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Content for Monday, Sept 20

This Is The Filthiest Part Of Your Bathroom…

The filthiest part of your bathroom is the spot where you hang your towels. Researchers used color-changing swabs to measure bacteria levels of the different spots in bathrooms. They found that 60% of towel rails and radiators were deemed really dirty compared just 10% of toilets. And sink plugholes were the next dirtiest place in a bathroom with 50% of drains classifying as really dirty.

Rich People are Counting Their Antibodies ‘Like Calories’

Antibody testing on a monthly or regular basis has become a common practice among nervous rich people. One 46-year-old woman who checks her antibodies said: “A lot of my patients and some of my friends are counting their antibodies. It’s the Upper East Side, the Hamptons circles. It’s like dinner conversation at this point. It almost feels like counting calories.” Medical concierge services have started offering antibody tests as a perk to clients. An upscale health care practice in Beverly Hills has set up a drive-through where clients, including celebrities and Hollywood executives, can get tested without getting out of their cars. A professor of bioethics at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine is concerned about the overuse of antibody tests. He said: “There are no agreed upon antibody levels.” Some people check their antibodies because they are immunocompromised or are living with high-risk individuals. Others do it for peace of mind before taking an international flight or attending a gala. Patients who get a low antibody count may decide to change their behaviors. Some may opt to get a booster shot. Getting an antibody test is a relatively easy procedure. Blood, drawn through a finger prick or through a vein, is screened for antibody proteins. The F.D.A. does not recommend that people use antibody tests to gauge immunity. One doctor said, “It can give you a false sense of security.” He is also concerned that people might use their antibody count as an excuse to skip a booster vaccination when the time comes.

(How LAZY Have We Become?) Heinz Now Selling Portable Contraption To Squeeze Ketchup Out Of Packets

Heinz rolled out The Heinz Packet Roller, a contraption specifically designed to extract all of the tomato-based condiment (and others) out of the plastic packets. The device is shaped like a tiny Heinz ketchup bottle attached with a metal loop for fitting on a keychain. You can simply insert the closed end of your ketchup packet into the slot on one side of the Packet Roller and then pull it out the other side. As the packet slides through, the condiment will be conveniently forced out the open end. Heinz’s brand director Ashleigh Gibson said, “We engineered the Heinz Packet Roller to give fans a whole new way to savor their favorite condiment and ensure the last drop never goes to waste again.” The Pittsburgh-headquartered company is selling what it call its “biggest thing in sauce since the packet itself” for $5.70 each through the website

Man Finds Hair Poking Out Of 100-Year-Old Grave

A man in Sacramento was shocked to find a century-old grave with human hair sticking out of it. The man posted video on TikTok of the grave which appears to have human hair coming out of a crack in the stone.

He says ,“There is the person’s hair coming out of the crack” before unleashing a stream of expletives. One user gave an explanation writing “Y’all: this definitely can occur, especially after heavy floods and rain. This can, unfortunately, bring up the bodies.”

2 In 3 Parents Think Their Kids Are Smarter Than They Were Growing Up

Two in three parents think their kids are smarter than they were growing up. Researchers surveyed 2,000 parents with children between ages five and 14. They found 65% think learning was boring when they were kids for many reasons, including not having the option to learn from home and advances in the technology. And 58% of parents think it was difficult for them to stay engaged while learning as a child because of how they were taught in school.

(Once Again)... Logging, Landscaping Most Dangerous Jobs In US

Logging and landscaping are the most dangerous jobs in America. Researchers looked at the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration database for deaths when it comes to specific jobs. They found the risk of death for loggers is more than 30-times higher than for all workers, while tree care workers also encounter hazards at rates far higher than a typical worker.

Coupon Scam Get Woman 12 Years in Prison... in Other News: There's a Coupon Black Market?

A Virginia Beach woman is going to prison for 12 years after she got caught in a massive couponing scam. The woman designed counterfeit coupons at home, complete with product photos and working barcodes. Since coupons are so widely distributed, and don’t have unique barcodes, they’re hard to track. Her husband has also been convicted and sentenced for distributing the fakes. The coupons offered steep discounts, sometimes for more than the value of the item, so that shoppers got money back when buying items. The woman started selling the coupons in 2017 through a network recruited in a coupon clipper Facebook group using the name MasterChef, earning about $400,000—and costing manufacturers about $31 million. She sent the coupons out by mail, accepting payment via PayPal or Bitcoin. One of the coupon enthusiasts recruited in the scam figured out how it worked and reported everything to the authorities.

SF Giants Jumbotron Divorcee Says He's 'Most Eligible Bachelor''

A man whose pal celebrated his divorce with a jumbotron message at a San Francisco Giants game now considers himself “the most eligible bachelor in McCovey Cove now.” Max Blue and his friend, Ryan Faraola, who paid for the message, were both shocked when it went viral last week. The sign on the jumbotron read, “Happy divorce Max. Back in the game!” A reporter for SFGate said she knew Blue’s soon to be ex-wife and that the ex was “cool” with publishing an interview with Max. Max said. “The whole stadium went off cheering. The funniest part is it was preceded by three or four proposals.” Blue married his longtime partner in 2018. They separated in June 2021. He expects the divorce to be final in December.

FCC Gets Complaints Over VMA Performances

Madonna, Teyana Taylor and Normani have triggered complaints to the FCC over their racy performances at the VMAs. The people who launched complaints primarily had two artists in their crosshairs: Normani and Teyana. One complaint read: "This programming was on at 9pm, our children were with us watching TV. We had to make them leave the room during this porno ceremony." A viewer from Tennessee described seeing Normani "move upward until she was able to stick her crotch directly in [Teyana's] face and on the girls lips exhibiting oral sex. This was so extreme and should NEVER have been allowed to be on any TV show.”

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There Is A Lunchable Shortage

  1. Demand for Lunchables is at an all-time high and, The Kraft Heinz Company, says they can't meet all the orders due to supply chain and materials shortages. News report on the story.

Daniel Craig Got Emotional On '007' Set

  1. On the last day of his final 'James Bond' movie, "No Time To Die", Daniel Craig gave a touching speech to the cast and crew.

Hailey Bieber Shoots Down Justin Rumors

  1. Hailey Bieber shot down rumors that her husband, Justin Bieber, mistreats her.

Body Matching Description Of Gabby Petito Found In Wyoming

  1. FBI agent Charles Jones spoke to the media.

  2. Jones says her family has been notified.


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