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Content for Monday, June 7

(Can YOU Relate?)... 7 in 10 People Can’t Sleep if They Know There’s a Bug Loose in the House

69% can’t sleep if they know there’s an insect in their home. The average person loses 36 hours of sleep time annually because of this fear. A study also found when it come to bugs, cockroaches are officially the most hated insect. Close to three-quarters of Americans admit they don’t take bugs seriously until they pose a threat to their homes. For example, the average person say they wouldn’t recognize that they have a fly problem until there are five of them buzzing about. Meanwhile, 27% say they try to capture and release the bug into the wild and 22% will simply scream.

Peequal: The New Women's Urinal That's Six Times Quicker To Use Than A Traditional Toilet

A women’s urinal is said to be six-times quicker to use than a traditional toilet. Two women designed the hands-free Peequal when they were asked to solve a “real life problem” for their master’s project. They used their experience of waiting for hours at music festivals to come up with their urinal, which fits six units inside a pizza shape… meaning more urinals can fit in smaller spaces on the grounds of outdoor events so women don’t have to wait so long. The Peequal also produces 98% less CO2 than other portable toilets and is made from 100% recyclable materials. No word on when it'll be available to the peeing public.

People Share Weird Rules They had to Follow Growing Up

There’s a Reddit thread about weird rules people had growing up. Here’s some of them: "When we were kids, my mom led us to believe that you couldn't buy anything from the store unless you had a coupon for it.” "I was not allowed to wear black and red together because apparently that pairing of colors indicated witchcraft." "My dad wouldn’t let me watch Teletubbies because they never cleaned up their own messes." "I couldn’t say I love someone or something 'to death.' My mom just hates it and thinks it’s too morbid. It wasn’t really a rule that I could get in trouble for, but if she caught me saying it, you can bet I’d get a small lecture.” "My mom demanded order in two places: her kitchen table and her car. Me and my three siblings had assigned seats for both. The only way you could move seats was if the sibling above you in age was not present for that meal or that car ride." "My dad is really particular about everything, and our house always looked like it belonged in a magazine. One of our chores was to 'rake' the carpet for perfect lines." "I wasn't allowed to paint my nails red until I was 16 because it was a 'lady's color' (only for adults)." "My dad didn't allow any of my siblings or me to say, 'I'm bored.' If we did, he would give us a list of chores to do and then make us write down 10 things we can do for next time we're bored." "My dad is a rocker/metal head, and he would not allow any music he didn't like in our house. When my grandma wanted to listed to her church music, he would not let her. When I was 10 and wanted to listen to Britney Spears, he said I could only do that in school or in my friends' homes where he wouldn't be around. He just didn't want to listen to any other music. To him, everything else was trash." "I wasn’t allowed to say I didn’t want children or that I would never have children." "My parents didn't let me watch Wizards of Waverly Place until I was 8. They wanted me to be old enough to know that wizards aren't real."

What Was The Weirdest Blackmarket in Your School?

Reddit user u/Blueish_squid asked: "What was the weirdest blackmarket in your school?" Replies included: "Harry Potter books. I went to a religious school where books that had magic or fantasy was banned. Parents of these kids were just as religious so kids couldn’t get them from their parents. Mom didn’t care and she let me buy a few for some friends and then more kids started requesting them. "Charged double for what they were worth and the kids were more than happy to pay. Most popular requests were: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Cirque Du Freak series. "Edit: also made money making customized covers for the books so it looked like they were reading something else." "This happened in Los Angeles in the mid 80's. Student bus passes had to be purchased by the fifth day of the month or you were stuck having to pay daily. The date had passed so I found a guy in my high school willing to trade another student's pass which he had stolen. I traded a tangerine and half a pack of cigarettes for a copy of Penthouse. Then I traded that issue with a pizza from the cafeteria for the bus pass." "Not really a black market but there was a porn tape (VHS days) that used to do the rounds. There was a booking system and everything. You couldn’t have it for more than two days." --"I was friends with a kid in middle school that had a descrambler. Dude would buy up blank VHS tapes and record like 10 minutes of porn off the Spice channel and sell for like 10 bucks a tape. Gave 2 dollars for tape returns for new content. "One of my friends sold Starburst from his locker. 10 cents for 2. If he liked you, you got two from the 'normal' bag. If he didn't like you, you got two from the bag that only had yellows."

"A girl set up a little business out of a box of stationary, writing forged letters from parents. She had all different paper, pens and pencils of every kind, and could write in convincingly accurate tone for the content of the notes depending on which kid they were for. She used different styles of handwriting and different styles of punctuation and language too. She'd even fudge the spelling if she thought the kid's parents weren't great at it. She grew up to be incredibly educated. I look back and see that as her first moment of evil genius. It definitely suggested she would go on to brilliance one day and she did." "Not proud but in highschool I did doctor notes excusing kids for medical reasons, I had access to Adobe photoshop and honestly surprised I was never caught. I'm a dumb ass tho and just did it for practice never really charged people money just small stuff like gum, chips or a dollar here and there. I made max 200 bucks one semester." "'Diddle' paper. It's colored paper with a mouse drawn on it. But everyone collected them. No matter how old. And there were hundreds of different artworks. People had folders with protective covers and depending on the motive and rarety you wanted to trade, you could get 3 to 4 others in exchange. It was wilde... "I just googled it and there are still collectors buying and selling them on the internet..." "I had a friend that used to bring a bunch of coke cans from home and then sell them for a dollar at lunch.Cheaper than the vending machine prices and so it became like a little business. He eventually saved up enough for a longboard."

