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Content for Thursday, July 8

Average American Hits Peak ‘Financial Recklessness’ at 22

According to a new survey, the average American hits peak financial recklessness at 22 years-old. Researchers find that two in three respondents confess to not paying nearly enough attention to their finances when they’re younger. The average respondent turned 25 before realizing it was time to “grow up” when it comes to handling their money. One in two people admit to feeling guilty about spending with abandon but add they just couldn’t stop themselves. 44 percent had what they consider “bad credit” at some point in their lives. Of those who’ve had bad credit, the average respondent hit their credit score low point at 27 years-old. 43% blame not keeping a budget for their credit score woes while 37% say impulse spending was a problem for them. 61% admit to experiencing an unexpected purchase rejection due to a bad credit score. 2020 served as a financial awakening for 45 percent of respondents, with 52 percent confessing the pandemic made them realize just how easily their finances can take a negative downturn.

A Pandemic Clothing Purge Is On As Normal Life Resumes

There is now a wardrobe purge as restrictions have lifted and offices start to reopen. Many Americans are selling their comfortable clothes they wore during the pandemic to resale sites online or donating them to brick-and-mortar donation spots. At the luxury resale site TheRealReal, with more than 22 million members, the total value of pre-owned goods sold this year through May was about $239 million-- that’s up by 53% from the same period in 2019. And at the resale site Poshmark, orders are up for handbags and work-worthy dresses when compared to last year. The same goes for blazers, suit jackets and heels as Americans turn to the resale sites to find work clothes.

What Weird or Interesting Thing Has a Deceased Family Member Left to You?

TikTok user @omfgitsamie shared the weirdest thing her grandma left her when she passed away: a hand-carved, anatomically correct penis walking cane. Since then, other users have started posting videos of items their loved ones have left for them after they passed. @bianca.953 said her grandma left her a beautiful vagina pillow. @chanda.ann said her grandma and grandpa left her some hairy dolls with very realistic (and developed) body parts.

@dewmara currently has her deceased mother's 30-year-old meatballs in her freezer: "My mom passed away 30 years ago this month, and when she died, my sister took a container of my mom's meatballs. The last meatballs she ever made. They were in a Cool Whip container in a paper bag from McDonald's, sittin' in the freezer. And my sister took them, and she's kept them all this time. My sister passed away last summer and now I am the owner of the meatballs. So, there are 30-year-old meatballs in my freezer that will be passed down to my daughter when I die, too."'s grandmother left her leather trousers with "explicit instructions to wear them for the lesbians.” @marshmallow.witch was left her grandma's antique mirror that is likely haunted: "So, my grandmother didn't identify as a witch, but she was into some witchy stuff. I inherited this very old silver mirror when my grandmother passed away and I would have it out a lot at first because I would just be admiring it — it is beautiful. Yeah, well, if I would ever leave it out overnight, it would always be somewhere different than where I left it in the morning. Usually, I would put it on a completely flat surface and somehow, throughout the night, it would end up on the floor. Long story short, my grandma left me a mirror with an entity attached to it." @glassmenagerie's grandma left her a quality, old-fashioned cheese grater… while her brother got a truck. @emmatibbs94 was left a peculiar set of butter knife hair clips by her grandmother: @secretaryofnostate's grandpa left her both of his metal shoulders, as well as several pairs of dentures — including the ones he was wearing when he died.

Guys Share The Things They Wish Women Knew About Them

A reddit user recently asked, What, as a guy, do you wish girls knew?" Here are some of the most eye-opening responses: 1. “We actually really want to be complimented too. A 60-year-old women complimented me five years ago and it still makes me feel good, which just shows how little we get compliments." 2. "We aren't great with hints. Communication is king." 3. "When we tell women that we don't know how we feel about something, it's usually true, and we genuinely don't understand how we are supposed to feel. I personally wasn't allowed to express emotions growing up, and it turned into me not being able to understand my emotions." 4. "I really like to hang out with my friends because I love them, not because I don't want to spend time with you." 5. "Sometimes men just don’t get hard. It’s not you. It’s many things, from lifestyle and diet, to stress and anxiety. Please try not to take it as a sign of a lack of attraction or affection. Sometimes it just happens." 6. "Men have emotions and there are points where we need to cry. Tears happen not just from pain, but also from joy." 7. "We don't know where we want to eat either." 8. "We like random gifts, random hugs, and random signs of affection and love. Sometimes just a cup of coffee in my favorite mug is enough to convince me it’s going to be a good day." 9. "Men love being the target of a romantic gesture. Many men never have been." 10. "Please ask us out. It makes us feel wanted and loved." 11. "Tell us more about what you like in bed." 12. "We don’t really care about makeup and just want you to be healthy and happy. Any guy who wouldn’t be attracted to you without your makeup on is a shitty person!" 13. "Sometimes we want to be the little spoon."

Lottery Incentives Do NOT Lead to More People Getting COVID Vaccinations

Researchers find that lottery campaigns, in which people who get the COVID vaccine have a chance to win cash or other prizes, do not lead to higher vaccination numbers. Study authors analyzed Ohio’s “Vax-a-Million” lottery-based incentive system during this project. The team ultimately concluded these incentives don’t lead to an increase in COVID-19 vaccinations among the public. While these findings indicate lotteries aren’t the best way to encourage vaccinations, researchers believe that there are more effective solutions out there for getting the majority of the population vaccinated. They add that just because lotteries failed, doesn’t mean a better idea won’t come along soon.

