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Content for Monday, Sept 13

OPINION: "If Women Are Allowed to Wear Skirts or Dresses in a Professional Setting, Men Should Be Allowed to Wear Shorts"

Reddit user u/saaandl writes: "If women are allowed to wear skirts or dresses in a professional setting, men should be allowed to wear shorts." "As a man who sweats more than the average person, I would love to wear shorts in a professional environment. Especially on really hot days, it is almost unbearable for me to wear pants. If women have the option to wear skirts, men should definitely have the option to wear shorts. I don’t understand the expectation to wear pants in every professional setting. Replies include: "I mean just buy yourself a skirt and call it a day." ... "Exactly. Even if you’re straight as an arrow, in this new day and age of enlightened wokeness you could wear a skirt to work and nobody would dare say a damned thing to you about it." "I disagree because I feel like the male alternative is the kilt. Therefore, we should be able to wear kilts Groundskeeper Willie style." "The problem with formality with shorts is that the only ones that are comfortable/breathable aren’t really allowed in working environments. The only options you really have in an office space is something like khaki or 100% cotton twill material, as compared to a pair of Nike ones." "Well they have classy skirts and dresses. We dont really have classy shorts unfortunately." "Same thing for open toed shoes."

College Student Draws Up 17-Page CONTRACT With Her Boyfriend Of Two Weeks

A college student in Atlanta drew up a 17-page “relationship contract” with her boyfriend in which she outlined expectations for their coupling including a “romantic gesture” every two-weeks. The 21-year-old woman had previously been in a toxic relationship and she wanted things to be better this time around. So two-weeks after the pair met on Tinder and decided to be exclusive, they drew up the relationship contract together… where they shared their expectations for one another including boundaries and needs. The contract puts a ban on “ignoring each other” as well as weighing in on who the other should or should not have friendships with. She says the contract has been “a game changer” and “the best thing ever.”

Grocery Prices Are Heading Higher

According to Kroger, grocery prices are headed higher later this year. Inflation is running hotter than they previously anticipated and that expectations are now for prices to rise 2% to 3% over the second half of this year. Kroger will be passing along higher cost to the customer where it makes sense to do so. Half of the price increase is due to soaring prices for beef, pork and poultry. Beef prices have risen 14% this year while pork prices have jumped 12.1%, and poultry prices are higher by 6.6%. The Federal Reserve has said the price increases that have occurred in the wake of COVID-19 are "transitory" and that those pressures will subside as the supply-chain disruptions are resolved. The Biden administration says issues the supply-chain issues caused by COVID-19 and increased demand are only partly to blame. Whether or not the administration’s efforts will rein in price gains remains to be seen. In the meantime, customers looking for savings at the grocery store could opt for private label brands.

Falling Cat Saved at Miami Hurricanes Football Game

A cat somehow got into Hard Rock Stadium for the Miami Hurricanes game on Saturday, and it managed to make the highlight reel. As the cat climbed around, people were trying to grab it. One of the cat's paws became stuck and the kitty was hanging from the facade of the upper deck. Some fans, who always bring a big American flag to the game, saw the cat was about to fall and sprang into action. Along with some other people in the section, they spread the flag out and waited for the cat to fall. It eventually fell to the lower level of the stadium, and right onto the makeshift net. The petrified cat didn’t appear to be hurt. It was picked up and carried away by stadium security workers.

Behind-The-Scenes ‘Jeopardy!’ Facts

1. The show was originally pitched with the title "What's The Question?". However, when a network executive claimed there weren't enough "jeopardies" in the program, the name was changed. 2. Jeopardy! first aired in 1964 with Art Fleming as the host. 3. Alex Trebek took over hosting duties when the daily syndicated version of the show debuted in 1984. 4. Both Jeopardy! hosts died from pancreatic cancer. Art Fleming passed away from the disease in 1995. 5. The creator of Jeopardy!, Merv Griffin, also created Wheel of Fortune. 6. Griffin died in 2007 and his tombstone reads "I will not be right back after this message," a funny nod to his legendary game show history. 7. Alex Trebek and Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak swapped hosting duties on their shows for April Fools' Day in 1997. 8. Thousands apply every year to appear on the show, but only 400 people are chosen. With a 0.4% acceptance rate, it's easier to get accepted to an ivy league university than land a spot on the Jeopardy! stage. 9. Each player films a "hometown howdy." These bite-sized introductory videos air on local affiliate stations to promote the contestant's upcoming appearance. 10. The production team films 5 episodes in just one day. 11. Contestants and game boards are chosen at random to ensure there is no cheating. 12. During commercial breaks, Trebek would answer questions from the audience since he was not permitted to interact with the players. 13. Players are instructed to arrive to the studio with three different outfits because the returning champion will be required to change before filming more games. 14. If you buzz too early, the game will lock you out for multiple seconds. Ken Jennings told Cracked the game is more about reflexes than speed as each contestant needs to wait for the question to be finished before jumping in with an answer. 15. The show forbids contestants from bidding $69 for its sexual connections, $666 for its satanic connections, as well as $14, $88, and $1488 due to their white supremacist associations. 16. Out of 9,200 episodes, only 7 had no winner. 17. There are 8 writers for the show who produce 230 games a season. That’s 14,030 clues.

