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Content for Thursday, Sept 9

Microwave Hack Says We've Been Heating Up Our Food All Wrong

A woman took to TikTok to reveal how people have been heating up food in the microwave all wrong. In the video she says, "You know when you reheat food in the microwave and some parts of it are hot enough to burn your mouth and other the part of it is frozen?” She continued “Well that happens because you shouldn’t actually have your food in the middle of the plate... It should be on the edge so it can actually rotate and cook evenly.” In another video, she told followers that adding a "small cup of water" in a microwave when heating up foods like pizza or pasta can help to prevent moisture loss.

Bees to Bears: 10 States You're Most Likely to Be Killed By An Animal

To help people find a safe, attack-free place to live or travel in the US, outdoor recreation site Outforia has analyzed which states experience the most and least “fatal animal attacks per year.” They formulated this study by analyzing CDC data on deadly interspecies encounters from 1999 to 2019. Clocking in at No. 1 on the animal-attack scale was Texas with a staggering 520 deaths during those two decades — the equivalent of 26 animal-inflicted fatalities a year. California came in second, recording a total of 299 deaths during that time period, followed close behind by Florida at 247. (New York placed 10th with 124.) Population was a prevailing factor in the number of deaths, with the top three most populated US states notching the greatest number of animal-related fatalities. By a similar token, Delaware, North Dakota and Rhode Island — three of the least populated US states — recorded the fewest animal attack-related injuries with zero each, per the study. Unfortunately, the survey didn’t specify which particular animals were responsible for the most deaths in each state. However, the majority of animal-related deaths in the three frontrunners — Florida, California and Texas — was due to people getting “bitten or struck by other mammals,” which experts overwhelmingly attributed to dog attacks and car collisions with deer as well as livestock accidents, respectively. MORE: It appears that the deadliest animals in the US are generally not what you’d think. The biggest killers of US people in the animal kingdom are surprisingly deer, which cause 1.3 million traffic accidents per year, 200 of which prove fatal. In second are bees and wasps, which kill 100 people annually, generally by triggering an allergic reaction with their stings. Per Outforia, bees and wasps were responsible for 666 deaths nationwide in the past two decades — over a third of all animal-inflicted deaths in the US during that period. These were followed by dogs (30) and cows (25), the latter of which frequently trample and kick people both accidentally and on purpose. Ironically, rounding out the bottom of the deadly animals list are snakes, spiders, bears, alligators, crocodiles and sharks — which are perhaps closest to most people’s idea of a “dangerous creature.

(Finally!)... A Roomba That Avoids Dog Poop

Roomba-maker iRobot says the company’s latest robovac, the Roomba j7+, uses built-in machine vision and AI to identify and avoid pet messes of all sorts. iRobot founder and CEO Colin Angle says, “We’ve been working on it for a long time and we’re guaranteeing that it works.” Competing robovacs like the Roborock S6 MaxV and 360 Smart Life robot vacuum advertise the same mess-avoiding capabilities, but Angle is skeptical that they’re fully reliable. He says iRobot has been working on the problem for years, even creating a huge database of fake pet mess to train their AI vision systems. The new Roomba j7+ costs $849 with a base station that holds up to 60 days’ worth of dirt, which is many multiples compared to the price tag of basic robovacs. iRobot’s free software upgrades, now and in the future, should help persuade customers to choose them. In addition to the features listed above, the new Roomba j7+ also has a new high-end design, a simplified control system (three buttons instead of one), Bluetooth LE capability to simplify onboarding, and a new beveled rim that’s supposed to stop the machine from getting stuck under cabinets and refrigerators. The Roomba j7+ is on sale in the US and Canada from iRobot’s website and will be available for purchase at selected retailers from September 19th. It can also be bought without the cleaning base station for $649.

Yum... Twix Bars... On Your Chicken Wings?

There’s now a Twix seasoning for people to sprinkle the candy bar on anything they want including chicken wings. The bottle dubbed “Twix Shakers” suggests it’s an ideal topping for sweet treats like ice cream and milkshakes. But the company claims it’s also an ideal way to take chicken wings to the next level by incorporating it into a condiment described as Twix BBQ Sauce.

NFL: Washington is Finally Down to Eight Possible Names

The Washington Football Team apparently has a list of eight final names. Owner Tanya Snyder, who is running the team during Daniel Snyder’s voluntary break from day-to-day control, said that eight names have been identified. They are: the Red Hogs, Defenders, Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Commanders, Red Wolves, and Washington Football Team.

