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Content for Monday, May 24

1 in 5 Men Want to Bring Back the Mullet

A new study finds the mullet is ready to make a comeback. 1 in 5 American men say they’re ready to bring back the hairstyle that’s all business in the front and a party in the back.

20% of the mens surveyed said if they could bring one popular hairstyle, it would be the classic ’80s mullet. 15% said the ’90s “curtain bangs” and the 2010s “undercut” followed closely behind. Over half the poll admitted they want to change up their look, but are afraid to try something new.

Two-Toned Lipstick Is Taking Over TikTok

Two-toned lipstick is the latest beauty trend on TikTok. The latest makeup fad involves using monochromatic shades of lipstick, lip gloss or lip liner to create a seamless, two-toned shade, similar to ombré hair and nails. The ombré lip look can also create the appearance of a fuller pout. So far there’s been nearly 128 million views on TikTok for #ombrelips and 17.7 million views for #ombrelipstutorial.

(TOPIC STARTER)... I Ask My Wife "Do You Need to Yawn?" She Will Yawn 100% of the Time. So What is The Least Amount of Power That Has Gone to Your Head?

Reddit user u/CarltheWellEndowed posts: "I just learned that if I ask my wife "do you need to yawn?" she will yawn 100% of the time... So what is the least amount of power that has ever gone to your head?" Replies Include: "Making people yawn is fun. I’ve also noticed that sometimes dogs will yawn if you do it in front of them." "My wife cannot sneeze if anyone tells her "Bless you" before she sneezes. I actively have to stop myself from messing up her sneezes..." --"My ex partner used to say “red balloons” EVERY TIME I needed to sneeze. It cancelled my sneeze upload and now I require insane amounts of concentration and for people to literally look away in order to sneeze."

"Being in the front of a line of cars, rolling a little forward then watching the cars behind you slowly pull up one by one. Hilarious power." "When my wife talks, you can give her anything and she will take it unconsciously. No matter what it is: diaper, used hanky, half eaten food, trash … most of the time she won’t realize it until minutes later and then gets mad at you. As of now I haven’t found anything she won’t take." "Everytime we made bratwurst I suggest sex. Now Everytime we make bratwurst my wife wants to have sex. It's the little things that keep a marriage going after 15 years." "I have the ability to know which Tupperware will fit the leftovers within 5% of its maximum volume. It infuriates my partner because they can’t understand how I could be that accurate every single time." "I put a child lock on my trashcan to keep my dog from eating trash and I am drunk with power." "Offering people chewing gum without chewing some yourself will make them feel self-conscious about their breath, and puts them on the back foot, mentally. It's surprisingly effective, and it feels like having a certain level of power over someone, but it's also not very nice."

Things That Made People Stop And Say, "Holy Crap, I'm Old!"

Buzzfeed asked: "tell us the moments that made them say, "Oh crap, I'm old!" Replies Included: "A friend and I were passing out Halloween candy when two probably 13-year-old girls walked up in tie-dye sweats, hair in a bun, holding Hydro Flasks. We had to ask what they were, and they had to painfully explain what a 'VSCO Girl' was. That's when I felt old." —meglchaney "I'm 35 and in my second year of uni. I started to feel old when I realized my 14-year-old son was closer in age to my classmates than I was." —spiffinemz "When I heard kids refer to the '90s as 'the late 1900s.' I guess I need to get my affairs in order." —lisaa31 "When my birthday wishlist started to contain household appliances!" —monnie_hendo "My 'I'm old' moment was when I started buying my clothes at Costco." —t49e12a934 "I was on a drive and found a radio station that was playing a song I loved in high school. After that, there was a station break. It was the local oldies station." —annabellebabii "I now want seated tickets for concerts." —spotteddick "I officially felt 'old' when I could no longer distinguish high school students from college-aged students. They're pretty much all the same to me now, and I refer to both groups as 'kids.'"—daluved17032 "I was babysitting a 9-year-old girl who was getting an iPhone. She asked if I had an iPhone when I was her age. I told her iPhones didn’t exist when I was 9. She was so shocked!"—emmaskrey "I work in HR, and the moment I felt old was when I hired someone who was born the same year I graduated high school." —jujukeck

GUYS: "How Would You Feel If Your Girl Got You Flowers?"

Reddit user u/lolkristin asked: "How would you feel if your girl got you flowers?" Replies Included: "I bought my boyfriend roses to celebrate his promotion. he was just like "why?" haha..." " a man, I rather receive something with more practical uses. I got it, flower has a deep meaning and all, but I prefer lunch or some other items such as a belt or a book." "Once the girl I was seeing got me some flowers as a 'sorry' for missing our date - because of things totally out of her control too. I nearly cried, I loved it so much. We were pretty casual too, at the time. The next time she gave me flowers was on valentines day, as she flew up from her city to see me, on a tiny private plane. White flowers in her hands when I picked her up off the tarmac." "I have always thought a small plant was a far better gift than flowers. Flowers are nice for a few days then die, but a plant can remind you of the gesture for a long time, each time you tend to it." -- "A plant is an obligation. Don't give plants unless you know they will be appreciated." "I bought a guy a bouquet of red roses, as he mentioned he had never received flowers and would love to receive some someday. He was thrilled and put them in a vase and tended to them so well that they lasted weeks and weeks! He was just so happy for a beautiful gesture of my affection that he could look at everyday. Not all gifts have to be practical but I would say maybe gauge if the receiver likes flowers and might like to receive something like this, as gifts should always be targeted to the likes of the receiver." "I'd feel pretty. Oh, so pretty. I'd feel pretty, and witty and..." "I'd be happy, she cares about me. Sometimes it's the intention behind an action that matters." "I'd accept them and tell her it's not my thing but also make sure I let her know how much I love and appreciate the gesture. Also tell her to get me bouquet of churros next time or anything else I could eat, wtf am I supposed to do with flowers."