President Biden Wants American Education Expanded To 14 Years

President Joe Biden wants the American education system to be expanded from 12 years to 14 years so Americans are more competitive on a global scale. During a speech in Illinois yesterday, Biden said he wants Americans to go to school for 14 years now and they shouldn’t have to pay at all for their education. He said with the changes in technology, 12 years of education isn’t enough to be able to live a life in the middle class. The 14 years would include two free years of pre-kindergarten for three and four-year-olds and two free years of community college.

More Flights Are Being Cancelled Because Of Pilot Shortage

More flights are being cancelled in the U.S. because of a pilot shortage. Since 2019 thousands of pilots and flight attendants have been fired or furloughed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, 541 flights were cancelled in, out and within the U.S. which is 200 more per day when flights were being called from January through April. About 1,600 pilots that were furloughed by American Airlines should be back to work at the end of this month making travel easier.

Facebook Is Developing Its Own City, Complete With 1,700 Apartments, A Supermarket, Hotel And New Offices

Facebook is developing its own city right next to its Silicon Valley headquarters. Mark Zuckerberg is planning to build a real-life community called Willow Park on a 59-acre site in Menlo Park, California. It will feature 1,729 apartments, including about 320 that will be affordable housing and up to 120 units designated for senior housing. The new city also feature a supermarket, pharmacy, cafes and restaurants and a 193-room hotel.

Survey: LeBron James Is the Most Hated Athlete on Twitter

According to a new survey of Twitter comments, L.A. Lakers star LeBron James comes out on top as the most hated athlete of them all. For its top 20 list, betting news company Pickswise combed through 500,000 negative messages posted over the last year that were aimed at athletes on Twitter and discovered that LeBron James was the most hated athlete of them all, and it wasn’t even close. According to the company’s survey, LeBron received thousands of times more abuse on Twitter than any of the others on the list. LeBron was the target of more negative tweets (122,568) than the combined tweets (106,599) of the other four of the five most abused players. Pickswise reviewed the tweets spanning June 2020 to June 2021, looking for messages that contained “words, phrases and hashtags that were known abusive terms” against pro athletes. The Pickswise list: LeBron James (122,568 abusive tweets) Marcus Rashford (32,328 abusive tweets) Tom Brady (28,151 abusive tweets) Kevin Durant (24,370 abusive tweets) Bubba Wallace (21,750 abusive tweets) Damian Lillard (20,904 abusive tweets) Trevor Bauer (14,083 abusive tweets) Cristiano Ronaldo (11,757 abusive tweets) Steph Curry (11,203 abusive tweets) Mesut Ozil (11,192 abusive tweets) Pickswise claimed that the purpose of its list was to “showcase what elite athletes now have to live with” with abusive fans and to “encourage social media companies to do more to combat the practice” of abusive posts. The list is compiled in two forms, one for “all abuse” in general, and a second list specifically for homosexual taunts.

DoorDash Driver Arrested, Police Officer Delivers Food

A police officer in Jonesboro, Arkansas completed a DoorDash delivery after the original driver was arrested. Bodycam video shared on Facebook shows an officer walking up to a home and knocking on the door. An unidentified man answered the door and the officer is heard asking if someone named "Sherry" was at the residence. The man then asked the officer if they wanted to speak to a woman inside, who appeared to be sitting in a chair in another room. The officer peered inside and told the woman that she did not need to get up, however, he did inform her that her food delivery driver had been arrested and he was just completing the delivery. The delivery driver, who police identified as 22-year-old Justin Gist, was arrested for not having valid car insurance and for driving on a suspended license. He also had a warrant for his arrest after failing to appear in court for a previous charge. According to DoorDash’s website, all dashers undergo a background check through Checkr, a third-party provider which checks into an applicant’s motor vehicle history report and criminal history.

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Vax That Thang Up

  1. Juvenile and Mannie Fresh recreated their iconic 1999 song "Back That Thang Up" (now called "Vax That Thang Up") by pairing up with dating app BLK to promote COVID-19 vaccinations in the Black community.

Cop Delivers Food After Arresting Door Dash Driver

  1. A Jonesboro police officer in Arkansas completed a Door Dash delivery after the original driver was arrested.

NHL Stanley Cup Finals

  1. Lightning Goalie Nikita Kucherov doesn't hold back during a press conference after Tampa Bay Lightning win Stanley Cup.

Former Victoria's Secret Model Bridget Malcolm

  1. Former Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm says an agent told her to 'do cocaine and have sex in order to lose weight' when she was underage.

Sha'Carri Richardson

  1. U.S. track star Sha'Carri Richardson is breaking her silence on being left off the Olympic team after testing positive for marijuana, saying she's come to terms with the decision and is looking to move past the situation.



"What makes you instantly lose respect for someone?" --"Being unable to acknowledge when they're wrong." -- ""When someone asks you a question and then gets distracted by their phone while you're answering and end up completely ignoring your answer...." -- "Littering." -- "Treating people who can’t do anything for them like crap." "Which is the most heartbreaking one-liner a woman can say to a man?" -- "There's someone else". -- "Now that he's 18, I guess I can tell you he wasn't yours." -- "You are the perfect guy every girl deserves but..." -- "I wish I could find someone like you."


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