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Content for Thursday, October 7

The Ideal Husband? A Man Earning A Good Income

Men who make more money are more marriageable. Researchers found that high-income men are more likely to marry and are more likely to stay married. Men in the highest income group are also more likely to remarry than men in the lowest income group. And high-income men are more likely to become biological fathers. **Possession of means still matters when it comes to marriage and family formation for men, but not for women.

The Next Fashion Trend is Clothes that Don't Exist: Digital Fashion

Digital fashion stores are tapping into a growing market: digitally generated outfits that stores simply photoshop onto a customer's photos or videos to be posted onto Instagram. Outfits on digital fashion stores, like DressX, range from $25 hats to strange jellyfish-like dresses for hundreds of dollars. The co-founder of DressX said, “Every brand in the future will be on board with digital fashion.” Research shows, 15 percent of customers are buying virtual clothing for Instagram posts, and almost a quarter found it satisfied their need for a new item of clothing. One customer said, "We will all have a digital self, we'll have an avatar and you'll be able to communicate something about yourself, who you are, what you're interested in, through the iteration of your avatar.” Environmental concerns are also key to their appeal. The traditional fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants and waste generators on the planet.

Should You Pay if You Got Lost and Had to Be Rescued...?

Back in July a couple realized they would not make it back down a path when hiking on Mount Lafayette in New Hampshire. It was 11 o’clock at night and they had their 2 kids. They called 911. Four officers found them after midnight, gave them water and helped them back to the trailhead. Now, New Hampshire plans to bill the family for the cost of the rescue. The total could be $5,000. New Hampshire passed a law in 2008 that allowed it to seek reimbursement if state officials deemed that a rescued person was negligent. Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Vermont and Oregon have similar laws allowing them to bill people for the cost of rescues in certain situations. Most search and rescue teams in the United States are volunteer organizations, which adds to the strain. The numbers of rescuers shrank during the pandemic because older volunteers and others at risk stayed home.

Burger King To Test 'Impossible Nuggets' In 3 Cities Next Week

Burger King is testing Impossible Nuggets starting next week. The fast food chain will test the meatless nuggets in Boston, Miami and Des Moines, Iowa. The move comes after Impossible Foods began selling its plant-based nuggets in store chains like Kroger, Walmart and Safeway last month.

New Study Reveals The Most Popular Halloween Episodes In America, Mapped Out By State

USDish, an authorized reseller of Dish, tried find out which TV shows have the most popular Halloween episodes. To do so, the team over at USDish looked at the top 15 episodes on IMDb that were tagged “Halloween,” produced between 1990 and 2020, had over 1,500 votes, and had a rating of 7.5 or higher. From there, they gathered each episode’s premiere viewership in the TV by the Numbers archive and ranked the shows from most to least popular based on viewership. To find out each state’s most popular Halloween episodes, they looked at Google Trends data from October 1 to October 30, 2020 to find which show had the greatest search volume in each state. RESULTS: • Although "The Simpsons" had 10 out of 15 Halloween episodes on the list, "Friends" was still the most Googled show in the most states during October. • Like "Friends", "Stranger Things" only had one Halloween episode, but it was the second most searched show in October. • The premiere of the “Treehouse of Horror” episode of "The Simpsons", which first aired 31 years ago, had the most views at 27.4 million. • 'Friends’ “The One with the Halloween Party” episode was the runner-up with just under 27 million views.

Three In Five People Say They'd Call Their Pet Their Soulmate

Three in five people surveyed say they would call their pet their soulmate. Researchers surveyed 2,000 cat and dog owners and found three out of five would willingly run into a burning building to save their pet. 62% would describe their pet as their "best friend" while 59% would willingly fight another person to save their four-legged friend.

'Woman' Stranded On Cliff Was Movie Mannequin

Firefighters in California were called to a beach to conduct a cliff rescue and it turns out the person clinging to the rocks was actually a mannequin from a movie shoot. Someone called 911 to report a woman appeared to be stranded on the side of the cliff. Firefighters arrived with trucks, drones and utility vehicles but they determined the "woman" was actually a mannequin from movie shoot days earlier.

Man Busted For Sign Language Death Threat

A man was put in jail for allegedly threatening the life of a woman and it was done via sign language through a video text. The 35-year-old man was arrested on a felony charge and booked into jail. He is being held on a $10,000 bond. The man sent the victim a video text on September 28th describing in sign language “I’ll kill you. Ok? I’ll kill you.” The victim told police that the man, who is deaf, was upset because he believed she took his mail. The victim “was in fear the defendant would cause harm to her.”

Twitter Is Testing An Alert On Its Apps That Warn Snowflakes Before They Get Into A 'Heated Or Intense' Conversation.

Twitter is testing an alert that would warn users before they get into a heated argument. Depending on the topic or mood of the thread, a prompt might announce “conversations like this can be intense.” The feature may also offer tips on keeping posts respectful and factual. It's being tested for both iOS and Android but there's no indication if or when it will be officially rolled out.

Today's AUDIO:

Topic Starters: What did you break by accident? How did it happen?

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Dave Chappelle Sides With JK Rowling In Transgender Spat

  1. During his sixth Netflix special, 'The Closer', Chappelle joked about Rowling's 2019 argument that transgender women were not actually women and were a threat to her identity.

Johnny Cash Facebook Parody

  1. The Johnny Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues” is re-written about all of the crazy things on Facebook.


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