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Content for Thursday, August 19

Nearly Half of Parents Aren’t Prepared for their Kids to Go Back to In-Person Learning

Moms and dads are not prepared for their kids to go back to in-person learning. A new study of 2,000 American parents found that half say their kid’s pricey supply list gives them anxiety (51%). Two-thirds think back-to-school season will be more expensive than last year. Parents anticipate spending a few dollars more on school supplies than clothes ($225 vs. $217) this fall. Half of parents also expect to spend more on technology for their kid’s education this year compared to last (51%). However, the items making most school supply lists for the first time ever this year are face masks and hand sanitizer (both at 47%). Nearly half of parents believe they aren’t prepared for their kids to return to in-person learning (47%).

Are You Aromantic? It’s the Latest ‘Orientation’ in Relationships -- (glorified 'friends with benefits'?)

Depending on how you identify, you can experience a full range of different connections in a relationship. While some people might dream of having a romantic relationship, others might not want to have one at all. Those who don't want a romantic relationship may identify as aromantic, an orientation that still involves love, feelings, and relationships. In a TikTok video, a woman summed it up: "Basically, I don't have a desire to have a romantic relationship." Aromantic people can still have a desire for sexual interactions, just not romantic ones. She said: ”I actually have kids, my best friend lives with me, I'm not alone." She explained that she still loves people, just not romantically.

Woman Announces She's Engaged To Her STEPBROTHER-- At Her 21st Birthday Party

A woman took to Reddit to reveal that her younger sister is engaged to her stepbrother. The 23-year-old woman wrote that she and her 21-year-old sister grew up with the stepbrother when their parents got together, adding that he “bullied me especially because how weak and thin I was.” She went on to explain how he would bully her at home and high-school and even got her friends to turn against her by “spreading rumors and lies.” Turns out, her sister and stepbrother have secretly been dating and announced their engagement on her birthday. The woman added that she’s furious about the engagement, and their family doesn’t support of the relationship.

Teens Are Drinking Half a Gallon of Pineapple Juice Before Having Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

A 21-year-old nursing student shared a hack she learned to limit next-day swelling and pain from wisdom teeth removal. The TikTok video already has over 22.8 million views. In the video, she explains that she was inspired to drink 64 ounces of pineapple juice before her upcoming wisdom teeth removal surgery after watching another TikTok user document their journey in a similarly viral clip. She also refrained from eating or drinking after midnight the day before her surgery, as instructed by her dental surgeon. The nursing student documented each day after her surgery and she had swelling, but nothing noticeable. After sharing her journey, she followed up to clarify that her wisdom teeth removal was more of a textbook case with no previous pain or underlying issues, which may have added to the ease of her recovery. According to a doctor of dental medicine, “Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain, which triggers your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. So, it’s a great food to eat following injuries that include swelling. Eating pineapple before extractions or drinking the juice afterwards gives your body a nice, little boost to recover.” However, the doctor did say you have to watch how much you consume because pineapple juice can cause “diarrhea, skin rash, and other side effects.”

The Biggest Movie Stars’ Salaries

Daniel Craig topped Variety's list of the biggest movie star salaries topping $100 million. The list, published Wednesday, includes 17 of the highest recent film star salaries and shows other A-listers like Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith and Denzel Washington earning salaries in the mid eight-figures, while Jenifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts were tied for the highest-paid female actors. A heavy contributor to the expanding salaries is the rise of streaming releases, in which stars negotiate for higher up-front payments to make up for tiered payments based on theatrical ticket sales. Craig is joining the Netflix fold after the streaming service acquired a second and third film in the "Knives Out" series, which began with the acclaimed 2019 film. Netflix is reportedly shelling out $450 million on two sequels, and the new list indicates that $100 million alone is going to Craig for starring in both movies. Dwayne Johnson is being paid $50 million for the Amazon action film "Red One". Most high-profile actors' contracts now have tiered salaries, with multiple bonuses being paid out when their films reach various benchmarks at the box office. Most streaming release have limited theatrical release, or none at all, so actors have to be paid higher salaries up front to entice them. Will Smith's salary for the upcoming biopic "King Richard", about Venus and Serena Williams' father Richard Williams, jumped to $40 million after Warner Bros. decided to release the film simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. Denzel Washington's salary on the serial killer thriller "The Little Things" was also raised to $40 million to include his projected backend payments.

'Leave Britney Alone' Guy Chris Crocker Comes Out As A Transgender Woman Named Cara

Britney Spears superfan Chris Crocker came out as transgender woman named Cara. Crocker went viral in 2007 after she uploaded a video on YouTube of herself crying and screaming “Leave Britney alone!” in defense of her favorite singer. She recently opened up about her transition in a post on Instagram sharing that she is starting hormone replacement therapy this week after years of suffering from gender dysphoria. ** She recently sold the 2007 video as an NFT for more than $43,000 and she plans on using the money to fund her transition.

