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Content for Thursday, August 12

HOW MUCH Did It Cost To Deliver A Baby... In 1955?

Social media users were shocked by how much it cost to deliver a baby in 1955. A photo shared on Reddit is suggesting the cost of delivering a child and a three-night hospital stay in Belleville, Kansas was less than $60. The room and board and nursing service section is marked as costing $27 while the delivery room is marked at $15, infant care at $6, drugs and medicine at $11.95. One Reddit user wrote "Haha my kid cost [$12,500], thank god for insurance…." while another wrote "C-section here. $40k”.

When it Comes to Revenge, Most People Like to Strike Right Away

Despite the Hollywood depiction of people savoring sweet revenge after months or years of plotting, a study from Virginia Commonwealth University found people would rather choose to retaliate straight away. Across six experiments, 58 percent of participants preferred to take immediate revenge, even if it meant dealing a lesser blow to an enemy. Most of the 1,500 volunteers also chose to take quick revenge over receiving money. Researchers said that people believe they need to take revenge immediately to teach others a lesson. The research leader said: “Our findings suggest that people prefer a ‘hot-and-ready’ form of revenge, instead of a cold, calculated and delayed approach to vengeance.”

HUSBAND of the YEAR Rents Out A Movie Theater To Surprise His Wife With A Showing Of Their Long-Lost Wedding Video

A man in Oregon rented out a movie theater to surprise his wife with a showing of their long-lost wedding video on their 14th anniversary after it was found at their church. For years, the couple thought their wedding video was lost forever. When they tried to get the footage digitized as a DVD shortly after their July 20, 2007 ceremony, they were told the tape was blank. But recently a friend called the man after he found the wedding tape at their church. The man kept the news secret for two-months and waited for their 14th anniversary to rent out a movie theater to play the video for his wife. He filmed her reaction, and as soon as she realized what was playing, she put her hand on her husband's arm. She then covered her face with her hands in surprise as tears welled up in her eyes.

OnlyFans Model Says Naked Videos are what ‘God wants her to do’

A self-proclaimed Christian OnlyFans model, Nita Marie, says stripping for strangers online is what “God wants me to do.” She said, “I asked God if I should continue stripping off and the answer was always yes.” She believes it’s her divine mission to empower other women to embrace their sexuality. The model has 953,000 followers and earns $1.8 million a year. She said Christianity has suppressed women’s sexuality from the beginning, but she believes this is not what God intended. To her, God gave her sexuality as a gift to share with others. She is writing a book about religion and sexuality to be published in 2022.

A Physical Therapist Says Women Shouldn't Pee in the Shower

A certified pelvic floor physical therapist with a doctorate in physical therapy, says women should NOT pee in the shower. One of the first reasons she cited is that peeing in the presence of running water can actually lead to a psychological effect where you associate the sound of running water with the urge to pee. She said, ”This can often transition into being triggered by other sounds of running water (like when you're running the faucet to wash your hands or the dishes) or when you're in bodies of water. For some, this may just be an annoyance, but for people with any kind of pelvic floor dysfunction, this could contribute to urge incontinence or leaking." She also mentioned that a woman’s pelvic anatomy simply isn't built for peeing in the shower, standing up. She said, ”From a pelvic floor perspective, the position for peeing in the shower in not conducive to pelvic floor relaxation. Men have the prostate to support the bladder, which makes standing to urinate okay, but women do not have the same level of support for the bladder.” She said, if you must pee in the shower, make sure you squat all the way down in order to relax your pelvic floor.

Jay Leno's Wild Mid-Air Stunt! Daredevil Comedy Legend Climbs Out Of The Nose Of A PLANE Flying 147mph And Puts On A Show For His Pilot Friends

Jay Leno climbed out of the nose of a plane as it was up in the air flying over the water off the coast of Los Angeles. Video posted on Instagram shows the comedian climbing out of a special hatch on the nose of a Grumman HU-16 Albatross airplane while cruising at 147 mph. Leno said he wasn't harnessed at all when he stuck his head out, though the majority of his body was enclosed within the plane. He joked that it was “just for kicks” and he was “being stupid.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Announces the Show’s Permanent Hosts

The executives at 'Jeopardy!' have decided it will take more than one new permanent host to replace Alex Trebek. After months of guest hosts, game show veteran Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik, former star of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, have been named as the new hosts. Richards, who became the show's executive producer last year, will be the regular host; and Bialik will host prime-time specials and a possible spinoff. A group of senior execs said they "poured over footage from every episode, reviewed research from multiple panels and focus groups, and got valuable input from our key partners and Jeopardy! viewers.” Richards will remain executive producer.

