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Content for Tuesday, August 17

Americans Spend Over $70,000 Making Online Purchases they End Up Regretting

A new study reveals that the average American wastes over $70,000 on disappointing online purchases during their lifetime. A recent survey of 2,000 Americans finds people typically spend an average of $899 online each year on disappointing items. That underwhelming shopping list includes clothing (60%), tech (27%), and toys or children’s products (25%). Specific complaints often include the quality of the product (64%), the size (46%), and its color (31%). More than half the poll (56%) return their disappointing buys, while 30 percent just throw them out and 29 percent opt to give them away as gifts. AMERICANS’ MOST DISAPPOINTING ONLINE PURCHASES:

  1. “I ordered a leather jacket and when it arrived, it was a plastic jacket.”

  2. “Steaks that tasted like shoes.”

  3. “Supplements to help me lose weight, but I gained weight instead.”

  4. “Wrong name on personalized jersey for [my] son.”

  5. “An alarm clock — it had only one brightness button and you could not lower the brightness. It was so bright you couldn’t use it.”

  6. “A fan that did not blow enough air.”

  7. “It was a Nike Air Force 1 shoe, turns out it [was] fake.”

  8. “Recliner chair — very uncomfortable.”

  9. “I bought a book that I needed for community college and when it arrived, it was only the cardboard shipping container and nothing else. That was disappointing.”

Back-To-School Anxiety: 3 In 5 Parents Stressed Out Just Thinking About Packing Lunches Again

Nearly 60% of parents are stressed out just thinking about packing lunches again now that schools are reopening. Researchers surveyed 2,000 parents of school-aged children. They found nearly three in five parents say they’re stressed just thinking about packing their kids’ lunches again with expensive groceries (56%) and just not having enough time to make lunch (40%) sending being the biggest issues. And on average, parents pack lunches for their children three-times a week, trying to prioritize healthy options above all.

"Male Secrets" Women Learned About Men When They Started Living With Their Boyfriends

BuzzFeed recently posted a list of things women learned about men for the very first time once they moved in with their boyfriends. 1. "My ex-boyfriend used to fart in his sleep and his facial expression looked like it hurt — I would die laughing." 2. "That's not a stain from glue, lotion, or a hair product. ... That's semen." 3. "Sitting on the toilet, pooping, and eating something at the same time!! My brother-in-law does that!!” 4. "One thing I learned about my husband after we got our own place is that he likes to start projects, but doesn’t always finish them. There are always random electronics and other things scattered around our place waiting to be finished or fixed." 5. "When I moved in with my boyfriend, I noticed he would always sit down to pee. I asked him about it and told him I thought men always stood while peeing. He said he sits down because it’s the courteous thing to do since we share a bathroom. I appreciated that, so now I side-eye any of these posts about pee on the rim or floor. Men…do better." 6. "I was never aware how fast — and by fast, I mean lighting-speed — men could change from jeans into sweatpants. It's like you see him 'acceptably' dressed and within the blink of an eye, he's wearing sweats. Gets me every time.” 7. "When taking a dump, their man hood can accidentally touch the rim of the toilet bowl." 8. "My wife learned that I cannot poop and hold a conversation at the same time. If I'm on the porcelain throne, then I demand solitude. I will not answer inanities like whether my blue shirt needs a wash or the kitchen is on fire." 9. "He wanted to get one of those little rugs that go around the toilet so he could 'miss.' Evidently, he believed those rugs exist to be peed on." 10. "My husband will turn on the bedroom AC to its coldest setting and then pile three heavy blankets on top of himself. Then complain that it's too hot." 11. "After living with my husband, I learned that you can be farted awake. That is all."

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders Become First NFL Team to Require Proof of Vaccination to Attend Home Games

The Las Vegas Raiders are the first NFL team to announce they will require fans at home games at Allegiant Stadium to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The team's vaccination/no-mask policy will take effect for the team's Sept. 13 regular-season opener against the Baltimore Ravens on "Monday Night Football." Raiders owner Mark Davis said in a statement..."this policy ensures that we will be able to operate at full capacity without masks for fully vaccinated fans for the entire season."

More People Are Turning to Marijuana While Exercising During the Pandemic

A new survey reveals more than 2 in 5 exercise enthusiasts who use marijuana during their workout have turned to even more products during the pandemic. People who admit to using cannabis when exercising shows that 41.5% say they’re consuming even more since COVID-19. About half are using the same amount during the pandemic and only 14% have cut back while working out. With studies finding CBD possibly helps the body and mind in various ways, the poll reveals most CBD users opt to have their cannabis products after a workout. Nearly half of THC users in the survey use cannabis before or after exercise. However, a third add they actually like to get high right in the middle of their session. Over 48% of THC users and 29% of CBD users say cannabis is the only way they get motivated to exercise. However, nearly 42% of respondents admit that their marijuana habit actually makes them more lethargic as they exercise. As for what marijuana users like to do to stay fit, walking, running, and lifting weights top the list of the most common cannabis-fueled workouts. Additionally, six in 10 respondents say they use some form of marijuana to help recover from a workout, with CBD being the most popular option.