'Superhuman' Immunity to COVID-19 Exists.... in Some Individuals

Some scientists have called it "superhuman immunity”, others are calling it "hybrid immunity.” Either way, a series of studies has found that some people have a powerful immune response against COVID-19. Their bodies produce very high levels of antibodies. They also make antibodies with great flexibility that are capable of fighting off the current coronavirus variants, and are also likely effective against variants that may emerge in the future. So who has this "superhuman" or "hybrid" immune response? People who have had a "hybrid" exposure to the virus. They were infected with the coronavirus in 2020 and then immunized with vaccine this year. A virologist said, ”After natural infections, the antibodies seem to evolve and become not only more potent but also broader. They become more resistant to mutations within the virus." The research team doesn’t know if everyone who has had COVID-19 and then an mRNA vaccine will have such a remarkable immune response. But they suspect it's quite common. All 14 patients they studied, who had COVID, then had the vaccine, all had the high immunity levels.

Three in Five Americans Think it Costs Too Much Money to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A majority of Americans agree that being healthy is too expensive. 59 percent see the high cost of health and wellness as a major barrier to living a healthy lifestyle. The survey asked respondents what their biggest priorities are when it comes to health and wellness. Mental health tops the list, with 65 percent saying it’s very important, with “living in a safe environment”(also 65%) and “having good relationships with friends and family” (61%) following closely behind. Another 59 percent of all respondents say they exercise more than three times a week. Only 50% say they prioritize eating health food. Only 22 percent of those in the poll know of a nearby grocery store that sells affordable, good-quality fresh produce. Many resort to regularly eating fast food, just under three times a week on average, while another 24 percent say they indulge five or more times a week.

'Who Is Baptizing Who?' Baby Boy Starts Urinating During Christening And Narrowly Misses The Priest!

The moment a baby urinated during a baptism, nearly missing the priest has gone viral. The baby’s father posted video of the incident to Instagram. Just as the priest at the Greek church in New Yok held the naked baby up… he started to urinate. The pee went upwards, just missing the priest. The baby’s parents both collapsed into fits of laughter, while onlookers giggled. The dad said the incident was as “surreal – like a mini exorcist episode.”

OnlyFans Model Says She’s ‘Too Hot’ To Have Friends, Will 'Steal Their Husbands'

An OnlyFans model claimed that she is so attractive, she doesn’t need any female friends. Moriah Mills said female friendships are hard for her because women are afraid that she’s “too hot” and will “steal their husbands." The Atlanta native also says her curves are all-natural and she’s hoping to get a breast reduction so people will stop staring at her 34DDD chest. She added that having a curvy, voluptuous figure has discouraged her from having besties. She's "had female friends before, but as I grew up and cared more about my appearance, the friends have become less and less. I’ve had women tell me they don’t want me around because their husband is looking at me.” “I don’t go after other people’s husbands but I get attention when we go out for brunch. Other people’s husbands have come on to me in the past." Mills, who has several hundred thousand followers on social media, said that she “doesn’t get lonely” because she “has her dog” with her and she “keeps busy.” Mills makes over $300,000 a month from her OnlyFans gig and she confessed she thinks her fans will leave her if she has a smaller rack. “I don’t want to upset them but it is my body and my choice, I do worry that my fans might not like it though."

Amazon will Open Two Cashier-less Whole Foods Stores Next Year

Amazon said it will bring its cashier-less technology to two Whole Foods stores for the first time, letting shoppers grab what they need and leave without having to open their wallets. Cameras and sensors track what’s taken off shelves. Then, items are charged to an Amazon account after customers leave the store with them. There will be an option for those who want to shop the old-fashioned way: Self-checkout lanes will be available that take cash, gift cards and other types of payment. One of the new stores will be in Washington, D.C.; the other in Sherman Oaks, California. They will be stocked with the typical Whole Foods fare. Even with the technology, Amazon said it will still hire about the same number of workers for the stores that it normally would, except they will have different roles, helping shoppers in the aisles or at counters instead of standing behind a register.

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Man Trapped In Attic By Giant Snake

  1. Houston air conditioning technician, Jesse, who was working in the attic of a bank this week, encountered a six-foot rattlesnake that blocked his exit.

  2. Police came and moved the ladder to a different ceiling opening, and the snake was returned to the wild.

Kim Kardashian's Daughter Calls Her Out For Fake Voice

  1. Kim Kardashian’s 8-year-old daughter North, called her mom out on Instagram for changing her normal voice when she’s pitching products on social media.

Yankees Legend Derek Jeter Inducted Into Baseball Hall Of Fame

  1. Jeter tells the crowd that he forgot "how good that feels" to hear cheering.

  2. Jeter wraps up his speech by asking people to respect the game.

Man Tells Teens In Bikinis That Their Bodes Are Pornography

  1. A group of teenagers filmed the moment that a man approached them at a public beach to lecture them about their swimsuits and compare their bikinis to 'pornography'. Mia, 18, captured the encounter in Fort Collins, Colorado, filming as Logan Dorn — a man whom she and her eight friends had never met before — stood over them and told them to cover up. 'Take young eyes into consideration. They don't need to see pornography right in front of them. You're flaunting your stuff,' he told them. (Preview before airing)


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