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Content for Thursday, Sept 16

Nearly Half of Workers Plan to Quit their Jobs Over In-Person Work Policies

A new survey finds the pandemic lockdowns are changing what employees are putting on their “must-have” lists when it comes to their careers. Nearly six in 10 people say they want a fully remote job. The FlexJobs survey also finds 39 percent prefer a “hybrid” job that allows them to work at home and at the office. Meanwhile, just three percent of respondents want to return to an office full-time after the pandemic. 42 percent of respondents say their current employers are requiring them to return to in-person work. Only 27 percent are allowing workers to switch to a hybrid schedule and 17 percent are keeping their businesses full remote. 44 percent of respondents know at least one person who has already quit their job or is planning to quit because their boss is requiring them to restart in-person work. 29 percent say they’re currently looking for a new job that allows for remote work. Another 17 percent would quit the job they currently have if it didn’t offer some form of remote work. Researchers find one in five people would give up some of their vacation time if it means they get to work from home. One in four claim they’re willing to take a pay cut of up to 20 percent to work from home whenever they want.

2021 Toy Hall Of Fame Finalists Include Cabbage Patch Dolls, Risk

The National Toy Hall of Fame in New York announced that the 12 finalists for 2021 induction including Cabbage Patch Kids and Risk. Other finalists include Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Masters of the Universe, pinata, sand and a toy fire engine. Online voters are being called on to choose their favorites and the online votes will be counted as one member of the 23-member of the National Selection Advisory Committee in choosing the official inductees.

PARENTING: "Whatever Parents Made For Dinner Is What EVERYONE Is Eating For Dinner"

Reddituser 15MinsL8trStillHere writes: "Whatever parents made for dinner is what EVERYONE is eating for dinner. "I’m aware that there’s been a cultural shift in how we include children in decision making but family dinners should not be one of them. If Moms/Dads made chicken and broccoli then kids eat chicken and broccoli. If they made a fancy cultural meal (Indian dish, Chinese duck, Caribbean food, etc…) then by golly kids are going to have a cultural experience for dinner. "I’m very over the …well this kid wants mozzarella sticks and this kid wants fish sticks, and the other wants mash potatoes. Who has time for that? No sir, I’m not about it. If we’re eating at a dinner table together, we’ll eat the same meal together. "The only true caveat is making allergen/meatless exceptions but still making the meal as similar as possible to the main course." Replies include: "I offered the kids food - if they didn't want it, they didn't eat. At all. They say that appetite makes anything taste better. I can affirm that statement is more than true. I never had a child based hunger strike last more than 36 hours." "My go to tactic is using options. "Broccoli or corn in the cob? OK, now rice or pasta? OK, now chicken or fish?" "It's streamlined the whole fuss process. Because it becomes "hey this is what you chose". If the kids disagree on a side or main, I'll offer other alternatives and see if an agreement can be made. Or we barter and say "well how about we have the broccoli tonight and the corn on the cob tomorrow?" "A lot less fighting and a lot more happy meal times." "...we give them two choices typically. if they don’t make a decision by the time my wife or I start cooking, we make the decision. "the best case scenario is we make a menu for the week ahead of us and they get more input before we go to the grocery store." "Basic behaviour management strategy used in teaching. Never back yourself or the kid into a corner, give them a choice and then make them own their choices." "I also think there’s a problem with some parents not properly exposing their children to different foods, flavors, and textures and their kids develop weird aversions as a result. I am sorry but if your kid is gagging because they had to eat green beans or something with a different flavor profile than they’re accustomed to, that is not normal... "An alarming number of people don’t know how to cook and don’t care to learn so their kids grow up to hate anything that isn’t a frozen dinner or rubberized sloppy chicken and rice casserole that is completely devoid of any flavor."

Woman Reveals ‘Difficult’ Reason for Rejecting Best Friend’s Maid of Honor Request

A woman refused to be her best friend’s maid of honor and now she’s having second thoughts. She posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her best friend Ella asked her to be co-maid of honor with another woman named Bree. Bree is Ella’s friend from college who strongly dislikes the poster. When the poster realized working with Bree would cause drama, she chose to opt out altogether. The poster said, “My best friend, Ella, since pre-k is getting married. She asked me and this other woman, Bree, to be her co-maids of honor. Bree and I are not friends. For some reason, Bree has always hated me. Ella met Bree in college. They ended up being college roommates and grew close. Bree especially had a tough life and was glad my best friend wanted to be friends with her. Even Ella admits Bree is different with me. She’s snappy, she rolls her eyes when I talk, she has tried to make me feel left out.” Apparently Bree made it a point to hurt the poster more than once. When the poster explained to the Bride that it would be a disaster waiting to happen if they both were Maid of Honors. She said she understands but she feels bad. The poster said, “Other friends say I’m wrong, I should do it, put our differences aside, not let Bree win.” Reddit users thought she made the right decision.