People Are Suffering From 'Adrenal Fatigue'

'Adrenal fatigue' is affecting people, causing sleep disturbances, chronic tiredness, body aches and sugar or salt cravings. Adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands are overworked through long-term stress and exhaustion, which could lead to hormonal imbalances. Common symptoms of adrenal fatigue can include waking up feeling unrefreshed, lack of energy, body exhaustion, difficulty relaxing, lack of concentration and memory, low mood, anxiety, irritability and weight gain. An expert says making sure your body stays hydrated with water and cutting caffeine consumption are some other simple ways to boost your adrenal health. She also says eating a well-balanced meal and magnesium and B vitamin supplements can also help.

Woman Shouts at 2 Girls Wearing Skimpy Outfits in an Airport

An airplane passenger got into a screaming match with two young women wearing skimpy outfits at the airport. According to a Reddit user who shared the video, the woman sparked the argument when she "yelled at two girls because of how they were dressed.” The woman is facing bitter backlash for “slut-shaming" the two girls, who were both wearing black shorts and tank tops. At one point one of the girls got an applause from the audience of waiting flyers for defending herself and her body. It is unclear what airport this happened or what started the fight between the two women. ***WARNING NSFW: LANGUAGE***

(DENIED!)... Man in His 40s Asks a 19-year-old Model For Her Number

A 19-year-old Utah model asked men to leave women at the gym alone after a man in his 40s attempted to ask her out on a date while she was stretching. The model was recording her gym session and stretching when an unnamed man went up to her and started hitting on her. She told the man he was “too old” for her and he told her that he was “too rich to go out with her” anyway. Many of her social media followers criticized the man, saying he had a fragile ego and couldn't handle rejection, while others said the model’s comment should make him think twice about asking out younger-looking girls in the future. She shared footage of the awkward interaction with her TikTok followers, issuing a warning to other men in her caption, which simply stated, “Leave women alone!” In a video posted to her YouTube account, the model shared more details about the awkward interaction, revealing that it was the first time she had ever experienced that kind of behavior from someone at the gym.

(Off to a Great Start) -- New ‘Jeopardy’ Host Mike Richards Apologizes for Past Sexist Remarks

“Jeopardy” executive producer and incoming host Mike Richards has apologized for derogatory comments he made about women on a podcast he hosted while also serving as executive producer of “The Price Is Right”. In response to comments he made on “The Randumb Show,” including referring to his co-host a “booth ho,” Richards said “there is no excuse, of course, for the comments I made on this podcast and I am deeply sorry.” He called it “humbling to confront a terribly embarrassing moment of misjudgment, thoughtlessness and insensitivity from nearly a decade ago.” Richards was recently named successor to late “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek. The Ringer found old episodes of “The Randumb Show,” a podcast he hosted from 2013 to 2014 and taped in his office as executive producer of “The Price Is Right.” Richards at one point asks his female assistant and his female co-host whether they had ever taken nude photos, or in his words, “booby pictures.” In one episode, he calls his co-host a “booth ho.” In his statement, Richards said that the podcast “was intended to be a series of irreverent conversations between longtime friends who had a history of joking around.” He said his attempts to be funny and provocative were not acceptable and that he has removed the episodes, pledging to live up to his obligations as a role model. Richards was also accused of pregnancy discrimination in two complaints filed by former “Price Is Right” models. He was accused of making insensitive statements and taking other questionable actions around models on the show who became pregnant.

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Cheating Boyfriend Busted After Talking In His Sleep

  1. TikTok user Bailey recently how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. She grew suspicious when he began "sleep - talking" and saying another woman's first and last name. Bailey contacted the woman on Facebook and confirmed that she was being cheated on.

White House Recommends COVID Vaccine Booster Shot

  1. CDC Director Doctor Rochelle Walensky and Jeff Zients of the White House's COVID-19 Task Force talked about the recommendation.

Baseball Analyst Suspended For Offensive Comments On T.V.

  1. Jack Morris has been suspended indefinitely as a Detroit Tigers' on-air analyst. When Angels star Shohei Ohtani stepped up to the plate Tuesday night against the Tigers, Morris tried to be funny on the broadcast by using an accent. Here are Morris' comments that got him suspended. (Preview before airing)

  2. Later in the game, Morris delivered this apology on T.V.

'Karen' Yells At Two Women About Their Skimpy Outfits At An Airport

  1. The woman - who was understood to have been waiting to board a flight to Atlanta - started the fight when she 'yelled at two girls because of how they were dressed'.

Awkward moment man in his 40s asks a 19-year-old model for her number

  1. Avrey shared the video of the interaction on TikTok, and told the man he was 'too old' for her, he snapped back that he was 'too rich to go out with her' anyway. (Audio not the best quality)


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