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Content for Thursday, October 20

One in Two Adults Still Argue and Compete with their Brothers and Sisters

A new study finds that most people continue to measure themselves to their brothers and sisters well into adulthood. 51 percent still have a competitive relationship with their brothers and sisters. Many can’t help but compete over career goals (26%) and even home ownership (22%). Another 20 percent still argue over who is their parent’s “favorite” in the family. Other areas brothers and sisters keep battling over include their vacation destinations, who drives a nicer car, and their skills as a parent. For many adults, this is nothing new. Just under one in five (17%) report they’ve had a rivalry with their siblings at every stage of their lives. 43% believe this competition heightens each year around big gift-giving holidays like birthdays and Mother’s Day. Older siblings tend to be both more competitive and more successful. Notably older sisters are even more competitive than older brothers. In fact, 15 percent told researchers they’re sibling rivalry has motivated them to achieve more in their careers. On average, siblings usually argue twice a month over things such as politics or what to watch on TV. A third admit that they’ve stopped talking to a brother or sister for a period of time over a disagreement.

The One Color You Should Never Wear to a Job Interview

There’s one cold you should never wear to a job interview and it’s orange. It apparently will spook potential employers. Career experts said, “Research over the last 50 years has helped us to understand that 75% of a face-to-face conversation is non-verbal. Words are used primarily to convey information, while body language, facial expressions and personal presentation are used to evaluate interpersonal attitudes and trust. While orange might be your favorite color, on the receiving end, orange can unintentionally communicate that you are an attention-seeking, over-confident candidate.” When you’re picking an outfit for a job interview, remember that you’re trying to sell yourself and convince your potential employer that you’ll take the job seriously and be an asset to the team. Experts suggest you compromise by wearing an outfit in your favorite shade of blue.

The 10 Best Small Cities in America

WalletHub pulled out more than 1,300 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000, looking at more than three dozen metrics in five main categories: affordability, economic health, education and health, safety, and quality of life. The study looked at everything from average commute time to how many restaurants, bars, museums, and other recreational sites each city boasts. Massachusetts claims four of the top 10 smallish cities in America.

  1. Sammamish, Wash.

  2. Carmel, Ind.

  3. Brentwood, Tenn.

  4. Lexington, Mass. (No. 1 in "education and health" category)

  5. Reading, Mass.

  6. Zionsville, Ind.

  7. Portland, Maine

  8. Milton, Mass.

  9. Melrose, Mass.

  10. Dublin, Ohio

Kristin Cavallari Says She Dated Jay Cutler Again After Divorce

Kristin Cavallari says her romantic relationship with Jay Cutler didn't officially end after they filed for divorce. She says the two actually dated again after their split. Kristin talked about her relationship on the "Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe" podcast this week. She admitted that shortly after she ended things with Jay in April 2020, she wondered if it was the right decision. She and the NFL QB went on multiple dates to consider rekindling their relationship. "The thing with Jay and I is we're not getting a divorce because of love lost, which made it really challenging because we were crazy about each other. I just decided I didn't want to be in a toxic relationship anymore and I had to break it off. But, that's made it hard and made me sit here and question it for a few months." Apparently, the outings didn't go so hot for the couple. She said, “Going back and dating him a little bit made me reaffirm it like, 'No, I know that I'm doing the right decision.'" She also hinted that their relationship isn't the best at the moment and said if the two didn't have children together, she "would never talk to him ever again."

Vaccines Ready to Roll for Kids 5-11

Reports say the White House has enough vaccine doses for the 28 million children in the US who are ages 5 to 11. The vaccines are on deck so that once the FDA and CDC give the green light for that age group to receive the vaccine, it can be "quickly distributed and made conveniently available to families across the country.” An independent FDA advisory panel is set to meet Tuesday to discuss authorizing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the younger kids, with the CDC's counterpart scheduled to gather the following week on recommendations for a pediatric dose. The doses will be a third smaller than the adult-sized versions. The vaccine will be available at more than 25,000 pediatrician or primary care offices and tens of thousands of other sites, including pharmacies, children's hospitals, school and rural health clinics, and community health centers.

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Kristin Cavallari Says She Dated Jay Cutler Again After Divorce

  1. Cavallari talked about it on Podcast One's "Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe" this week

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooter Pleads Guilty

  1. Nikolas Cruz, the 'cold and calculated' Parkland school shooter, blamed pot for the 2018 massacre of 14 students and three teachers after pleading guilty and apologizing to the victims' families as he now faces a possible death sentence. Cruz entered guilty pleas in court Wednesday morning to 17 counts of murder and 17 counts of attempted murder.

  2. In his apology to the victims' families he seemed to blame pot for the deadly attack, saying that the 'US would do better if everyone stopped smoking marijuana'.


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