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Content for Thursday, Sept 2

Millennials Are Sharing The Stereotypical Old People Tendencies They've Developed

Millennials took to social media to share the stereotypical old people tendencies they have developed, including... going to bed at 9 p.m. One guy wrote, “I used to binge watch series seasons in a day, now it takes me days to complete 1 movie”, while one woman wrote, “Peeking out the window to be nosy when a car I don’t recognize drives down the street, and keep watching until I know all is good”. Another woman wrote, “If you don’t pay bills don’t be turning on unnecessary lights and close my door cause you letting the air out”. Another person wrote, “Loud music really bothers me now.”


Mondays and Tuesdays are the Worst Days for Porch Pirate Thefts

A new poll finds three in ten Americans have been the victim of a porch pirate. Nearly half of all porch pirate victims never receive a refund for their stolen merchandise. The average person has had three packages swiped from their residence before receiving it during their lifetime. Just in the U.S., 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost in the mail every day. The average cost of the merchandise in a given package going to someone’s home is $106. When it comes to when you should be on the alert for porch pirates, the poll finds Mondays and Tuesdays, in the afternoon, is prime-time for stolen deliveries.

Apple's Next-Generation Smartwatches May Include Blood Pressure Sensors And A Thermometer To Help With Fertility Planning

Apple Watches may include a blood pressure sensor and fertility tool as early as next year. One of Apple's aims is for its watch to take a person's temperature by next year, which could also be used for fertility planning by giving women clues about where they are in their ovulation cycle. Sources say the tech giant also wants its watches to detect sleep apnea, provide medical guidance when they sense low blood oxygen levels, and even one day spot diabetes.

Fidget Much? One-Third of the Population Suffers from ‘Hatred of Movements’

If you can’t stand it when people around you are fidgeting or pacing, you may be suffering from a case of misokinesia, or a hatred of movements. Researchers found that up to one-third of the population is easily irritated by fidgeting. People with misokinesia experience reactions such as anger, anxiety or frustration. Older adults appear to have a hard time coping with others’ fidgeting, which suggests that misokinesia may increase with age. According to the study author, “A reason that people fidget is because they’re anxious or nervous so when individuals who suffer from misokinesia see that, they may mirror it and feel anxious or nervous as well.”

Gender Reveal + Milk Crate Challenge = Foolishness

One couple decided to combine gender reveal parties and a TikTok challenge-- disclosing the sex of their baby while attempting the highly dangerous “Milk Crate Challenge”. The viral Milk Crate Challenge involves trying to climb a staircase-like stack of plastic boxes. One guy attempted to incorporate the challenge into his gender reveal party by scaling milk crates while holding a parcel containing either blue or pink powder. The viral video shows the guy wobbling as he reaches the halfway point, causing the crates to collapse. He topples off and hits his head on a box. During the fall, the blue powder gets released into the air,signifying that the baby is a boy. The clip concludes with the party guests, including the pregnant mother-to-be, going buckwild over the result. The head-cracking stunt didn’t sit well with social media. One person tweeted, “About to be a father and taking these sorts of risks with his life for a viral video … Lordt." Another wrote, “Two points: The bar is really low out here. Let’s all pray for that little baby boy. RIGHT NOW.” However, others suspected that the display was a fake. One wrote... "she looks to be waaaay late into a pregnancy to find out the sex of the baby,” while another added, “This has to be fake. Her stomach is basically at her chest.”

Joe Rogan Has COVID, Thanks Meds for Healing Him

Joe Rogan has COVID-19, but says he's doing better thanks to a laundry list of meds. The famous podcast host and UFC commentator says he got home from being on the road Saturday and felt terrible, so he quarantined from his family and got tested for the coronavirus. It was positive. Rogan says he recovered in 3 days after taking monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, Z-pak, prednisone, and IV vitamin drip. Now, he feels great. Out of caution, Rogan had to cancel an upcoming show in Nashville and is rescheduling it for a later date.

(TRY THIS)... Jennifer Aniston Will Eat Just ONE Chip Or ONE M&M As An Indulgence

Jennifer Aniston says she will eat just one chip or one M&M as an indulgence. The “Friends” actress shared a peek at her morning routine as she mixed up a delicious smoothie in her deluxe kitchen on Instagram. She said that her “favorite smoothie” has one cup of chocolate almond milk, two scoops of Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Peptides, cherries and bananas, a few drops of stevia, antioxidants and one cup of ice. Aniston also likes to add “spinach, pinch of cinnamon, matcha powder and a spoonful of almond butter” for her perfect smoothie.

'Seinfeld' to Arrive on Netflix on October 1st

"Seinfeld" will be coming to Netflix October 1st and all 180 episodes will be available. Netflix, which signed a five-year deal for the episodes in 2019, announced the launch date on Netflix in a trailer with classic clips from "Seinfeld." "Seinfeld," which originally aired on NBC for 9 seasons from 1989 to 1998, left Hulu in June. After the streaming date was announced, Netflix shares rose 2.5%, approaching a record high.

Some Families Are Already Dreading The Holidays As Vaccine Debates Cause Arguments

Families are already dreading the holidays due to fights about the vaccine. Several Americans already say plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas have changed because they won’t invite those who aren’t vaccinated… this includes friends and even family members. Some families are canceling plans all together and spending the holidays alone. But those who are still having big celebrations say there will likely be heated debates about the COVID vaccine which they fear could ruin the holidays.

Women Feel Most Confident, Comfortable in their Skin at Age 32

A new survey of 2,000 American women over 30 finds that 63% believe the older they are, the more confident they’ll be. For women whose confidence increases with age, 63 percent believe this is a result of caring less about what others thinkwith the average woman feeling most comfortable in her skin at age 32. 45 percent feel more settled in their life and 35 percent are more likely to embrace the changes in their looks as they grow older. Regardless of their confidence levels, half of the women surveyed say aging and the unknowns that come with it regularly causes them stress. As they age however, the stress seems to decrease (58% for women 30 to 40 vs. 40% for those 57+). When looking in the mirror, the average woman only likes what she sees 39 percent of the time. When it comes to what they’re most self-conscious about: their skin (46%) and their teeth (45%) come out on top, followed closely by their hair (44%).

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CDC Director Says Unvaccinated Shouldn't Travel Labor Day Weekend

  1. CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky recommends unvaccinated people not travel during Labor Day weekend after a surge in COVID hospitalizations caused by the delta variant.

Bill Belichick Says Cam Newton Wasn't Cut Because Of Vax Status

  1. This New England Patriots released quarterback Cam Newton this week, and a reporter asked coach Bill Belichick if Cam not being fully vaccinated was the reason.

Dog The Bounty Hunter On Why He Uses The 'N-Word'

  1. While speaking with 'Entertainment Tonight', Dog the Bounty Hunter said that "the brothers" in prison made him think he had a pass to use the N-word.

  2. Interviewer Kevin Frazier challenges Dog's thinking and did not let him get away with "the proximity argument."

Joe Rogan Taking Controversial Meds For COVID Diagnosis

  1. Joe Rogan reveals that he has tested positive for COVID-19. He posted a video talking about how he felt before his positive test.

  2. Rogan talks about all the vitamins and medications he took, some of which are not recommended.

  3. Rogan said he really only had one bad day. It's not known if he is vaccinated or not.


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