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Content for Thursday, August 26

PARENTING: Research Reveals The Best Age To Have A Baby If You Want A Smart Kid

Women who give birth in their 30s have smarter kids. Researchers studied 18,000 kids and their reading, thinking, and remembering skills were tested when they were 10 or 11-years-old. They found kids whose mothers gave birth to them when they were in their 30s performed better on the tests. The researchers say this is likely because 30-something moms are able to provide their kids with more resources and attention as they are already settled in their jobs.

A Married Couple Sent A $240 Invoice To A ‘No-Show’ Wedding Guest And Sparked An Incredibly Heated Debate

A married couple sent a $240 invoice to a guest who didn’t show up to their destination wedding in Jamaica and it sparked a big debate on social media. The guest RSVP’d to the wedding and said they were bringing a date. But the guest and their date never showed up… leading to the couple sending the guest the $240 invoice to pay for the two dinners. Some thought it was wrong for them to send the invoice, including one person who wrote, “I would send it back with some version of 'Good luck trying to collect.' A contract is not formed when you RSVP for a wedding.” But others liked the idea. One person wrote, “$240 is a lot to waste. …if there’s not proper excuse for not showing, they owe them people lol.”

14 Things A Husband Should Never Say To His Wife (Under Any Circumstance!)

1. “You don't make me happy.” Although this is actually correct for another reason (your happiness is a product of your thoughts), this is still a poor choice of words. That’s like blaming your wife because you can’t remember your email password. Instead, tell her you’re struggling to feel happiness in your life right now. 2. “I never thought we'd be married this long.” You will open either a can of worms with this statement or a can of whoop-ass. There really is no way to come back from this statement. And, honestly, there’s no way anyone can help you with this. 3. “You've changed.” You wanna know who else changed? You! The preferred term is “evolved.” In a marriage, you’re both supposed to evolve. Instead, tell her specifically what is troubling you in the marriage so that the marriage can evolve in a healthy way. 4. “________’s wife allows him to _______.” Although this may have worked as a kid with your mother, your wife isn’t your mother. If you don’t want to be treated like a kid in your marriage, statements like this won’t help you. Instead of your passive-aggressive approach of comparing her to another woman, just keep the focus on what you want. 5. “If you really love me, you'd _______.” And if you really loved her, you wouldn’t start a sentence with this at all. Marriage is not a game of manipulation to get what you want. This statement is the gateway to your, “I’m lonely and unlovable” thinking. Instead, simply tell her how much ________ really means to you. 6. “You knew how I was when we first met.” Nothing says, “I’m not going to accommodate to your evolving needs” like this statement. In fact, why not just tell her, “Take it or leave it.” If you really aren’t trying to lose her, listen with the intent to learn how you can love her more effectively. 7. “No. I will not go to counseling with you.” Your refusal to go implies you don’t love her enough nor is the marriage a high enough priority for you to go. Marriage counseling is not about how wrong you all are; it’s about helping you both find what works. 8. “I'm only with you for the kids.” Somehow you must have forgotten that the kids you share are there partly because of her. Here’s a question: Since you don’t care about her, what messages should your children get about marriage from this? Not only do you hurt your wife with that belief, but your children could also suffer in the long run, as well. 9. "Get out!” This is only OK if there’s some crisis situation (i.e. house on fire, a tree fell on the house, car stalls on the railroad tracks, etc.). Outside of that, you’re being a bully. And she didn’t sign up to be bullied. Besides, whatever the issue(s) may be at that time won’t get resolved because you kicked her out of you all’s home. Instead, call for a “time out” so you both can cool off. And if either of you wants to go outside or leave, then you’re both free to do that. 10. “Your family is crazy." Be careful talking negatively about the people that either raised her (adults in her childhood) or she grew up with (i.e. siblings, cousins, etc.). It’s like an unwritten rule that it’s always OK for her to say it, but there may be times when you say it that just might spark an argument. Therefore, never agree nor do you ever say it, period. 11. “I'm not perfect.” Newsflash: No one is! Let’s not insult her intelligence. Furthermore, you are also implying that whatever you may have done to upset her is because her standards are too high (perfection). Instead of using this phrase, let’s try something like, “I’m sorry for ______.” Take ownership of what you did and see how it can diffuse the situation. 12. “You're just like _______.” Please don’t compare your wife to another woman or her mother. This phrase is often used in a negative context, so you are actually giving an insult to someone else and your wife. It’s even worse if she also thinks negatively of the other person. Just stick to the concerns you have about her alone. 13. “It's not a big deal.” If she says it’s an issue, it’s an issue. Address it now or hear about it forever. If you don’t address it, eventually you’ll be hearing, “I don’t care,” or “Do whatever you want.” 14. “It’s cheaper to keep you.” You’re talking to your wife, not making a decision on whether you should trade in your old car. To utter those words simply says you value money over her. Great! So now she knows she’s not a top priority, and money is superior to her. Or perhaps you are challenging her to show you just how expensive losing her can be. Please erase this phrase from your vocabulary.

