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Content for Tuesday, August 31

One-Third of Americans Haven’t Had a ‘Day to Relax’ in Months

Nearly a third of Americans have been so caught up with work, life, and kids, that they haven’t had a day to relax alone in more than 3 months. A survey of 2,000 Americans looked at how people like to exercise self-care from listening to music, taking bubble baths, and napping at the end of a long day. The survey found that 65% admit that they would like to spend more time on self-care but feel they don’t have the downtime to make it a routine. If people had more time, they’d want to spend it listening to more music, taking more baths or taking long drives. 85% agree that an important part of self-care is prioritizing your mental health during the week. 3 in 4 think every employer should offer mental health days and the average person has taken 3 mental health days off from their job within the last year.

People Are Sharing Inappropriate Movies They Started Watching With Their Parents, Then Immediately Had To Turn Off

"What's a movie you started watching with your parents but absolutely, positively, COULD NOT finish?" Responses included: Love Actually (2003) "Within the first few minutes, two characters are having sex with full-on nudity and moaning. I was 15, my sister 10, and I’ve never seen my parents move so fast to turn a film off!" —sarcasticscorpio Deadpool 2 (2018) "My 9-year-old son tricked his dad into taking him to see this by telling him it was 'just a superhero movie.'" —j45653cf3d Chasing Amy (1997) "When I was in high school, my dad, my sister, and I were on a Kevin Smith kick and started watching this. When it got to the part where Amy describes the virginity standard, I just silently got up and power-walked out of the room. Later, my sister got mad at me for abandoning her and making it weirder, but I just couldn't do it." —margoh447329697 Body of Evidence (1993) "When I was about 10, my mom rented this on VHS. When Madonna started dripping hot wax all over Willem Dafoe’s naked chest...and other regions, she turned it off. I can’t stop laughing whenever that movie pops up on cable TV."—amandap41fee9365 Dirty Dancing (1987) "My parents are very old-fashioned and pretty religious. I was home from college on Christmas break, and I started watching this on VHS with my two sisters. Our parents walked in and were already offended by the title alone, but the three of us had seen it already and thought it would be 'parent appropriate.' "We made it about one-third through before my dad lost his temper and started yelling about all that obscene dancing and asking what we were doing watching that smut in his house. We honestly thought we’d make it a lot further before reaching their breaking point, so we never made it to the good stuff." —Phedre31 Closer (2004) "My mom wanted to watch 'that new Julia Roberts movie.' It was around the first strip club scene that she realized this was not her typical rom-com. Awkward!" —Mandy Magic Mike (2012) "My parents are honestly pretty chill, and I’ve watched a lot of fairly mature films with them, but this one was just too much. I mean, I don’t know what I expected for a film about male strippers." —strawberrylumps22 The Toxic Avenger (1984) "We had the toys and thought the movie was for kids too. Not even 10 minutes in, our mom shut it off." —katiem4493674a4 A Clockwork Orange (1971) "... my dad was staying with my fiancé and me for the weekend. My dad wanted to watch this, since he hadn't seen it in a long time and we'd never watched it. About 30 minutes in, I shut it off. I said, 'Sorry, Dad, I just can't do this with you.' I'm 40 and still haven't gone back to watch the rest." —danielleg422a4d84e American Pie (1999) "I came home one night when I was in high school, and my dad was laughing his ass off watching this. I hadn’t seen it yet, so I stayed and watched some of it with him. Worst decision ever." —smkazmie Saturday Night Fever (1977) "My mom's friend was living with us, and she, my mom, and I were wanting to watch a movie. So my mom's friend suggested this, saying it was like "Grease", which my mom and I loved. So we put it on. It was around the scene with the sexual assault in the car that I left and went to my room. I don't think they finished watching it." —loweithia Ted (2012) "My sister got it on DVD one Christmas, so we decided to watch it together as a family. It was definitely uncomfortable." —g42edafe8f Old School (2003) "My brother was in a frat and thought it was hilarious. On Christmas break, he said, 'Hey, there’s this great movie we have to watch.' The opening scene is just…not something you want to see with your parents. They flipped out and turned it off; all the while he was saying, 'But it’s a great movie! You’ll like it!'" —Katykat

Hurricane Ida May Push Gas Prices Even Higher

Hurricane Ida could cause gas prices in the US to go even higher. More than 95% of US oil production at offshore platforms and rigs in the Gulf of Mexico were shut down ahead of Hurricane Ida over the weekend. And they will remain shut until further notice. This caused the price of oil to spike yesterday (Monday) and the price of gas will likely follow.

IPhone 13 Will Have A SATELLITE Mode That Enables It To Make Calls And Send Texts When Out Of Range Of Cellphone Tower Network

Apple latest iPhone is expected to be able to make calls when it’s out of cell tower range. Sources say the iPhone 13 will feature a customized chip that allows for low-earth-orbit satellite communications… effectively making the next iPhone a satellite phone. This will let users make calls and send messages even if they're out of range from a 4G or 5G network. Apple is likely to announce the next iPhones in the first half of September.

Natty Light Vodka Is Now A Thing

Natural Light now has its own vodka line. The Natty light vodka comes in three different flavors… lemonade, strawberry lemonade and black cherry lemonade, all of which boast a 30% ABV. The vodka is currently being sold in a dozen states.

Get 'Em While You Can... Michael Jordan’s ‘Heavily Used’ Boxer Shorts on Sale For At Least $500

A pair of Michael Jordans' "heavily used" boxers are up for auction Yes, the NBA legend’s undies are going up for sale by Leland’s auctioneers. The shorts were “regularly” worn by Jordan and show signs of “heavy use.” This item is “about as close to greatness as one can get." (They’ve probably been washed.) The reserve price is $500. The shorts are part of a sale of Jordan’s belongings that ended up in the hands of his one-time bodyguard, John Michael Wozniak (who was memorably seen beating Jordan in a game of coin-toss in the Bulls doc, “The Last Dance”). Other items in the sale include coats, suits, ties and golf clubs that once belonged to the GOAT.

