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Content for Monday, November 1

Parents Steal a Third of Their Kids’ Halloween Candy

According to a new survey of 2,000 U.S. parents with children between the ages of 3-15, two-thirds have stolen candy their kids collected while trick or treating. It usually isn’t just one or two pieces of candy either. The average respondent ate a full third of their child’s Halloween candy haul. 59% of parents have even hidden Halloween candy from their kids. After stealing some candy, 44% say they simply hide it away and hope their kids don’t notice; 43% pretend the candy magically went missing all by itself; and 41% tell their kids they had to take some in order to “inspect” it for safety. The top five stealing strategies were rounded out with sneaking a few pieces when the kids aren’t looking (40%) and pretending the candy has gone bad (37%).

The Most Frequently-Cited State in Each State's Restaurant Names

Man Convinced Niece to Break Off Engagement Because Her Fiance is Poor

A man gave his niece some advice that caused her to not only break off her engagement but to break up with her fiance altogether. Her uncle simply crunched the numbers to show how difficult their life would be financially. It was an unconventional approach, but it has won him support on social media. The man took to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum and explained that his niece, 19, got engaged after dating her fiance for four months. Her father threatened to "stop funding her life" if she married him. The niece told her uncle that while she knew it would be "difficult" living without the financial support of her dad, she thought she could "manage" as she "loved" her fiance. The uncle decided, rather than voice his objections, he would offer to help her budget for her future with her fiancé. Basing her future on her fiancé’s assumed wage of 16 dollars an hour and imagining that she would get a job of similar standing, the man said he gradually began to show her how much things "actually" cost. He said it quickly "dawned" on his niece that she would have to make "substantial changes" to her lifestyle.Days after their chat, she broke things off with her fiance and moved home. Apparently, she had "freaked out" after her now ex-fiance revealed his salary, which ended up being lower than the one budgeted for. The uncle admitted he feels "a bit bad" and may have "played" her to get her to break things off, but people on Reddit disagreed. One wrote: ”You didn't play her. You gave her a badly needed dose of reality." Another said: "Numbers don't lie. She was convinced by the numbers not by any manipulation tactic."

Alec Baldwin Addresses Fatal Shooting

While driving through Manchester, Vermont, on Saturday, Alec Baldwin decided to pull over and talk to the paparazzi about the fatal shooting on his film set in New Mexico. Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer, was killed when Baldwin fired a prop gun. Baldwin said: ”She was my friend. The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start shooting I took her to dinner with Joel, the director. We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together, and then this horrible event happened.” Baldwin said he's been ordered by authorities to not discuss the investigation. He said he "talks to the cops every day. I’m cooperating with them.” Baldwin said he's met with Hutchins' son and husband, Matt. He said: ”The guy is overwhelmed with grief.We are very worried about his family and his kid.” Production of the film, ‘Rust’, has been halted, and Baldwin said he doesn't expect work to resume. "There are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time, but nothing like this. This is a one in a trillion episode.” The actor said he's interested in reducing the use of guns on sets and will support new safety measures.

Ice Cube Quits Film Over Vaccine

Ice Cube is leaving a film project, and a $9 million salary, rather than be vaccinated for the coronavirus. He had signed on in June to partner and co-star with Jack Black on ‘Oh Hell No’, a comedy that was to film in Hawaii over the winter. Producers of the Sony film had asked that the cast receive the vaccine. Shooting is being postponed. Under an agreement announced this summer between the guilds and studios, producers may decide to "implement mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew" where cast and crew members are working in the same space.

KISS's Las Vegas Residency Has Been Canceled

Kiss’s second Las Vegas residency has been canceled. Tickets for the legendary rock band’s shows at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood were taken down from the Caesars Entertainment/Ticketmaster link and fans who already purchased tickets via Ticketmaster have been notified that the shows are no longer taking place. The residency was scheduled to launch at the end of December. The cancelation comes a day after Rolling Stone magazine published a story in which a group of Kiss roadies suggested that the lack of COVID protocols enforced on the band's "End Of The Road" farewell tour led to the death of a longtime guitar tech, Francis Stueber. The band, meanwhile, claims that some crew members concealed sickness and faked vaccine cards.

App Uses Taste In Memes To Match You With A Special Someone

There’s now an app that matches you with a special someone based on your tastes in memes. Lafdr is a swiping app, similar to Bumble or Tinder, but instead of looking through people’s profiles you are swiping through memes to find your perfect match. The app can also match you with potential friends. And if you are feeling creative, you can create your own memes as well.

Married Couples Who Meet Online Are SIX Times More Likely to Divorce In The First Three Years Than Those Who Meet Through Family Or Friends

Married couples who meet online are six-times more likely to divorce within the first three-years. Researchers looked at 2,000 adults who married aged 30 or over. They found 12% of those who met online didn’t make it to their third anniversary, compared to just 2% who found love via family or friends. 17% of those who had met online had divorced within the first decade, compared to 10% of those who found love through a social situation.

Southwest Airlines Pilot Says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Over Intercom

A Southwest Airlines pilot seems to have said “Let’s Go Brandon,” a phrase that has taken hold with right-wing supporters of Donald Trump. A TikTok video featuring audio from that flight is making the rounds. Apparently passengers gasped when the pilot said it. Southwest responded to the flood of tweets demanding the pilot be fired. They said, “One employee’s individual perspective should not be interpreted as the viewpoint of Southwest. Southwest does not tolerate any behavior that encourages divisiveness, as it does not reflect the Southwest Hospitality and inclusiveness for which we are known.” Southwest claims they'll deal with the pilot in house, and acknowledged that expressing personal opinions or views while on the job is unacceptable.

Gen Z Workers 'Baffle' Older Colleagues

Gen Z only recently entered the workforce, but they're already rewriting workplace norms, making older colleagues realize just how "uncool" they really are. From how many hours they work to what emojis they use when messaging, twenty-somethings are "rolling their eyes at the habits of their elders". Employers have found their Gen Zers prefer to set their own hours, don't hesitate to assign work to higher-ups and are willing to take off days for their mental health. They're playing by their own rules.

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