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Content for Tuesday, Sept 14

Will We Try Anything Now? Celebrities Smoke Toxic Toad Venom In Creepy Trend

Smoking toxic toad venom is becoming more and more popular with celebrities but doctos warn it can be dangerous. Celebrities like Mike Tyson and “Flip or Flop” star Christina Haack recently revealed they’ve smoked it. One animal expert has "heard before people were licking poisonous toads for the hallucinogenic effects.” A doctor has been told of the "therapeutic potential like treating depression or anxiety." But she warns that smoking bufo toad venom is against the law. And it comes with some side effects, like blood pressure goes up, heart rate goes up, your face gets purple, nausea, vomiting, sweating, drooling and headaches.

One in Seven People Have Dumped Friends Over Their Vaccination Status

Vaccinated Americans have called it quits with friends who refuse to get the COVID-19 shot. A survey of 1,000 Americans examined why people have ended friendships in the last year and a half. Results show 16 percent of respondents have axed three pals from their lives since the pandemic began in March 2020. Of those who ended a friendship, 66 percent are vaccinated and 17 percent don’t ever plan to receive the shot. Fourteen percent of vaccinated respondents — about 1 in 7 — say they parted ways with friends who didn’t want to get the vaccine. Other reasons for breaking up with a friend include: having different political views (16%), dating or sleeping with an ex (15%), making up rumors about them (12%), and believing someone is a liar (7%).

Beverage Cart Girl Says a Man Tipped Her Three $100 Bills That Were RIPPED IN HALF-- He'd Give Her The Other Halves If She Met Him For Dinner

Cassie Holland, who works as a cart girl at a golf course in Las Vegas, Nevada, says a man tipped her three $100 bills that were RIPPED IN HALF and told her that he'd give her the other halves if she met him fors dinner. She shared her story on TikTok. She held up the three $100 bills that were ripped in half, explaining that they were given to her by a golfer who seemed 'really nice' at first. Holland said that he asked her to go to dinner with him that night, and when she told him she had other plans, he whipped out the torn money. The man allegedly told her that he would give her the other halves of the bills if she met him 'in front of this casino at nine.' Holland admitted she was mad at first, but then she realized that 'he's the dumba** that lost $300.' In a follow-up video, she said the man returned to the golf course to give her other halves of the ripped bills after seeing her TikTok.

Two Women Arrested For Cursing, Yelling at Kids on JetBlue Flight

Two Connecticut woman were arrested after they flipped out on two young kids who bothered them on a JetBlue flight. The women, ages 21 and 23 allegedly shouted vulgarities at a 2-year old and a 4-year old who tapped and kicked their seats on the flight into Bradley International Airport. They "responded inappropriately by directly yelling and cursing at the children, causing the passengers on the plane to be nervous and the kids and parents to be scared." Troopers were called to the airport in Windsor Locks due to a complaint from the flight’s captain. Cops took the two women and victims from the plane. The two women were slapped with charges of breach of peace and impairing the morals of a minor and released on $5,000 bonds.

'Scoop, There It Is!' Geico Turns Tag Team Commercial Into A Real-Life Ice Cream

Geico turned its “Scoop, There It Is!” commercial into a real-life ice cream. The commercial features Tag Team and a parody of their hit song "Whoomp! (There It Is)." Geico reached out the founder and owner of New York's Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, to create a flavor that included that list of ingredients from the song in the commercial. The ice cream called "Scoop! There It Is!" features a vanilla base, with cookie dough, peanut butter swirl, and chocolate-covered marshmallows mixed in.

“Cops” Is Returning To TV

“Cops” is returning to TV after it was canceled following the death of George Floyd. The long-running television show is returning to Fox Nation in October. The series ran for a total of 32 seasons. It began on Fox before being picked up by Spike and eventually Paramount Network. Paramount announced that they were canceling the show in June of 2020, shortly after Floyd’s death and the nationwide protests that followed.

If You’re Counting Steps, a Lower Total Still Pays Off

If you find yourself coming up short of hitting 10,000 steps a day, researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst say that 7,000 steps appears to be enough to make a difference in your health. The study found that middle-aged people who walked, on average, 7,000 steps a day had a 50% to 70% lower chance of dying from any cause over the next decade. Keep in mind, the health benefits continue to increase up to 10,000 steps before leveling off. In general, 2,000 steps is about a mile. Routine daily activities can equal about 5,000 steps.

Clerk's Mistake Leads Maryland Man To $100,000 Lottery Jackpot

A man in Maryland says a store clerk's mistake led to him winning $100,000 in the lottery. The man was picking up lottery tickets at a convenience store when the clerk accidentally hit the wrong button and printed two tickets for the Powerball drawing. He decided to buy the tickets, anyway, and topped off his purchase with a $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off ticket. He scratched the ticket off in the store and scanned it, revealing the $30 ticket had earned him the $100,000 top prize.

Kanye West Unfollows Kim Kardashian On Instagram... This Counts As News, These Days

Kanye West unfollowed Kim Kardashian on Instagram. The rapper had followed the reality star on Instagram even though they are going through a divorce. But that changed yesterday (Monday) and Kim is no longer one of the 12 accounts he follows. Kanye previously unfollowed Kim and her sisters on Twitter in June.

State National Guard To Help With Busing Students

The governor of Massachusetts activated the state’s National Guard to help with busing students to school as districts across the country struggle to hire enough drivers. About 250 guard members will be available to serve as drivers. They will complete vehicle training like any school transportation worker and be operating transport vans not the familiar long school buses. There’s a bus driver shortage across the US due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Couple Who Caught Cat With Flag, Won't Adopt It

  1. Craig and Kimberly Cromer went viral after catching a cat that was hanging by a wire, at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium. Craig said the cat peed on people below.

  2. The couple explain why they won't adopt the cat.

Ed Sheeran Talks About Fans Getting Vaccinated

  1. Ed Sheeran says, "As long as everone's safe, and they're's people's own choice..."

Beverage Cart Girl Reveals Strange Tip From Golfer

  1. A woman who serves beverages at a golf course says a man tipped her three $100 bills that were ripped in half and told her he'd give her the other halves if she met him for a date later that night. Cassie Holland works as a cart girl in Las Vegas, Nevada, shared her shocking story on TikTok.

Jennifer Aniston Thought Interviewer Called Her A 'Hooker'

  1. While Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were being interviewed by a British TV host, Jennifer was asked if she's a hugger, be she heard it as "hooker".


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