Study: Pfizer Vaccine was Only 42 Percent Effective in July

A new study is grabbing the attention of top White House officials. The study found the Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective against infection in July, when the Delta variant was dominant. The study compared the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the Mayo Clinic Health System over time from January to July.

  • Overall, it found that the Moderna vaccine was 86% effective against infection over the study period, and Pfizer's was 76%. Moderna's vaccine was 92% effective against hospitalization and Pfizer's was 85%.

  • But the vaccines' effectiveness against infection dropped sharply in July, when the Delta variant's prevalence had risen to over 70%.

  • Moderna was 76% effective against infection, and Pfizer was only 42% effective.

  • The study found similar results in other states. For example, in Florida, the risk of infection in July for people fully vaccinated with Moderna was about 60% lower than for people fully vaccinated with Pfizer.

The study notes that there doesn't appear to be much of a difference in complications stemming from breakthrough infections based on which vaccine someone got. Experts cautioned against rushing to conclusions based on the study, which still needs to be peer-reviewed.

(What A Way To "GO")... Three Brothers Die After Passing Out in Manure Pit

Three brothers died after passing out inside a manure pit at a farm in western Ohio. At the time of the Tuesday afternoon accident, the brothers were performing maintenance on a pump inside the storage pit. Manure pits are known to produce a wide range of toxic gases. When firefighters arrived at the livestock operation, all three men were unconscious in the pit. First responders used ropes and ladders to pull the men out. Two were transported to an area hospital and one was taken to a hospital in Fort Wayne. Despite life-saving efforts, all three brothers died.

People Who Have Competed In or Worked On Game Shows Spill Their Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