Someone is Holding a Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Ticket

Someone in Pennsylvania won the $516 million Mega Millions jackpot. The winning ticket hit with 6, 9, 17, 18 and 48, plus the Mega Ball 8. It's the biggest jackpot won in Pennsylvania since its Mega Millions participation began in 2010 and the ninth-largest amount in the game's 19-year history. Nationwide, 53 tickets matched four numbers plus the Mega Ball in the Friday drawing, good for at least $10,000 each. The cash option for the big winner is $349.3 million.

The Grossest States In America Are... (Allegedly)

According to a new study, Virginia is the “grossest” state in the U.S. The study, conducted by Zippia, calculated each state’s grossness based on air quality, the number of landfills and illness spread. They also included the number of Google searches for certain “gross” items when determining the rankings. Zippia cites “Mayo recipes” and “Croc wearing” as search terms included in the gross category. Here are the grossest states: 1 Virginia 2 South Carolina 3 North Carolina 4 Pennsylvania 5 Texas 6 New Jersey 7 Connecticut 8 Georgia 9 Delaware 10 New York 11 Tennessee 12 Rhode Island 13 Ohio 14 Wisconsin 15 Vermont 16 Louisiana 16 West Virginia 18 Kansas 19 Indiana 19 Kentucky 19 New Mexico 22 Maryland 23 Illinois 24 Oklahoma 25 Alabama 26 Massachusetts 27 Mississippi 28 Hawaii 29 Florida 29 New Hampshire 31 California 32 Oregon 33 Arkansas 33 South Dakota 35 Missouri 36 North Dakota 37 Colorado 38 Minnesota 39 Washington 40 Iowa 41 Arizona 42 Michigan 43 Utah 44 Wyoming 45 Nevada 46 Maine 47 Idaho 47 Nebraska 49 Montana 50 Alaska

High School Edits Clothes Onto Female Yearbook Pictures

A Florida high school made edits to 80 yearbook pictures, adding clothes onto photos of female students without their consent. Bartram Trail High School is getting slammed by parents after editing pictures for what the district claims are students “out of dress code." A photo of one female student was changed to add more covering to her chest area. Most of the edits added clothing to chest and shoulders. And the editing is not high quality PhotoShopping. Parents say the alterations are so obvious that students are making jokes about them. District officials said Bartram Trail reserves the right to digitally adjust pictures, and they opted to alter the pics rather than leave them out of the yearbook. The yearbook sold for $100 each. The high school faced a local controversy earlier this spring over its dress code, which parents said unfairly targets female students.

NFL: Tim Tebow Apparel Top Seller After Signing With Jaguars

Tim Tebow’s Jacksonville Jaguar jersey is the top seller on the NFL Shop website. Both the men's, women's and youth jerseys were the top three sellers, as were men's and women's T-shirts sporting Tebow's new jersey number, 85. Tebow's jersey sales even leapfrogged No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence who was drafted by Jacksonville to become the team's franchise quarterback.

White House Asks Dating Apps To Add Vaccination Badges, "Super Swipes"

The White House asked dating apps to add badges to profiles to indicate who has been vaccinated. Dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, Bumble, BLK and other dating sites are joining the effort. The apps will offer incentives like free access to premium content for vaccinated adults, while sites like BLK and Chispa will boost profiles of those who say they're vaccinated. The badges are expected to help President Biden's goal of vaccinating 70% of American adults by July 4th.

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Lamar Odom Says He'll Knock Out Aaron Carter In Boxing Match

  1. Lamar Odom says he'll knock out Aaron Carter in the first minute.

Andrew Yang Can't Name Jay-Z Song

  1. Current candidate for New York City mayor, Andrew Yang, says he used to in the 90s and 2000s, and named Jay-Z as well as Nas. Yang couldn't remember the names of any Jay-Z songs.

Dr Fauci 'Not Convinced' COVID Developed Naturally

  1. Fauci says, 'Certainly, the people who investigated it say it likely was the emergence from an animal reservoir that then infected individuals, but it could have been something else..."

Shanna Moakler Blames Kourtney And Kim Kardashian For Destroying Her Family

  1. Shanna Moakler has been divorced from Travis Barker for 10 years, and she's blaming Kourtney and Kim Kardashian for "destroying my family."

  2. Shanna Moakler on Travis once having an affair with Kim Kardashian while they were married.

  3. Shanna Moakler tells Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, "Thanks for destroying my family...twice..."

American Idol Finale

  1. Chayce Beckham is the winner of American Idol.



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