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Content for Monday, November 22

Addicted Americans are Using Cell Phones at Weddings, Funerals, on the Toilet

A new poll examining how people deal with boredom finds there are very few places Americans don’t take out a smartphone. A majority of respondents admit to scrolling through their smartphones during wedding ceremonies, funerals, and even work meetings. 99 percent of respondents say use their cell phone while watching television. Another 78 percent say they’ll even browse their apps while out enjoying a concert. Not every cell phone habit is a good one: 88% use their phones while walking on the sidewalk and 73 percent do it while walking their dog. 42 percent admit to staring at their phones while crossing the street and a third use a smartphone while biking or skating. 44% have hurt themselves by falling or running into something while distracted. MORE: 60 percent of Americans admit to using their phone during a religious service. Half have even pulled out their phone during someone’s wedding and another three in 10 have started scrolling at a funeral or wake. The apps people turn to most often during a moment of boredom are TikTok, followed by Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. 90 percent of Americans regularly use their phone while on the toilet. Three in four say they end up spending more time in the bathroom than they planned to because something on their phone distracted them. Over half the poll (53%) add that their legs and butt actually go numb while sitting on the toilet for so long. Another one in three confess that their phone notifications have distracted them while having sex.Another four in 10 say the first thing they do after making love is check their phone.

Americans Plan on Traveling Over 600 Miles During the Holidays

According to a new study, out of all the Americans hitting the road this holiday season, three in five are doing so specifically to visit friends and family. 32% stayed home last year. Now in 2021, a whopping 82 percent believe it’s important to share the holiday festivities with loved ones. Respondents said they’re most excited to reconnect with their siblings (46%), parents (45%), and extended family (42%) this year. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the average American will travel over 600 miles. Seven in 10 will be using a car to reach their destination. Almost two-thirds of survey respondents are planning to travel with their immediate family this holiday season, while 38 percent will be bringing along their pets. Two in three people are anticipating that their holiday trips will be more relaxing in 2021 compared to last year.

'Trauma Dumping': Moaning To Friends About Everyday Dramas Can Be 'Toxic'

A psychologist says if you complain to your friends too much, you could be at risk of “trauma dumping.” She revealed that people who “trauma dump” do so because they have no other way of processing their emotions. She also says trauma dumping causes problems for everyone involved because highly charged speech and behavior stimulates a part of our nervous system that floods our body with powerful hormones and chemicals to keep us hypervigilant and alert. The psychologist adds it’s also important to set boundaries with your friends so they don’t dump too much trauma on you.

Woman Gives Her Man 'Strict Marriage Rules', Such As No Female Friends Or Texting Women

A woman took to TikTok to reveal the strict marriage rules she gave her husband. She wrote: “Rules my husband and I have for our marriage that make people ANGRY.” First up she revealed that the couple have “no friends of the opposite sex.” She continued that this extends to their workplaces, and they don’t let each other be around the opposite sex alone. Finally, she said that they ban “texting the opposite sex without the other knowing.” Many people thought her rules were a bit extreme, with one person writing, “Tell me you don’t trust your partner without telling me you don’t trust your partner.”

Would You Buy/Carry An All-Glass IPhone?... Apple Files Patents

Apple filed a patent that details designs for an all-glass iPhone which would have a wrap-around display for images on both the front and back sides. The design patent was filed last week, although that does not necessarily mean an all-glass iPhone is coming any time soon. The patent filing includes drawings which see some of the screen's buttons curved along the edge of the phone including ones to activate airplane mode, Wi-Fi enabling, and controls for volume. The filing also shows pictures of how an Apple Watch may appear featuring glass enclosures with the curved edge of the screen blending seamlessly with the watch's casing.

