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Content for Tuesday, June 22

One-Quarter Of US Adults Don't Want Kids, Happy Without Them

A quarter of adults in the US don’t want kids. Researchers surveyed 1,000 adults and found over 25% chose not to have kids. And, on average, their life-satisfaction ratings were no different from those of parents or people who planned to have kids.

Pizza, Burgers are the ‘Safest’ First Date Meals

Half of Americans believe a first date should always involve a meal. A study finds 40 percent look for someone who is passionate about cuisine as a potential partner.Meanwhile, 38 percent admit they’re put off by fussy eaters. 43% are so into food they say being a good cook is a turn-on when it comes to finding a partner. The research also reveals the most popular ways of involving food on a date include dining out (43%), having takeout (31%), and going to food festivals (31%). When it comes to the “safest” date night meals, Americans go with pizza (24%), burgers (21%), and salad (21%). On the other hand, the dishes people are most likely to avoid on a first date all seem to come from the ocean. Those include oysters (19%), mussels (18%), and sushi (17%). Desserts such as chocolate brownies (16%) and apple pies (15%) are generally “risk-free” in the eyes of daters. 41 percent have judged a date by the food they ordered when dining out and 45 percent form their opinions based on how a date eats. For those who chew loudly and eat messily, respondents say don’t expect a second date. Just as many Americans (41%) confess they would judge a date if they asked for a “doggy bag” to take home any leftovers. Meals also matter depending on the situation. For a marriage proposal, the top meal of choice is steak (27%). Ironically, this is also the most popular dish to have when breaking up with someone (23%).

A Shocking Amount Of People Won't Have Sex With Someone Who Is Unvaccinated

Nearly a third of Americans won’t have sex with a person who is unvaccinated against COVID. Researchers surveyed 1,000 adults in the US. They found 30% said that they wouldn’t have sex with an individual who isn’t vaccinated against coronavirus.

Which Outdated "Dating Rule" Do You Think Society Needs To Let Go Of

Buzzfeed asks: "Which Outdated "Dating Rule" You Think Society Needs To Let Go Of?" Replies include: "That the man should always pay. I always insist on splitting the bill on a first date. This way, the guy I’m with doesn’t feel that I owe him anything. Too many guys think that if they take you on a date, you either must sleep with them or fool around or that you owe them a second date. With a split straight down the middle, it evens the dynamic. Especially with online dating where you really don’t know the person at all." sashab40859da03 "My grandmother was ahead of her time. She told us all that waiting to have sex was stupid. If someone was bad in bed, she didn’t want to waste her time on them. She had some fun times after she and my Grandpa divorced, and I heard way too many stories about her sex and dating life. She had a few boyfriends and a couple of friends with benefits for years. She always told me (and anyone who would listen) always be yourself, never settle, and have great sex." ImBatMom2 "The don't call until three days rule. Nowadays we live on our phone and now do a lot things naturally at a faster pace. So why can't we call or text each other as soon as we want." Massmusic “Give them a chance” - nobody should feel obligated to date anybody that they don’t want to. In some cases, maybe you’ll discover that they are actually really great for you, but it shouldn’t be standard. Never settle for less." ashtree "It's so lame that we're supposed to engage in ~fun, flirty, lighthearted conversations~ when we meet someone, and wait before getting into the more meaningful stuff. If you too are an optimistic nihilist, I'd like to know that before I care about your favorite color, sir." itsnotyouitsyou101 "That a lunch or coffee date (i.e. a day date) is actually a brush off. I like meeting people in the daytime—I think that’s safer and easier if you’re taking public transit. And it’s less expensive, which is a good thing for everyone." mich_with2elles "TALK. ABOUT. MONEY. It's seen as such a taboo subject, but it's one of the biggest causes of breakups. Bring it up early and be extremely honest about it. There's nothing wrong with your career ambitions being in a field that will likely result in very little income, for example, but make sure your partner knows that." frontrow333 " That men should ask women out and not the other way around. "I asked my now husband out first. People told me I shouldn't as I might put him off. Any man who is put off by a woman who knows what she wants and works towards it is not the man for me. "It hurts both men and women... ".. Also I think it may have implications for same sex relationships. If women are conditioned to not make the first move how does that affect women who date women?" noimpillagingeverybody "The “don’t talk about your ex rule.” If I’m going to get to know you I want to really get to know you. I want to know what mindset someone else left you in." anitar411db647a

Which States are the Most and Least Patriotic?

