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Content for Tuesday, June 1

Parents Have Shared the Simple Ways They Have Annoyed Their Children

Thousands of parents on social media have shared the simple ways they have annoyed their children and 'ruined their lives’: One wrote: 'So how did you manage to ruin your child's life? Me? I wore the same coloured top as my teenage daughter in public. End of the world apparently!!’ One mom said in order to get the attention of her kids and husband, she opted to turn the WIFI off. Another embarrassed her kids by dancing along to supermarket music. Others wrote: 'I attended assembly because she was getting an award… how embarrassing apparently.’ 'I took my daughter home early after sports day, she said it wasn't fair that she had to leave early, and she wanted to stay at school.’ 'I told her she had to brush her own hair yesterday. She screamed and cried and told me she couldn't do it on her own. Acted like I killed her. Then today she just brushed it without even flinching. I don't get kids man.' One mom said her toddler had a crying fit after she cut the crust of the sandwich for lunch.

Soon-to-be-Parents Feud Over ‘Stupidest Name Ever’ for a Baby

A woman on Reddit shared that she and her husband are expecting a baby in a couple of months. During their search for the perfect name, the couple realized they had very different ideas about what would be appropriate. She said, My husband and his parents are all math geniuses and wanted his name to include some math reference. I thought it was a cute and funny idea.” She said she was personally considering names like “Dylan, Jared and Loren,” but what he came up with was the “stupidest name ever.” “My husband was like, ‘Um, yeah. I was thinking Cube.’ Like a Rubik’s Cube.” The woman refused to think the name was cute and is now wondering if she’s a terrible person. Comments include: “Periodic reminder that your children will (hopefully) be adults for the majority of their lives. Please plan accordingly.” “Cube is the weirdest name i’ve ever heard, you’re preventing your kid from a lifetime of bullying.” “Who names their kid cube, what a block head.” “Why not just Mathew? It literally has the word math in it.” “Are you married to Elon Musk?”