Should Friends 'Expect' You To Keep A Secret From Your Spouse?

Reddit user Kitchen-Vegetable734 writes: "You shouldn't tell me a secret and expect me to keep it from my spouse. I don't care who you are. A good friend of mine, a family member, anyone. Even if you've known me longer than I've known my spouse. If you tell me a secret, I'm going to tell my spouse. You shouldn't ask me to keep it from them because that's kind of a dick move. One of the big perks of of having a spouse is to not needing to keep any secrets from them. Either accept the fact that they're going to get the information too, or keep it completely to yourself." Replies included: "I’ve lived my entire life just knowing or assuming that whatever I tell someone, they will tell their spouse or partner." "Most people who make such rules, do so coz they expect their SO to follow it too. Life is way more complicated than that, there isn't a marriage or relationship in life where there are no secrets, and sometimes it's a good thing." "If someone tells me a secret, it doesn't become mine, it's still their secret and it isn't my place to decide who to tell or not tell. I don't keep any of my secrets from my SO, but I'm not going to tell anyone else's." "I’ve been with my husband for 42 years, and we have plenty to talk about, but if my best friend of 50 years tells me something in confidence, it doesn’t even occur to me to tell my husband. It’s not like I’m keeping secrets from him, when her personal business has absolutely nothing to do with him. Same goes for my other friends, my sisters, and my husband as well. You tell me something that you want kept secret, I’m putting it right in the vault."

Students Are Warned NOT To Take Part In New 'Devious Licks' TikTok Trend That Rip Drinking Fountains, Water Heaters And URINALS Off School Walls

Students across the US have been warned not to take part in the new “devious licks” trend on TikTok that challenges kids to rip school fixtures off walls. Everything from paper towel dispensers to speed limit signs to fire alarms have been taken under the new trend which has attracted more than 235 million views throughout the platform. Other students have posted videos of them stealing cameras, janitorial equipment, water fountains and have even tampered with their school's water heaters. It’s gotten so bad that principals across the country have sent letters and emails to parents warning them of the trend… saying that kids will be suspended and have to pay full restitution.

Teacher Removes American Flag From Classroom, Says It 'Stands For Violence And Menace And Intolerance'

A teacher at a high school in Oregon removed the American flag from her classroom because she says it represents “violence and menace and intolerance.” The English teacher is upset after the school district banned overtly "political" imagery on campus, including the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride symbols. She said the resolution adds more distractions for students and staff at the start of an in-person school year already bogged down with COVID-19 concerns. The teacher also questioned why the American flag isn’t banned, claiming it is the “most political symbol there is.”

The Best Cities For Burgers Are... Allegedly

A new survey has broken down the best burgers available in nearly 200 of the biggest cities in the U.S. The survey by found that the 10 best cities to grab a burger are: Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Pasadena; Chicago; San Diego; Santa Rosa, Calif.; New York City; Orlando, Glendale, California; and Fullerton, California. California has six cities in the top 10 and 12 in the top 20. However, not every burger is the same, and the survey knows that, breaking down the best regional burgers and where to get them. In the Midwest, the place to get a Juicy Lucy, a burger with cheese cooked between two patties, was Minnesota, and the best place to get a Butter Burger, a burger where butter is the main ingredient, was Wisconsin. In the South, Georgia’s Luther Burger, a burger with bacon and cheese in between glazed donuts instead of burger buns, was highly praised. While the Carolina Burger with chili, slaw, onions, and sometimes mustard is a staple out of the Carolinas. California brings in the best of the west with its California Burger topped with avocado or guacamole and sometimes bacon. To break down who has the best burger, the survey used three main areas of focus, access to burgers, quality, and the number of Michelin-rated establishments. Midland and Laredo, Texas, came in at dead last, ranked the lowest on the burger hotspot list. They are accompanied at the bottom by Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Clarksville, Tennessee, and Worcester, Massachusetts. The survey found these cities had inadequate access to burgers and poor quality in the burgers they serve, meaning burger fans should steer clear.

Octavia Spencer Apologizes to Britney and Sam Over Prenup Warning

Octavia Spencer apologized to Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, saying her prenup comment on their engagement announcement wasn't funny. The Oscar-winning actress replied to Britney's social media post about her engagement saying, "Make him sign a prenup.” She says she's since privately apologized to both Britney and Sam. Octavia says she's thrilled for Britney and thinks the singer has found happiness after going through a lot of pain. Sam publicly responded to Octavia's apology, saying: "you are very kind to clarify but I have no hard feelings whatsoever. Jokes and misconceptions come with the territory.

Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart To Host Halloween Baking Competition

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are teaming up again to host a Halloween baking competition. “Snoop and Martha's Very Tasty Halloween” is set to premiere on Peacock on October 14th. Teams of three bakers each will compete to bake 12 square foot Halloween themed confections that are also immersive experiences. Snoop and Stewart will judge the entries along with chef Alvin Zhou.

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