scouts during that time, fewer than 500 have done it. Starting in the second grade as a Cub Scout, Omkar has now kayaked, canoed, waterskied, fished, backpacked and so on, to the top of the scouting heap.

NFL: According to ESPN, The Buffalo Bills Will Win Super Bowl LVI

Heading into the 2021 NFL season, ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) simulated the entire 285-game slate 20,000 times to create their projections. Wild-card round: (AFC) No. 7 Jaguars defeat No. 2 Colts, 23-17 (AFC) No. 3 Browns defeat No. 6 Steelers, 35-30 (AFC) No. 4 Chiefs defeat No. 5 Dolphins, 27-24 (NFC) No. 2 49ers defeat No. 7 Bears, 20-17 (NFC) No. 3 Packers defeat No. 6 Rams, 33-31 (NFC) No. 5 Saints defeat No. 4 Cowboys, 26-14 Divisional round: (AFC) No. 1 Bills defeat No. 7 Jaguars, 31-14 (AFC) No. 3 Browns defeat No. 4 Chiefs, 20-12 (NFC) No. 1 Buccaneers defeat No. 5 Saints, 28-24 (NFC) No. 3 Packers defeat No. 2 49ers, 28-23 Conference championships: (AFC) No. 1 Bills defeat No. 3 Browns, 27-13 (NFC) No. 3 Packers defeat No. 1 Buccaneers, 39-26 Bills win Super Bowl LVI The Buffalo Bills won their first-ever Super Bowl, capping an incredible season in which they looked like serious contenders from beginning to end. Buffalo finished 13-4 in the regular season, and QB Josh Allen beat out Patrick Mahomes for the league's MVP award. ** According to ESPN's 20,000 FPI simulations, the Bills have a 9.4% chance of taking home the Lombardi Trophy, the third-best odds in the NFL behind the Chiefs (19.2%) and Buccaneers (14.1%).

(SAD STORY)... 9/11 Ticket Agent Struggles With Guilt, Trauma Over Two Decades

A ticket agent in Portland, Maine still struggles with guilt after he handed two of the 9/11 terrorists their tickets. Michael Tuohey was the ticket agent at the Portland International Jetport who handed two of the terrorists their boarding passes for an early morning flight to Boston. From there, the pair boarded and hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and flew the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. He says he can’t watch the 9/11 coverage because it brings back feelings of guilt even though it’s well behind him and he know it’s not his fault. He said, “They were terrorists. Everything just drained out of me. I started shaking. It was awful. It was such an awful, awful feeling to come over you.” He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and dissociative orders. It took him about five years and four psychologists before he felt like himself again.

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Why You Should Never Sleep In The Nude

  1. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn, 48, from Detroit, posted a TikTok video called, 'Why you should never sleep without underpants' with his 4.9 million followers. Dr Youn says: 'This is why you should never sleep in the nude. The average person passes gas 15 to 25 times a day, and this can happen while you're sleeping.

Notre Dame Coach Defends 'Joke' Saying Football Team Should Be Executed

  1. Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly defended making a controversial comment about executing his entire team because of challenges they faced in near-upset against Florida State on Sunday. Kelly said he was joking, and compared his remarks to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach John McKay following Sunday's 41-38 overtime win against Florida State.

Georgia Reporter divides Opinions After Calling Our Drunk Fans

  1. WTOC sports reporter Lyndsey Gough says she was 'violated' by fans during her post-game television coverage of the Georgia-Clemson match on Saturday. Gough shared this video on her Twitter account where she repeatedly asks apparently drunk fans not to touch her or her equipment. (Preview before airing)

Hospitalized With COVID, De La Hoya Calls Off Sept. 11 Fight

  1. De La Hoya is in the hospital with a case of COVID-19 that he said has "really, really kicked my ass." (Preview before airing)


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