New York is the 50th state in the United States when it comes to patriotism. A survey from Wallet Hub ranked each state’s level of patriotism on five categories:

  • Number of military enlistees

  • Veterans per capita

  • Peace Corps volunteers per capita

  • Percent of adults who voted in the 2020 Presidential Election

  • How many people do volunteer work

The most patriotic state in the country, according to the survey, was Montana. The state scored an overall 61.91 on the survey’s patriotism scale. The WalletHub survey found that states that leaned red, based on their overall vote tallies in the 2020 election, do tend to be more patriotic overall. The top 10 most patriotic states:

NFL: Raiders' Carl Nassib Comes Out As First Openly Gay Active Player

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib came out yesterday (Monday)… becoming the first active openly gay NFL player. Nassib posted a video on Instagram saying, "I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but finally feel comfortable getting it off my chest. I really have the best life, the best family, friends and job a guy can ask for.” He added that he is donating $100,000 to the Trevor Project, which he called "the No. 1 suicide prevention service for LGBTQ youth in America." Nassib could become the first openly gay player to play in an NFL regular-season game. Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam came out in 2014 before being selected in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams but he did not make the final 53-man roster. Several NFL players have come out after they retired.

Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson SPLIT, AGAIN, As NBA Star Disappeared into a Bedroom with 3 Women at a Bel Air House Party

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have broken up and the split happened shortly after allegations spread last month that he cheated on her again. They called things off a few weeks ago, not long after a woman named claimed she and Tristan had sex after he had reunited with Khloe. Khloe and Tristan are still communicating, however, they are committed to co-parenting their 3-year-old daughter, True. Tristan is already on the prowl and was spotted entering a room with 3 women at a party Friday night and emerged about a half hour looking “disheveled.” He was also seen leaving a club in L.A. at 2 AM yesterday morning with a friend.

The Top 'Vaxcation' Destination Is...

LawnStarter has ranked the best cities for summer "vaxcation," comparing the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 30 indicators of fun, safety, accommodation pricing and excursions. San Francisco topped the leader board. The city's "vibrant nightlife" and attractions were a major reason. San Francisco trails right behind Seattle for the highest vaccination rate of any big city in the U.S. making it a safer destination to visit.

The Supreme Court Rules AGAINST the NCAA

The Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA in a case involving the compensation of student athletes. The ruling blasts a hole in the NCAA's longstanding rule forbidding any kind of pay to athletes. Highlights: The justices ruled that schools should be allowed to give students what amount to financial perks, provided they are related to education. That could mean things such as musical instruments, tutoring, scientific equipment, postgrad scholarships, and study abroad. The NCAA has long barred schools from doling out such benefits because it says it wants to preserve student-athletes' amateur status. The NCAA argues that schools will keep sweetening offers to recruits with such benefits, setting off bidding wars for high school seniors. But the court said that stance violates anti-trust laws. An opinion written by Brett Kavanaugh signals that the court may be willing to knock down all restrictions on student pay in a future case. He wrote, tradition "cannot justify the NCAA’s decision to build a massive money-raising enterprise on the backs of student athletes who are not fairly compensated. And under ordinary principles of antitrust law, it is not evident why college sports should be any different. The NCAA is not above the law.”

Woman Buys A 'Revenge Necklace' For Her Boyfriend Engraved With The Names Of The THREE Women He Was Cheating On Her With

A woman created a “revenge necklace” engraved with the names of her boyfriend's mistresses to expose him in front of his friends on their anniversary. Jewelry maker Liv Portilo shared a TikTok video of the piece which she claimed had been ordered by an unnamed woman, who planned to give it to her partner as an anniversary gift. The gold necklace featured the date of the couple's anniversary, June 21, 2015 on the front and three names on the back… Ashley, Genesis and Karen. As well as the necklace, the shopper ordered some pieces for herself including a crystal bracelet intended to “remove negativity”.

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Why don't women like to light 4th of July fireworks?

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The Kelly Clarkson Show

  1. Peyton Manning on Kenny Chesney singing at his wedding.

  2. Peyton Manning told a kid who didn't recognize him at first that, "Peyton Manning was overrated..."

Wingstop Announces 'Thighstop' For National Wing Shortage

  1. Wingstop has announced that they are launching 'Thighstop', a virtual fried chicken service that will serve the chain’s 11 flavors. Thighstop will be available for delivery or carryout at around 14,000 Wingstop locations nationwide through DoorDash or online at Thighstop spokesman Rick Ross says it will change the game.

Meteorologist Stops Weather Report To Announce Project Veritas Partnership

  1. CBS 62 Meteorologist April Moss in Detroit revealed live on air Sunday that she is going to publicize later in the week how CBS is allegedly discriminating against its employees. Moss worked in her announcement during a live weather report.

Woman Buys A 'Revenge Necklace' For Cheating Boyfriend

  1. (Story Above) Here's the TikTok video of the jeweler showing off the necklace.

Raider's Carl Nassib Comes Out As Gay

  1. Nassib made the announcement from his home, and announced he's donating $100,000 to The Trevor Project to support LGBTQ kids.


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