Body Hacks That REALLY Work! You Should Sniff An Alcohol Wipe to Beat Nausea and Eat a Spoon of Peanut Butter Before Bed to Help Fall Asleep

A social media doctor impressed TikTok users with some simple, effective body hacks - from how to fall asleep quickly to how to eliminate nausea. Dr Anthony Youn from Detroit, shared the tips in a video called 'Body hacks that actually work', which has gone viral with 2.6 million views, and also shared the video on Instagram. The board-certified plastic surgeon - known as 'America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon' - topped his list of hacks with what to do if you feel like you're going to be sick. HOW TO BEAT NAUSEA: Take a sniff of an alcohol swab According to research, inhaling isopropyl alcohol - the main ingredient used in alcohol swabs - is clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. THE NATURAL WAY TO DRIFT STRAIGHT OFF TO SLEEP: Eat peanut butter Dr. Youn explained that eating a spoonful of peanut butter before bedtime will decrease the amount of time that it takes you to fall asleep, because it contains tryptophan, which is a natural dietary hypnotic. The ingredient is clinically proven to treat mild insomnia, and helps anyone suffering from long sleep latency. HOW TO CURE A DEAD ARM: Rock your head from side to side A 'dead' limb is caused when pressure is applied to the nerves, preventing them from transmitting their usual impulses - resulting in feelings of numbness that then lead to a tingling sensation as the feeling returns to the limb. Shaking your head from side to side helps to relax your neck, removing pressure on the nerves, which helps them to restore feeling to your arm. THE EASY WAY TO SOLVE STRESS: Inhale for four, exhale for eight When your body is in a state of relaxation, you tend to breathe more deeply - however any time you feel stress or anxiety, you naturally start to take shallower breaths. The process of forcing yourself to take long inhales and exhale can help trick your mind into thinking it is more relaxed.

(Embarrassing)... School Board Meeting Unaware It's Been Hijacked By Classic Simpsons Prank (CONTENT WARNING)

A school board meeting was hijacked by a classic prank fans of "The Simpsons" might recognize. (Bart Simpson's prank on Moe's Bar.) The Henrico County Public Schools Board in Virginia was hosting a session about a whole host of things relating to students' safety and wellbeing. After one woman finished her testimony, which sounded fairly heated, school board member Roscoe D. Cooper III asked the next person to step up: Phil McCrackin. (When you say it properly, it sounds like someone is saying 'fill my crack in'.) Mr Cooper III paused after calling on Mr McCrackin to approach the lectern, however, when the mystery man didn't show, he moved onto the next person on the list: Sook Mahdik. (The prankster meant 'suck my' get the picture.) The prank carries on for nearly a minute, with Mr Cooper III calling for the likes of Ophelia McCaulk, Don Kedick, Eileen Dover and Wayne Kerr to step up. Each name was politely called out twice and the school board member seemed completely unaware that this was the work of a serial jokester. One person commenting on the video on YouTube said: "Classic. Need more of this in the world." Another added: "The kids that submitted these names are the future of the US I hope for."

Netflix Picks Up ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

The latest “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie is headed to Netflix. The new movie takes place years after the events of the original, in a setting where Leatherface hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The horror movie was shot last year in Bulgaria and stars Elsie Fisher, Sarah Yarkin, Jacob Latimore and Moe Dunford.

Kristin Cavallari Dating Country Singer Chase Rice

Reality star Kristin Cavallari is dating country singer singer-- they have been seeing each other for about 2 months now. TMZ reports the new couple have been talking and hanging out pretty regularly, getting to know each other. Chase and Kristin were introduced through a mutual friend in Nashville -- where they both live most of the time -- and hit it off, but their relationship isn't exclusive just yet. Kristin had a fling with comedian Jeff Dye after her split from husband Jay Cutler, but they broke it off after about 5 months.

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Al Roker Addresses People Who Think He's Too Old

  1. NBC weatherman Al Roker heard from Twitter users who thought NBC shouldn't be putting him in harm's way of a hurricane because he's 67. He said, "Screw you!"

School Board Meeting Gets Hijacked By Classic Simpsons Prank (Content Warning)

  1. During Virginia's Henrico School Board meeting, board chairman Roscoe D. Cooper read the names the public wishing to speak, but all of the names were submitted by teenage pranksters.

MSNBC Reporter Harassed During Hurricane Coverage

  1. Shaquille Brewster was reporting for MSNBC in Gulfport, Mississippi, on Tropical Storm Ida, when a truck pulled up behind him and a man jumped out, ran towards him, yelling "Report accurately!" Here's a clip of the moment the man showed up during the live report.

  2. The angry man got up in Brewster's face and continued to yell. In the studio, anchor Craig Melvin assured the audience that he would make sure Brewster was OK.

Soulja Boy Is Mad At Kanye West For Leaving Him Off New Album

  1. The song “Remote Control” is on the album, but Soulja’sverse was apparently swapped out for one from Young Thug.

  2. Soulja says Kanye was calling him every day, then disappeared when the album came out.

Honolulu Police Purchase Robot Dog

  1. The Honolulu Police Department is defending a controversial $150,000 purchase of a robot dog to help during the COVID-19 surge. The robot named "Spot" recently has delivered food and water to a COVID-19-positive person living at HPD's Homeless Outreach and Navigation for Unsheltered Persons. Joseph O'Neil, acting lieutenant of HPD's the community outreach unit, explains why the purchase is necessary.


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