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Content for Tuesday, November 9

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Various Parts of the U.S. Display Different Social Traits

According to new research, American personalities differ by region. The researchers considered five personality traits: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness. The least extroverted states in the country are Maine, Washington and Oregon. Wisconsin has the most extroverted population, with Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska coming in next. The Midwest seems to be a friendly and outgoing place. New Mexico, Nevada, Vermont and Montana do not measure as very extroverted, relative to the rest of the country. Agreeableness: The Southeast measures as the clear winner, with pockets of the Dakotas and Minnesota also high on the scale. Wyoming, Nevada and the area surrounding northern Texas are clustered at the bottom of the agreeableness scale. When it comes to conscientiousness, the Southeast ranks the highest. Coastal California fares poorly, as do scattered parts of the Midwest and West, along with New Orleans. Overall, the two strongest correlates of conscientiousness were Republican share of the vote, and share of married individuals in the population. When it comes to emotional stability, the Northeast ranks the lowest by a noticeable amount. As for openness, the West measures as more open than the East. The exception is Florida, which rates as very open, and the northern Midwest comes in last.

One in Five Share Meals with their Pets… Six Percent Bathe with Them

A new poll finds 22 percent of pet owners share their food at the dinner table with their pets. One in 20 adults will actually jump in and take a bath with their furry companion. The survey also finds “kisses” are basically a requirement when it comes to owning a pet. 97 percent of respondents say they always let their pet lick (or kiss) them. Two in three let their furry friends jump up on the couch. 58 percent admit their cat or dog actually has their own spot on the sofa. Four in 10 respondents believe their lives are less hygienic since getting a cat or dog. With that in mind, 43 percent add they’ve given up on keeping their home “germ-free.” Another 38 percent think their pets are messier than young children. The average pet owner says their companion sleeps in their bed four times a week. In fact, 44 percent admit their cat or dog climbs into their bed every night. 49 percent also let their pets sit at (or under) the dinner table so they can share meals with them.

Two in Five People Feel Exhausted after Walking Up a Flight of Stairs

Two in five Americans feel out of shape after taking a flight of stairs. According to a new study, strength or weight-training (38%), doing yard work (38%), and cardio exercise (37%) also leave respondents feeling uncomfortably sore. This could be why nearly three in five say they’re reluctant to exercise at all. Half of these respondents feel like exercising would be a lot of work and 47 percent dread post-workout soreness or aches and pains.

Nearly A Third Of Millennials Identify As LGBT

Roughly 30% of millennials in the US identify as LGBT. Researchers surveyed 600 people between the ages of 18 and 37. They found 30% of millennials identify as LGBT while 39% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 said they fall into that category. And roughly 48% of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism.

Why We're Attracted To Married Men And Women

People are attracted to married men and women because of the things they represent, such as stability, reliability and devotion. An expert say women are interested in married men because they have already demonstrated their willingness to commit. And men are also interested in a married woman because the fact that another man has put a ring on her finger indicates she's been pre-screened as wife material, giving the illusion that she is a better catch than her more available counterparts.

Dodge Will Pay Someone $150,000 to Drive a Hellcat Muscle Car... For a Year

Dodge announced a new business plan called Never Lift that combines new products and giveaways with a rebooted performance parts business. The project includes the hiring of a Chief Donut Maker who will be paid $150,000 for a year to drive a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and be an ambassador for the brand at select events scheduled around their day job. There's also a 25/8 promotion that's named to signal Dodge works harder than 24/7 and will have celebrities from the automotive, sports and entertainment worlds giving away dream cars through individual sweepstakes. More info on how to apply to become the Chief Donut Maker is coming in January and Dodge is promising to make at least one product or enthusiast-related announcement every three months for the next two years before its first electric model goes on sale in 2024.

Judge 'Banishes' Elf On The Shelf From His County

A judge in Georgia issued a tongue-in-cheek order banishing the Elf on the Shelf from his county. The judge wrote. “Inexplicably, Elves sometimes move and don't move overnight. When these Elves do not move, it leaves our children of tender years in states of extreme emotional distress.” He tweeted that his order was a "gift to tired parents." He explained that families who love their elves can feel free to keep them adding “No contempts.”

Emilio Estevez Denies Mighty Ducks Exit Was Over Vaccines

Emilio Estevez insists his exit from "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers" has nothing to do with his stance on vaccines. The actor, who reprised his role as Gordon Bombay for the first season of the Disney reboot, will not return for the second season with sources claiming his exit was over vaccination requirements on set. But in a lengthy statement Estevez insisted he was not anti-vaxx, describing the fallout as "nothing more than a good old fashioned contract dispute.” The statement begins, "I am not anti-vaxx. Full stop. I take this pandemic very seriously, and I am often teased about my continued following of the safety protocols and my abundance of caution.” Estevez never confirms whether or not he ever took the vaccine himself.

IVF Mixup Led Two Mothers To Give Birth To EACH OTHER's Babies

Two couples in Los Angeles experienced an IVF nightmare in which the mothers each gave birth to the other's biological baby after a fertility lab mixed up their embryo. The one couple spent months raising another couple's child before their suspicions that something was wrong grew so great that they performed a DNA test. That's how they found out that their little girl was not, in fact, biologically theirs and the couple she did belong to had been raising their biological daughter as well. The parents made the decision to swap babies when they were four-months-old, and now they are suing their IVF clinic, the California Center for Reproductive Health, and its owner for medical malpractice, negligence and fraud.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos Responds To Viral Footage Of His Girlfriend Meeting (Fangirling Over) Leonardo DiCaprio

Jeff Bezos responded after footage of his girlfriend Lauren Sánchez meeting Leonardo DiCaprio went viral over the weekend. The three bumped into each other at the 10th Annual Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Art and Film Gala Presented By Gucci on Saturday night. In the clip posted to social media, Sánchez appears to be fangirling over DiCaprio while Bezos looks on with very little interest. The Amazon founder jokingly called out the Oscar-winning actor on Twitter, writing, “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something... @LeoDiCaprio” alongside an image of himself posing next to a sign that reads: “Danger! Steep cliff, fatal drop.”

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Woman Mauled By Bear In Her Home

  1. Laurel-Rose Von Hoffman-Curzi of Lake Tahoe suffered deep lacerations on her chest and arms, and puncture wounds on her torso, after she was mauled by a bear early Saturday morning in her family’s cabin. Von Hoffman-Curzi talks about finding the bear in her kitchen, and being lucky to be alive.

Elementary Students Accidentally Eat THC Gummies

  1. 8 Waldorf, Maryland elementary school students ate marijuana-laced gummy bears. All ended up being okay. Here's a local news report.

  2. Parents talked about hearing the news.

Ted Cruz Jokes About Joe Rogan Becoming President Of Texas

  1. Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz said that if the Democrats get their way, the state should think about forming its own government, with Joe Rogan as president.

911 Call Released From Child Rescued By Hand Signal

  1. Here's a clip of the driver who called 911, which Deputy Gilbert Acciado said saved her.

  2. Andrea Gunraj of Canadian Women's Movement, which introduced the signal, talked about the gesture.


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