Greatest Place To Poo? Finalists Announced in Search for America's Best Restroom

An Ohio-based business services company is asking the public to choose between 10 finalists for the title of America's Best Restroom. Cintas announced the 10 public lavatories chosen as finalists for the America's Best Restroom Contest were selected on criteria including hygiene and aesthetics. Cintas is inviting the public to vote on the finalists on the contest's website. The finalists are... the Core24 GVL gym in Greenvile, S.C.; the Fancy Flush portable toilet in Santa Rose, Calif.; JFK Airport's Terminal 4 in New York; Nan Thai Fine Dining in Atlanta; the Planet World museum in Washington, D.C.; the Pump House in Kannapolis, N.C.; The Fed Community restaurant in Clarkston, Mich. Two Cities Pizza in Cincinnati; and the restroom at William S. Craycraft Park in Mission Veijo, Calif. Voting is open through Aug. 20.

Does Losing Cause NFL Fans To Drink More Alcohol?

Losing causes NFL fans to drink more. Researchers surveyed NFL fans of legal drinking age to see the average number of drinks NFL fans for each team consume and at what cost for each game. They found those fans of teams that lost more had the tendency to drink more. And being mediocre for a long period of time will drive an NFL fan to drink even more than losing regularly.

WATCH: Guests Jump in to Help After Alligator Bites Handler at Zoo

A handler at a zoo was attacked by an alligator she was hired to control. The alligator clamped down on one of the employees at Scales and Tails Utah hand and barrel-rolled her. The handler looked like she was about to become alligator food right in front of horrified zoo goers. One of them literally threw himself into the mix by jumping on the gator’s back. He was able to get it to stop rolling, and then the handler instructed him on what to do next. The gator eventually loosened its grip, and another guest pulled her to safety. The guest was left on top of the gator by himself and the handler stuck around to walk him through how to get out of the situation. Eventually he escaped with no injuries. The worker was hospitalized, but is recovering.


MLB: Fan Runs Onto Field, Pretend Pitches From Mound During Mets-Giants Game

A fan wearing a Padres jersey rushed onto San Francisco's Oracle Park field during the ninth inning of the Mets’ 7-5 loss to the Giants on Monday. He was able to make it from left field to the foul territory behind first base without getting chased, then eluded the first attempts to bring him to justice. He doubled back and ran to the mound, where he mimicked a (pitcher's) delivery before security finally took him down.

Two Accused of Hiding Dead Roommate in Bedroom, then Hosting House Parties

A New York woman was arrested after her roommate's body was found in her bedroom. Police were called for a welfare check at a home. They were looking for a 62-year-old woman. After speaking with her two roommates, the officers could tell they were nervous. At that point, her body was discovered in her bedroom, lying on her bed. The woman had apparently died from a suspected overdose. Her roommates then moved her body into her bedroom. Her body remained hidden in her room, while her roommates held several parties and gatherings. The two roommates said they didn’t call police because they were afraid officers would possibly uncover other illegal activity.

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Topic Starters: How did you screw up while parenting?

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  5. Calls with set-ups.

CNN Reporter In Kabul Says They're Chanting ‘Death to America’

  1. CNN Reporter in Kabul: “They’re just chanting 'death to America', but they seem friendly at the same time..."

Chris Cuomo Talks About His Brothers Issues

  1. CNN's Chris Cuomo broke his silence about brother Andrew's resignation as Governor of New York.

  2. Cuomo said he was never an advisor to Andrew - just a brother saying that he did urge his brother to resign.

Little Leaguer Interrupts Coach Speech

  1. A Little League coach was giving a speech to his team when, one of his players interrupted him, saying, "Put the knife in their throat."

Lil Wayne Talks About Suicide Attempt At Age 12

  1. When he was 12, he thought his mom was going to punish him and not let him rap, so he came up with a plan to shoot himself.

  2. Wayne describes shooting himself in the chest, and surviving.

Barbra Streisand Thought Latest 'A Star Is Born' Lacked Originality

  1. Barbara Streisand says when she first heard about the remake, it was supposed to be Will Smith and Beyonce.

  2. Streisand says she thought the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga version of 'A Star Is Born' was, "the wrong idea..."


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