"Unpopular Opinions" That Will Make You Mad or Change Your Viewpoint

Some opinions are way more unpopular than others. Here’s a bunch that are considered unpopular opinions, courtesy of users on Reddit. You might not agree with a lot of these, but perhaps a few will strike a chord: 1. "I would never date a guy who is subscribed to an OnlyFans." "Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with porn, or something like a Pornhub subscription. But paying hundreds of dollars to get nudes from some specific girl just doesn’t sit with me. That’s an instant breakup for me." —u/allaroundme46 2. "After the death of a pet, you should be given vacation from work to grieve your loss, as with any family member that passes away.” "You spend years of your life with your pets. They're closer to you than most family members, and still, some bosses would not allow a vacation. ... I know for sure that when my dog dies, I will be devastated. Going to work will be the last thing I want to do." —u/Honestless 3. "Superman is an incredibly boring hero." "His dozens of powers, indestructibility, and 'perfect' sense of justice all make him boring. Part of what makes Batman interesting is the fact that he is doing good while operating against the law." —u/ratbastard007 4. "I shouldn’t have to tip-toe around other people's traumas. Find a way to deal with your own s—t and stop causing problems for others." "Nobody is responsible for your traumas. If someone says/does something unknowingly triggering, let them know nicely. If you lash out at them rudely, be prepared to get put in your place." —u/peacheeblush 5. "Cyclists are annoying, dangerous, and should not be allowed to share roads with cars." "I drive for a living and I’m never more stressed out than when I come across cyclists. They love to ride in the middle of the road as if they’re cars, even though they’re going way under the speed limit, often causing a line of unhappy drivers behind them. They often don’t stop at stop signs, and just blow through them with their stupid hand signals, expecting everyone else to stop." —u/diary-of-a-thief 6. "Making your kids pay rent once they turn 18 is a d—k move." "I get this is controversial, but while I understand that parents need to make sure their kids are not slackers, becoming your kid's landlords once you legally can is sending the message that they aren't that welcome, that your ties to them are far more conditional than family blood would hopefully suggest, and I think in general sends a bad message." —u/TheWiseSquid884 7. "Watered down mayo is better than milk in a hot chocolate drink." "Call me disgusting, but hear me out — mayo has a ton of fat content and it's all just flavor. The savory taste of mayo goes perfectly with sweet hot chocolate. It also has an added benefit of not triggering any lactose intolerances." —u/SugarExtra1846 8. "Overly loud vehicles make their drivers look stupid, not cool." "It seems like it's becoming more and more of a trend these days for people to make their cars loud enough to be heard half a mile away or so. I really don't understand why, especially because most of them end up sounding like popcorn machines or toy cars." —u/MattyDub89 9. "If McDonald's can do breakfast all day, then they should also be willing to give me lunch in the morning.” "I don't care for breakfast foods. I want to be able to go somewhere in the morning and get lunch foods." —u/SeedofEvil5217 10. "I instantly dislike any celebrity, pro athlete, or public figure when they give credit to God/Jesus/etc." "Watching people degrade their hard work and ability by giving the credit to religious figures is a weird, constant phenomenon, and I'm entirely unsure why it's considered normal." —u/symitwo 11. "There is no objective reason for why wearing a hat indoors is rude." "I have never once been able to find anyone who could give me a reason for how this is rude in any way. Now, if you're in someone's personal home, what they say pretty much goes. That's a completely different story. But out in public, such as in a business or a school building, there is no objective reason for why it's rude or disrespectful." —u/SeedofEvil5217 12. "Drivers should have to take refresher courses every 10 years, regardless of having any driving offenses." "Rather than courses becoming a form of punishment for people who speed or have been caught drunk driving, these courses should be an obligatory event to maintain a high standard of driving. From the moment you pass your test, bad habits develop, so I think a necessary refresher course would be the perfect tool to correct any bad habits that have formed." —u/Wolverine24601 13. "People should view the toilet seat being left up as a sign of a clean toilet seat that hasn't been peed on." "Men are lazy and will try to aim into the hole in the middle of the seat. Even if we don't pee on the seat, a little spray will always make its way on there. A toilet seat left up is a sure sign of a toilet seat that has not been peed on recently/sprayed and I'm sure women don't love getting little bits of pee on their butts." —u/redditapi_botpract 14. "Putting together IKEA furniture is fun and relaxing." "I just put together a chest of draws and it was a super fun, calming experience. I felt like I was playing with an adult Lego set!" —u/shikey_vice 15. "Oatmeal cookies with raisins are better than chocolate chip cookies." "I mean sure, I'd eat a chocolate chip cookie if I was offered one. But If I had to choose between either, I'd choose the oatmeal cookie. They are always soft and chewy and not too sweet. Meanwhile — 80% of the time — the chocolate chip is hard and way too sweet." —u/SirMcsquizy

Woman Finds Her Boyfriend's Mother Has A 'Scary' List Of Rules For Dating Her Son

A woman in Louisiana was shocked after she found out that her boyfriend's mother had posted a list of rules about dating her son. The 18-year-old took to TikTok to share of photo of the 10 demands the woman had posted on her Instagram account. The demands include not using her son as an ATM machine or turning up to the house “looking like a stripper”. The mom also wrote he's a "mama's boy" so “unless you have a ring on your finger, your opinion does not matter.” Another rule was the mom won't tolerate flirty text messages, adding if she finds “sexts” on her son's phone she will end the relationship.

Woman Wins $2 Million After Buying Lottery Ticket For The Wrong Drawing

A woman in North Carolina won $2 million after buying a lottery ticket for the wrong drawing. The woman rushed to get her numbers into a Wednesday night Powerball drawing but missed the 9:57 p.m. cutoff by one minute to buy a ticket. So her Quick Pick ticket was good for the drawing three-days later. And her ticket matched the numbers on all five white balls to win $1 million which doubled to $2 million when the 2X multiplier was drawn. She took home over $1.4 million after taxes and plans to buy a house and go on vacation with her winnings.