BuzzFeed and Reddit recently asked people who have competed on game shows to tell us all about their time on set. Both forums were filled with fascinating behind-the-scenes stories. Here are some of the most interesting: 1. "I'm a film carpenter, and I worked on Big Brother. The 'house' is actually inside of a huge warehouse. I found it kind of creepy that they silently lead contestants to the game room with a black bag over their head. Also, because of the camera alleys, anyone working on the show can just wander behind the walls and watch the contestants in any room. I will never understand why people apply to be on that show. It looks stressful AF!" 2. "I was in the audience at a Food Network taping, and Iron Chef America really is a 60-minute competition. That's not fudged. The judging, on the other hand, takes forever." 3. "My husband and I were on Ellen’s Game of Games! It was during COVID-19, so we were flown out and quarantined in a hotel that only hosted the other contestants. They filmed the entire season in two weeks. You film your first game, and if you win and continue on, you finish filming the finale on another day and they piece together the episode during editing. They gave us money for food every day, and we were COVID-tested all the time. Her staff was the BEST. They are just the coolest people. They made us feel like movie stars. We were actually even given our own trailers to hang out in on filming days. Ellen herself was also lovely. She chatted with us before and after filming. It was a very surreal experience!" 4. "I was on Wheel of Fortune for College Week back in 2008. You don't realize it while you're just watching from home, but the order you stand in really does matter. You draw numbers backstage to decide if you will be standing on one of the edge positions or in the middle. I ended up in the middle, which is actually the worst place to be. The middle person is usually spinning the wheel the most and constantly guessing. You would think that would be good, but the other contestants to my left and right had all of that extra time to study the clue, and if I ever missed a letter, they would jump in and solve the puzzle. Long story short, you don't want to be the person in the middle!" 5. "I was on Cash Cab. You can't just hail a cab in New York and find the Cash Cab that way. There is a vetting process, but you don't know you are going to be on the show, so the reaction is genuine. Also, there is a lot of awkward silent time while Ben Bailey is listening to the producer in his ear. There is a cameraman riding shotgun unseen on TV. The money he gives is prop money for TV. They mail you a check after the show airs. Ben was genuinely a nice guy." 6. "For Jeopardy, they tape five episodes a day, two days a week. Twelve contestants show up for the taping day: the returning champion from the previous week, enough challengers to fill in the first four episodes, another challenger for the Friday episode, and two 'alternates' in case something happens. The alternates tend to be locals from the LA area in case they have to come back later. Before the final taping, if the two alternates haven’t gotten to appear, one of them is randomly chosen to be the second challenger on the Friday show. The one who isn’t chosen is invited to come back for a future taping. During the tapings, the rest of the 'week’s' contestants sit in the front few rows to the right of the studio audience. In the middle of the day (after the third taping), remaining contestants are sequestered and treated to lunch at the studio commissary. If you’re done playing, you’re expected to leave." 7. "I was a winner on The Price Is Right. After the show, you’re taken into a small room where you do paperwork. Some of the items that I won onscreen (iPads, movie tickets, and snacks for a year) were instead awarded as the cash equivalent. I had no say in the matter. Also, contrary to popular belief, a contestant does not have the option to request money instead of specific prizes. The only choice you have is to outright decline any of the prizes. Also, winners of CBS game shows are not permitted to be contestants on CBS game shows for 10 years. Former winners from The Price Is Right may still attend a taping, but a big diagonal line is drawn through their name on their name tag." 8. "I was on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and it's all scripted. The filming took half a day for only 30 minutes of television. When you win the intro round, you are taken to get your makeup on, and then they instruct you on how to act when you celebrate. The reason the audience is so completely useless (and why so many press obviously incorrect answers) is because about 30% of the audience is friends or family of the other seven contestants who are waiting for their turn. We spent two days in the studio, and if the initial contestant loses, the others get their chance. If one contestant goes far and takes a lot of time, no one else gets a chance, so the audience gives wrong answers on purpose." 9. ”I auditioned for The X Factor. Before you audition for the celebrity judges, you are seen by some off-camera judges. So every terrible and horrible singer you see on the show has already been told they are better than the many talented ones who weren't deemed 'TV worthy.'" 10. "I was on Wheel of Fortune. You have to get there at 5 a.m., and then you draw straws with other contestants to decide when you will film. They film the entire week of episodes in one day. Pat Sajak is incredibly friendly and interacted with us on every break. The wheel is HEAVY!" 11. "The green slime at Nickelodeon tastes like pineapple." 12. "I was a contestant on $25,000 Pyramid with Dick Clark in 1987. What an experience! Great staff and great celebrity partners! I won $11,000 and a trip to Hawaii! I even kept in touch with Dick and his wife after the show because, coincidentally, a neighbor of mine who was suffering from ill health was a former secretary for Dick. It was an experience I'll never forget!"

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Video Shows Hunter Biden Telling Prostitute That His Laptop Was Stolen (content warning!)

  1. Hunter Biden claimed Russians stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Las Vegas hotel room, reports. The alleged incident would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers. The third laptop still appears to be missing, and taken by Russian drug dealers after they partied with Hunter in Vegas, he told a prostitute in a conversation caught on camera.

'Jeopardy!' Has Two New Hosts

  1. 'Jeopardy! revealed that the show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, will host the show daily, and Mayim Bialik will host specials and spinoff series. Bialik shared the news.

  2. Bialik spoke to Levar Burton fans, who were very vocal in wanting him to get the job.

'Screw Your Freedom'

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a message for Americans who argue that face masks compromise their rights: "Screw your freedom."

Bigfoot Birthday Surprise Freaks Out 6-Year Olds

  1. A mother in Oklahoma who hired a person in a bigfoot costume, wearing a tutu, for her daughter’s sixth birthday party has gone viral on TikTok when the children were freaked out by the appearance. All the kids screamed in terror and ran away. The parents were filming when the "guest of honor" showed up.


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