Woman Gets Locked Inside a Porta-Potty

A woman using a porta-potty in Gallup, New Mexico ended up getting locked in... from the outside. The woman was a local flea market when nature called. She went in to do her business, but never came out. She couldn’t. At first, she thought the door was just jammed, but then she panicked and started yelling for help. A man came by to help – telling her there was a lock on the door. She was eventually freed using a bolt cutter. She said, with stories about “sex trafficking and kidnapping, when I replay everything that happened, I feel that was what was supposed to happen but luckily the guy who was there to save me was probably there at the right time.” She posted about her experience on social media and says she wants people to be aware of their surroundings. She is hoping someone might have seen what happened and will come forward.

Subway Worker Suspended After Fending Off Robber

An employee at a Rockford, Illinois Subway restaurant, who successfully fought off an armed robber, is being punished. The woman was working alone when a man entered and demanded money. The woman said she didn't have any, so the man reportedly tried to take her purse. Fearing for her life, and realizing she was bigger than the attempted thief, she chose to fight. She managed to rip off the man's sweatshirt, take his gun, then hit him in the head with it. When the man fled, he took her purse. The owner of the Subway has since suspended her, accusing her of leaking the security video, which has started to go viral. Her boss reportedly told her she would be suspended until the video was wiped from the internet. She and her family are turning to GoFundMe to raise money that will be "used towards an Attorney and lost wages." As of yesterday, over $9,000 of a $10,000 goal had been raised.

BOXING: Evander Holyfield Gets Dropped in the First Round

Evander Holyfield’s attempt to launch a boxing comeback at the age of 58 ended after less than two minutes. Holyfield was on shaky ground as soon as former UFC star Vitor Belfort landed a punch. He was soon dropped by Belfort and the referee waved the fight off before any serious harm was done to Holyfield, who is a former world champion. Holyfield was not happy with the ending, saying: "I’m not hurt. It’s kind of sad. It is what it is; I think it was a bad call, I think the referee shouldn’t have stopped the fight that quick." Holyfield had stepped in at a week's notice to replace Oscar De La Hoya whose own comeback was put on hold after he was hospitalized with Covid-19. He last fought in 2001. He was hoping for a rematch against former rival Mike Tyson with an impressive performance against Belfort, who is 14 years younger.

Marijuana Use At ‘Historic High’ Among College-Aged Adults; LSD, 'Shrooms, Too

Marijuana use among college-aged adults is at an all-time high. Researchers surveyed 1,550 young adults between the ages of 19 and 22 last year. They found 44% reported using marijuana at some point in 2020… which is an all-time high. Meanwhile, 56% of students reported using alcohol within the previous 30-days-- that’s down from 62% in 2019. And the use of hallucinogens (like LSD and “magic” mushrooms) increased greatly in 2020 among college students.

Machine Gun Kelly, UFC Champ Conor McGregor Scrap on VMAs Red Carpet

Machine Gun Kelly and former UFC Champ Conor McGregor got into a scuffle just before the broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Photos snapped online show both men being pulled apart, with McGregor’s drink hurled at Kelly. Kelly, wearing a red glittered suit, shielded girlfriend Megan Fox as security guards pulled McGregor away. TMZ reports that the skirmish happened after Kelly refused a photo with the Irish UFC fighter. Sources are quoted as saying that McGregor stumbled, spilled his drink then threw the remainder at Kelly. Shortly after, Kelly and Fox — wearing a Mugler dress — walked the carpet posing for photographers. Prior to the show, Kelly shared a picture of the couple dolled up for the evening with a sweet caption: “I found a mermaid.” McGregor, dressed in a pink sports jacket, black frilled shirt and black pants, walked soon after with girlfriend Dee Devlin. McGregor is recovering from breaking his leg following a recent bout in the ring, and was walking the carpet with a cane. He was at the VMAs to present the artist of the year award to Justin Bieber. A rep for McGregor denied that a fight had transpired, saying, “Conor only fights fighters.”

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Britney Spears Confirms Engagement

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Evander Holyfield TKO'd By Vitor Belfort, Fans Chant 'We Want Trump'

  1. Trump provided alternate broadcast commentary for the Triller Fight Club event Saturday night.


  1. Jennifer Aniston got emotional as the first guest to Ellen's farewell season.

Miley Cyrus Performs With Metallica

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Rose McGowan Calls Out The Elitist Establishment Destroying America

  1. Rose McGowan said she is no longer a 'Hollywood democrat,' at a press conference in which she endorsed Republican attorney and talk-show host running for California Governor Larry Elder, just days after accusing current Governor Gavin Newsom's wife of bribing her in order to suppress her rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Here's a clip of McGowan's speech.


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