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Content for Thursday, July 20

PARENTING: Experts Say Giving Your Kids a Bath Twice a Week is Fine

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher sparked debate when they revealed they only wash their children when they can “see dirt,” but experts say they're relaxed approach to personal hygiene is perfectly acceptable. While there are stricter rules on when and how babies and toddlers should be bathed, it matters far less once children reach elementary school. They even suggest that parents should bathe their children a minimum of twice a week, although “common sense” should prevail. The American Academy of Dermatology Association states children between 6 and 11 only need to be bathed a minimum of "once or twice" a week, although washing them more won't do them any harm. Obviously if you see dirt on your child you should bathe them. The comments have sparked a debate online, with people split over how often children should be bathed. One mother tweeted, “I'm with them on this. Bathing two little kids everyday is a lot of work. Plus it can really dry out their skin. If they spend the day outside in the dirt then they need a bath, crunchy hair bath (sometimes). Pools Also count.” A second agreed, "You don’t need to do everyday unless they’re playing outside in dirt/mud or swimming in lakes/ponds or doing sports. I was in charge of baths when I lived with my younger siblings and they had them every other day maybe every two days unless I saw they were dirty.” But other parents were horrified, with one saying, "I bathed four kids every day. Every. Day. I worked and didn’t have money like they do to hire help. A lot of work, wtf!? That’s your job as a parent to keep your children clean.’” Children 6 to 11 should be bathed when they get dirty through play or sport, have spent time in a pool, lake, ocean or other body of water, or have worked up a sweat or have body odor. Once puberty starts, children should be take daily baths or showers and also wash their face twice a day to remove oil and dirt. A dermatologist and consultant, added regular baths are important because they help remove invisible irritants, but said there is no hard and fast rule on how often children should be bathed.

Saying 'I Do' Will Cost You

Couples want to get hitched quick, in a matter of months or even days, eager to hold their celebrations before the pandemic can cause more delays. This year, marriages are expected to jump by more than 50%, but prices for everything from venues to gowns have skyrocketed. While it's possible to get wedding wear on short notice, at bridal boutique Kleinfeld, rush fees range from 20% to 50% of the dress price. To avoid big tickets, some couples are opting for laid-back styles like backyard nuptials.

The Things Men Didn't Know About Women Until They Lived With Them

On Reddit, a question was posed: what is something you "didn't realize the opposite sex did" until you lived with them. The men's answers were the most shocking: "I never realized just how much blood comes out of a woman on her period until I walked in on my girlfriend taking a shower. I honestly thought she was dying." "Women use a lot of toilet paper. A LOT.” "That decorative pillows are a thing. You carefully choose and purchase them just so you can spend the rest of your life pushing them out of the way, and occasionally cleaning them." "Women are always cold...always. I can be sweating in shorts and a T-shirt, but my S.O. will be wrapped in blankets still." "That women have magically regenerating hair. Otherwise my girlfriend should be bald, judging by the amount of hair she leaves around the apartment." "I was about 19 or 20 when I learned women wipe after they pee. It's not that it didn't make sense to me — I just never had a reason to even consider it as a thing. So I was quite dumbfounded when I saw it happen." "When I first moved in with my girlfriend, I got yelled at for putting 'dirty' clothes with my clean ones. I was totally under the impression I could wear that shirt like two more times." "I had no clue I loaded the dishwasher wrong."

Spouses Shared The Hysterically Random Things They Learned About Their Partner After Getting Married

"I learned that my husband holds his balls when he sleeps — almost all night. If he's sleeping on his stomach or side, he doesn't, but as soon as he lies on his back, he holds on tightly, like they're gonna run away or something. It cracks me up!" —Brianna Pelluso, Facebook "My husband sleepwalks. He doesn't do anything dangerous, but he does often pee in the dog's water bowl! Luckily, I always hear it and get the dog a new bowl for the night." —Breana Gorum, Facebook "My wife makes sex noises while she sleeps. I didn't tell her about it until after she went on a weekend trip with her friends and they said something about it." —u/SargeOsis "When we first moved in together, I learned that my husband sits down to pee. I thought it was weird, until he explained that he had four sisters. At least I never have to worry about dribbles or the seat being left up!" —Karyn Green, Facebook "I learned that my husband only eats his cereal out of glasses — he refuses to eat it out of a bowl. Soup, salad, whatever else, is fine in a bowl. But cereal? Nope, he needs a glass." —Liz Anne, Facebook "My husband turns on the shower while he poops — not to shower afterward, just because he 'likes the steam.'" —jessc414327d83 "He eats THE ENTIRE APPLE — the core, stem, seeds, everything!" —Ava Stevens, Facebook "I learned that my fiancé runs in his sleep. As in SPRINTING!" —Darcy Caldwell, Facebook "He chews bubble gum for 30 seconds, then swallows it. He'll do it with 10–20 pieces of gum back-to-back — chews them, then swallows them like they're Skittles!" —Shena Carpenter, Facebook "I learned that my wife likes to pee in the shower...when I'm in the shower with her." —u/_UpVotes_ "I was friends with my husband for 16 years before we got engaged and moved in together. That's when I found out that he insists on sleeping fully clothed. Not in, like, a T-shirt and pajama bottoms — in his friggin' jeans, shirt, and even his shoes!" —u/Rigelian417

Animals That Kill The Most Humans Per Year

Google, Facebook, and Netflix Tells Workers Vaccinations are Required

Those who are unvaccinated and want to continue working at Netflix, Facebook or Google, will need to get the shot. All three companies are making it mandatory. Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, reportedly sent an email to employees, saying they were delaying their full office return to October 18, due to the recent Delta spikes. He also noted, however, that anyone coming back to work in the office after that would have to be inoculated, and show proof. Facebook came out and said they'd be doing the same, saying that employees looking to come work at U.S. offices going forward would need to prove they've gotten a shot. Netflix told their in-house production teams and partners that folks working in "Zone A”, which is the actors and those in close proximity to them, would be required to get the vaccine.