Couple Have Never Met in Real Life, Decide to Get Married

A couple got married through Zoom, even though they have never met each other in real life. It started ted when Ayse met Darrin online after joining a Facebook group in lockdown to find a pen pal. The 26-year-old from the UK hoped that finding someone new to speak to would help with boredom during the coronavirus pandemic. She got connected with Darrin, who is from Michigan, and the pair started chatting as friends in July 2020 but were soon inseparable and on the phone to each other every night, even with the five-hour time difference. After becoming an official item, Ayse began planning a trip to the States to meet her boyfriend for the first time in July, but travel restrictions to the US made this impossible. The couple continued to share weekly date nights on video calls - ordering each other takeaway food and treats as a surprise each week, and on May 21 this year Darrin surprised Ayse even further by proposing. Knowing it would be a long time before they’d get to meet for the first time, the couple made the decision to get married via Zoom, in a legal ceremony officiated in Utah. Even though travel restrictions have been lifted, Ayse has to wait for a visa to be accepted before she can book her flights to meet her husband, in person, for the first time.

Desperate Parents Turn To Shopping Bots To Hunt For Hottest Christmas Gifts

Frustrated by empty store shelves, some parents are turning to shopping bots to help find gifts for kids this Christmas. Shopping bots scour retail sites to find out when sold-out items get restocked and automatically place orders. The use of bots was popularized a few years ago by sneaker enthusiasts looking to get their hands on high-end pairs released in limited quantities. But the bots do cost some extra money… for example SnailBot, which crawls Amazon and Walmart, costs $99 a month.

Armored Truck Drops Cash on the Interstate, Drivers Stop to Sweep Up Bills

Police in Carlsbad, CA are working to identify drivers suspected of pocketing money that went flying from the back of an armored car on Friday. California Highway Patrol received calls about “a large sum of money in the roadway” on a section of Interstate 5. Callers said that some drivers were getting out of their cars to collect the bills. A man and a woman suspected of taking cash were arrested after they got stuck on the freeway with their keys locked in the car, blocking traffic. Videos of people scooping up cash were widely circulated on social media. Multiple screenshots from some of these videos were released by the authorities. The CHP is working the FBI to determine the identities of the motorists. They are urging those who took cash to return the money within 48 hours “to avoid potential criminal charges.”

Target Employee Quits While Dropping F Bombs Over PA System

A former Target employee has gone viral for quitting in a profanity filled speech over the PA system at his Chicago store. The 21-year-old man shared TikTok video of himself making the exit speech, which he managed to complete before anyone stopped him. In the clip, he announces to the store that he is quitting "this f—king whole-a— job” and calls out several employees by name. He also called out a woman named Mary because “she's a sh-t boss and doesn’t give a f—k about her employees” and said others were “unprofessional as f—k.” The man captioned the video, “Felt soooooo good. F South loop. But s/o to Harvey for not trynna stop me.” He later uploaded several follow-up videos, and said he didn't face any consequences.

Gen Z Makes Up 25% Of The Workplace-- But Do Most Of The Complaining

Gen Z currently makes up 25% of the workplace in the US but they do the most complaining. Human Resources professionals say that the youngest people in offices tend to bring grievances and misunderstandings. One HR director said, “We stopped offering free soda and you would think we imposed a pay cut. The complaints from the junior staff to HR were unreal. They act more entitled than anyone else.” And another manager said, “We had an employee complain to HR that they were being bullied. Why? Because their manager told them that ‘flexibility’ didn’t mean they could just make their own hours and be offline whenever it suited them.”

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Kid Rock Blasts PC Culture In New Song

  1. Kid Rock took aim at “snowflakes” and “a nation of p***ies” on “Don’t Tell Me How to Live”. He blasts PC culture, "fake news and views" & "offended" millennials.

Kyle Rittenhouse Says Case Had Nothing To Do With Race

  1. In a preview of Tucker Carlson;s Fox News interview with the recently-acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, he says the case was never about race.

Parade Attack In Wisconsin

  1. At least one person is dead and 20 injured in Waukesha (Wah-keh-shaw), Wisconsin after a suspect plowed into a holiday parade with an SUV. Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly gives a statement on the incident.

  2. WISN-TV Milwaukee Courtney Sisk gives a report on the incident.

  3. A witness screams as people in the parade are hit. (CONTENT WARNING)

American Music Awards

  1. Machine Gun Kelly won "Favorite Rock Artist".

  2. Host Cardi B asks Jojo Siwa, who's in the audience, to do an appearance at her house.

  3. Jojo responds to Cardi's request.

  4. "evermore" by Taylor Swift wins "Favorite Pop Album".

  5. Olivia Rogrigo won "New Artist of the Year."


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