Porn is BACK! OnlyFans Cancels their Content Ban

OnlyFans announced that it's reversing its proposal to ban sexually explicit material. Last Thursday, OnlyFans said the change was needed due to limitations imposed by "banking partners and payout providers.” CEO Tim Stokely said: ”We pay over 1 million creators over $300 million every month, and making sure that these funds get to creators involves using the banking sector," but BNY Mellon, for instance, "flagged and rejected" every wire tied to OnlyFans when acting as an intermediary between OnlyFans' bank and the banks used by its creators, "making it difficult" to pay them. Yesterday, OnlyFans tweeted, "We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change. OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.”

TikTok Issues Warning Against Milk Crate Challenge

TikTok is issuing a warning regarding the Milk Crate Challenge due to growing reports of injuries sustained while participating in the viral trend. The challenge — which sees people climbing up and down an unsecured pyramid made out of milk crates, often ending in a catastrophic fall — gained popularity on the social media platform earlier in August. In a statement on Wednesday, a TikTok spokesperson says that the app "prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts, and we remove videos and redirect searches to our Community Guidelines to discourage such content." "We encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior whether online or of." TikTok's statement about the Milk Crate Challenge comes as doctors and health officials are issuing warnings of their own over its potential dangers. The Baltimore City Health Department tweeted, "With COVID-19 hospitalizations rising around the country, please check with your local hospital to see if they have a bed available for you, before attempting the #milkcratechallenge." And some hospitals are already seeing injuries associated with the Milk Crate Challenge. In Dallas, a woman injured herself while taking part in the risky viral trend. An Atlanta-area medical worker saw on Sunday at least two people who had broken or fractured bones after falling of the crates.

Teens Rank the Nine Biggest Threats They Are Facing

Teenagers have ranked the nine greatest threats to their generation in a new Washington Post-Ipsos poll. The national survey of 1,349 teens aged 14 to 18, asked each person how they ranked the nine greatest threats. The findings include the percentage of respondents who viewed each as a major threat, minor threat, or not a threat:

Your Employer Could Charge You More For Health Insurance If You're Unvaccinated

Some employers aren’t mandating workers get the COVID vaccine, but are considering a surcharge for unvaccinated workers. A law firm says they have received multiple inquiries from companies about the possibility of charging unvaccinated employees more for health insurance, usually in the form of an annual fee. The law firm says extra surcharges for risky health decisions aren't new and they're actually legal. Employers hope that charging a fee for remaining unvaccinated will encourage more people to get the shot, reducing the risk of serious symptoms from the virus and some transmission.

Florida Doc Fired For Charging $50 For Letters Exempting Students From Mask Mandate

A doctor at a Florida hospital was fired for offering to sell medical letters to parents that would exempt their children from a recently-passed school mask mandate. Dr. Brian Warden promoted the offer in an online post following the mask directive for Leon County students from grades K-8 that went into effect Sunday. Warden said he was charging $50 for an opt-out letter on signed stationary. News of his offer spread across social media, leading to calls for him to be fired from his contracted position with Capital Regional Medical Center, where he was an emergency room physician. The hospital subsequently cut ties with him. He defended his action in a Facebook post, arguing he was acting independently as a licensed medical doctor.

OPINION: "Tattoos Are So Common Now That It's More Rebellious to Stay Tattoo-Free"

Reddit user u/schleima writes: "Where I grew up, tattoos were something you acquired to differentiate yourself from your parents or to rebel against them. "I have to wonder how my 20 month old daughter will see tattoos as she grows up, now that it is so common for parent-aged people to have tattoos. "Maybe now the rebellious (or countercultural) move will be to choose not to be like all the uncool adults?" Replies include: "Exactly why I don't have a tattoo. I'm a rebel." "Tattoos just seem like a really short sighted decision to me." "I am a grown ass man with funshine bear tattooed on my bicept because my mother used to collect figurines of it, she absolutely loved care bears and especially funshine. She passed when I was 17 and I wanted to get something to remind me of her, but didn't want the generic (heart emoji) MOM tattoo, because she was unique and my mom, and I wanted something unique she would have loved to see on me. "... Anyway, get something that will remind you or something or someone that's personally close to you, would be my advice...." "I've just never believed in anything strongly enough to get it tattooed on my body. It has nothing to do with rebellion, it just doesn't seem worth it." "My father used to tell me never to get tattoos, because you don't want any distinguishing marks.. You never know what's going to happen. He wasn't wrong."

Dunkin' To Release 3 New Beers Brewed With Actual Coffee And Donuts

Dunkin' is releasing three new beers that are brewed with actual coffee and donuts. The donut chain teamed up with Harpoon Brewery to create the beers. Harpoon Dunkin' Blueberry Matcha IPA, Harpoon Dunkin' Maple Crème Blonde Ale and Harpoon Dunkin' Midnight American Porterare set to hit stores in September. Each beer is created by infusing coffee, donuts or matcha tea from Dunkin' into the Harpoon brew. The popular Dunkin' Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ale is also coming back next month (September).

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