COVID-19 School Shutdowns Have Left Students FIVE Months Behind in Math And FOUR Months Behind In Reading By The End Of Academic Year

COVID school shutdowns have left K-12 students five-months behind in math and four-months behind in reading by the end of the school year. At the start of the 2020–21 school year in the fall, only around 40% of K–12 students had access to any in-person learning. By the end of the school year, 98% of students had access to at least some in-person teaching. But researchers say the damage to students' learning had already been done. They found that students this year were around 10 points behind in math and nine points behind in reading, compared to where similar students were in previous years.

NFL: Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, Opens Up About Standoff with Front Office

Aaron Rodgers is back in Green Bay and he offered some insight into his months-long standoff with the Packers and what ultimately led him to question if he might be done with football altogether. He spoke during a press conference with reporters on the first day of training camp about his decision to skip out on voluntary OTA’s and minicamp during a dispute with the Packers’ front office. Rodgers said, “I think it was a lot of things that transpired. This wasn’t a draft day thing. Started the conversation in February after the season ended and I just expressed my desire to be more involved in conversations that directly affected my job." Rodgers has long disputed assumptions that he took issue with the organization after the drafting of backup quarterback Jordan Love in 2020. He went on to explain that the issue stemmed from his desire to take on more of a recruiting role and the Packers’ decision not to utilize him. He also said, “I think we can all understand Green Bay isn’t a huge vacation destination. People are coming here to play with me, to play with our team and knowing that they can win a championship here and the fact that I haven’t been used in those discussions is what I wanted to change moving forward.” Rodgers said nothing changed at that point and was offered money as a way to appease him to which he replied, "it wasn’t about the money. To me, it was bigger than this. It was about trying to be a resource for the organization that I care about and love so much." Rodgers confirmed that another issue plaguing his decision to skip out on training was the Packers not being able to keep players he felt like were “core players” to the foundation and to the locker room. He added that he even considered retiring, but he still want to be on the football team. Rodgers said that both sides were able to get "some things figured out in the last few days" which seems in line with comments made earlier in the day by general manager Brian Gutekunst who told reporters that the Rodgers has "earned a place at the table."

Screentime Can Make You Feel Sick. Experts Call it Cybersickness

Do you ever feel dizzy or nauseous after looking at your phone? They’re symptoms of a condition called cybersickness. Cybersickness refers to a cluster of symptoms that occur in the absence of physical motion, similar to motion sickness. These symptoms fall into three categories: nausea, oculomotor issues and general disorientation. Oculomotor symptoms, like eye strain, fatigue and headaches, involve overworking the nerve that controls eye movement. Disorientation can manifest as dizziness and vertigo. People can experience symptoms of cybersickness through everyday devices like computers, phones and TV. For example, parallax scrolling on websites, where a background image remains static while foreground content moves as you scroll, can cause these symptoms. Everyday technology design can trigger a conflict between visual perception and physical experience. Cybersickness symptoms tend to be more intense with virtual reality and augmented reality. If you are struggling with cybersickness symptoms, Blue light glasses are designed to block out some of the blue light waves emitted by your device screen that can lead to eye strain and sleep irregularities.

Sarah Silverman to Host TBS’ ‘Stupid Pet Tricks,’ Based on Iconic David Letterman Segment

David Letterman’s iconic “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment is being revived as its own TV show, hosted by Sarah Silverman on TBS. The network ordered the series, called “Stupid Pet Tricks,” for 10 half-hour episodes. Production will begin in Los Angeles later this year. Each episode will feature pets performing the most ridiculous and impressive tricks on a studio stage for a live audience. Filled with comedic bits, games and surprise celebrity guests, the series each week will crown one pet parent and their furry (or scaly) friend with the “Stupidest Trick of the Week.” Letterman hosted the segment for three decades on NBC’s “Late Night” and CBS’ “Late Show.”

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Aaron Rodgers Speaks About Rift With Packers

  1. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media following the team's first practice of training camp.

Matt Damon Jokes About Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez

  1. Matt Damon joked about his friend Ben Affleck getting back together with Jennifer Lopez, "I wish them nothing but hardship..."

Britney Spears' ex-manager Sam Lutfi releases 2009 voicemails

  1. Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi - who her parents claimed exploited her during her mental breakdown - hasjust released four voicemail messages he says she left him in the years after her conservatorship was put in place, begging for his help to undo it and telling him she feared her dad would take her kids away. Here are the voicemails.

Lucy Liu Describes Verbal Abuse From Bill Murray

  1. Lucy Liu says Bill Murray allegedly made “inexcusable and unacceptable” comments directed at her on the set of 'Charlie’s Angels.'

  2. Lucy says she's seen Murray since then and has no problem with him, she knew that in the moment, she needed to stand up for herself.

ZZ Top Bassis Dusty Hill Dies At 72

  1. Dusty Hill's singing helped the group score one of their first big hit singles, "Tush".

  2. In 2019, Dusty Hill told an interviewer that he couldn't ever see himself retiring from music.


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