Woman Gets $385 Ticket For Talking Too Loud

A woman in Michigan was given a massive ticket for allegedly talking too loudly. Diamond Robinson claimed she was walking while talking on the phone outside of her home near downtown Detroit when a female neighbor asked her if she could “talk lower." Robinson reportedly told the other woman to “‘get out of my face” and continued walking past her. "Three minutes later, Eastpointe police pulls u..." After police arrived on the scene, Robinson started broadcasting with Facebook Live. “I hope you know this is all being recorded,” Robinson said in the video. “I’m not doing anything wrong by walking up and down the street talking on my phone.” When Robinson was asked why she was recording, Robinson replied “things are being pushed under the rug and they don’t need to.” Robinson alleged that she was targeted for the hefty fine because she is black. While Robinson recorded, police gave her a ticket for $385. Robinson says in the video, “I get a ticket for being a public nuisance because I’m talking too loud on my phone. That’s why I got a ticket?” The female neighbor recently moved into the neighborhood. She told FOX 2 Detroit the ticket “speaks for itself.”

Woman's Headstone Includes Her Signature Fudge Recipe: 'She Would Be Thrilled' People 'Can Have A Taste'

A headstone in Utah features that dead woman’s signature fudge recipe. The woman died in December 2019 at 97-years-old but she wanted her fudge recipe to live on. So engraved in the headstone she shares with her husband is the recipe for her signature fudge. Her daughter said she really loved people and she would take fudge whenever people got together.

(Kiss & Tell).... Julianne Hough’s Niece: My Aunt Said Leonardo DiCaprio Was ‘Not Good in Bed’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s lovemaking skills were called into question on TikTok when the niece of one of his alleged conquests revealed he was lousy in the sack. Julianne Hough’s teen niece Star claimed, “My aunt has slept with Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently, he’s not good in bed, though.” The young girl responded to a video challenge that called for relatives of famous celebs to speak up. She also name-dropped a few other stars she’s met through her famous aunt and uncle, Derek Hough,including Nina Dobrev, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. In the clip — which has now been deleted — Julianne’s niece said the former “Dancing With the Stars” judge also “knows Ben Barnes.” While Julianne and DiCaprio have never publicly confirmed they hooked up, a 2013 Star magazine article claims the famous pair were once spotted getting “cozy” at Coachella. An insider said, “They were so into each other, they ignored everyone else around them.” Julianne’s niece insisted she was “not lying” at the top of her video, adding, “You can look it up.”

13-Year-Old Girl Severely Burned While Imitating TikTok Video

A 13-year-old girl in Portland is hospitalized with third-degree burns after she apparently tried to imitate a video she saw on TikTok. The girl was trying to copy the video in which someone draws a shape using a flammable liquid on a mirror and then lights it on fire. She brought into the bathroom a candle, lighter and bottle of rubbing alcohol, which fire officials believe exploded in the poorly ventilated space, setting her and other items on fire. The girl severely burned her neck and right arm and has had to undergo three skin-grafting surgeries.

Fido a Fat Fatty?.... 36% Of Dogs Gained Weight During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Nearly 40% of dogs gained weight during the pandemic. Researchers asked over 1,000 dog owners an array of questions about their dog’s quarantine life. They found 36% of dogs gained weight during the pandemic while 25% of the pet owners with larger pups said that their pets actually got more exercise than normal throughout the pandemic. 45% of pet owners said they gave their animals extra treats during the pandemic, while 41% admitted to giving them scraps from the table.

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Chuck Liddell Shoots Down Potential Fight With Jake Paul

  1. "He's not good enough to fight me," the 51-year-old Liddell said of the 24-year-old.

Julianne Hough’s Niece Says Aunt Said Leonardo DiCaprio Was ‘Not Good In Bed’ (Story Above)

  1. “My aunt has slept with Leonardo DiCaprio,” Julianne Hough’s teen niece Star claimed on TikTok. “Apparently, he’s not good in bed, though.”

Woman Gets $385 Ticket For Talking Too Loud (Story Above)

  1. Diamond Robinson explains what happened.

Alec Baldwin Wanted To Kill Tony Soprano

  1. During Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa's 'Talking Sopranos' podcast, Alec Baldwin said he wanted to lobbied to be the guy who killed James Gandolfini's character.

Jay-Z Says Daughter Inspired Him To Learn How To Swim

  1. During LeBron James' series 'The Shop: Uninterrupted', Jay-Z says he only learned to swim after Blue Ivy was born. He says he couldn't stand the thought of not being able to save her.



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