"In early elementary school we had a market for mud. Different groups of kids would claim areas around the school as their mud pit and put their brand of mud in ziplock bags to be traded with other groups for different bags of mud. We were the clay mud group and I had about 3 kids in the muck scooping it into bags or running to the water fountain to get fresh water to make more mud on dry days. I would be the one to go make the deals with the other groups. "We traded alot with the gravel mud group because "clay mud" and "cement mud" are both good for building or some sh**.. Who knows? It made so much sense at the time. The principal and staff eventually stepped in to end it because all the kids came back to class filthy every day and giant holes littered every field and playground." "A teacher at my high school that I refuse to rat on would take money from students and buy them lottery tickets/scratch-offs in exchange for a cut of any prize $50 and up. I think the dude legit made a few thousand dollars off of this just during my senior year. And it made the students love him."

Wife Gets Revenge On Her Husband With Hilarious Fake Grocery List

A wife decided to get revenge on her husband with a fake grocery list. She was tired of her husband hanging out around the house while she felt she was pulling the weight and doing all of the chores and errands. She decided to send him to the grocery store with a list of things to get. The wife decided to make a very specific list with items that are hard to find because they don’t exist. Some of the items were, 3% milk, seedless strawberries, fat-free hummus and unsour cream.

Sexual Things That Used to be Seen as Hot, But are Now Considered Turn-Offs

Recently, a Reddit user asked, “What’s generally considered sexy, but is a turn off for you?” Here are some of the top-rated responses: "Anything involving whipped cream, honey, etc. I just think about how sticky it is and that’s not a good time for me.” "My husband is super weirded out by any Santa-themed lingerie or sexiness around Christmas. He’s all 'SANTA IS FOR CHILDREN, IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE SEXY' and I actually totally get it and appreciate it." "The weird high-pitched baby talk stuff." "Ripping off clothes during sex. Just take them off. Don’t turn into a damn werewolf and rip my clothes into shreds. Those are expensive.” "When people brag about what they can do in bed." "Licking in my ear. I have psoriasis. Please stop." "Porn where pizza is involved. What a waste of good pizza." "Sucking on inanimate objects. It does nothing for me. Maybe like in a cute lick a lollipop way, but giving head to a dildo does nothing for me.” "When men make zero sounds during sex. Is it good? Is it bad? Give some feedback." "Anything involving water — like shower sex — which acts like anti-lube." "Morning sex. I need to sh-t and your breath smells." "When men flick or wiggle their tongue at you to be 'seductive.' It's gross. Just stop.” "Feet. Not sure if they are generally considered sexy by most, but I never ever ever understood the appeal." "Ass licking/rimming. Everyone tells me it's so cool, but I can't even imagine doing this or receiving it from someone." "Immediate aggressiveness. Could we cuddle first, then have sexy time?"

BUSTED!!... 30-Year-Old MOM Pretended to Be Her 13-Year-Old Daughter For a Day

A Texas mom went to middle school in her daughter’s place and now faces charges. Casey Garcia took a video of herself dressed in skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, a hoodie, and a mask hanging out at school taking classes, talking to the principal, and eating chicken nuggets in the cafeteria. Nobody figured out she was a 30-year-old mom and not a 13-year-old kid until 7th period. In a follow-up video she attempts to explain why she pulled the stunt. She’s as petite as a kid at just under 5 feet tall and just over 100 pounds, but she doesn’t look or talk especially like a child. And that, she says, is why she did it. She expresses concern that someone with scarier motivations than hers could easily find a way into the school and harm kids. She said nobody said anything to her except to tell her to put her phone away until she was busted by a teacher at the end of the day. She was also busted by the cops, who charged her with criminal trespass, tampering with government records, and an old traffic warrant, after school officials called the San Elizario sheriff’s office.

Would You Take A PILL That Could Allow You “To Live Forever?” Most Say "No"!

A new study found that only 33% would use a hypothetical life extension treatment that would allow them “to live forever,” even if it were available today. About 42% said they would not use it, and 25% said they were unsure. The study was published by University of Texas researchers. Over the past century, the average life span in the United States rose from 47 years in 1900 to 78.7 years in 2010. And recent scientific breakthroughs may be able to extend human life spans even further, or perhaps (with the emphasis on perhaps) even indefinitely. THE STUDY: The 911 participants consisted of three age groups: 593 young adults (aged 18 – 29, average age 20, recruited from a U.S. university), a group of 272 “younger” seniors (average age 72) recruited via senior centers and church groups, and a third group of 46 “older” seniors (average age 88) recruited in the same way. The researchers asked the participants three questions. One was “If doctors developed a pill that enabled you to live forever at your current age, would you take it?” The possible answers were yes, no, or unsure. The second question was “What is the youngest age at which you would be willing to live forever?” and the third was “What is the oldest age at which you would be willing to live forever?” The overall differences between the three age groups were small. Among young adults, 34% said yes, 40% said no, and 26% were unsure. For the younger seniors, 32% said yes, 43% said no, and 25% were unsure. And among the group of older seniors, 24% said yes, 59% said no, and 17% indicated they were unsure. Thus, among all three age groups, the most common answer was no, followed by yes, with “unsure” consistently in third place But the researchers did find a large difference between the three age groups in terms of the youngest and oldest age at which they would be willing to live forever. For young adults, the youngest age at which they would like to “freeze” the aging process and then live forever was 23, and the oldest age was 42. For the middle group, the youngest desired age to stop aging was 44, and the oldest was 69. And among the oldest seniors, the youngest “freeze” age was 52 and the oldest was 77. The study also found that men were slightly more willing to take the hypothetical life extension treatment than women. This may be related to the general knowledge that men have lower life expectancies than women.

Slain Firefighter's Colleagues Support Daughter at Graduation

The daughter of a California firefighter who got shot and killed last week graduated from high school only two days later. She walked across the stage to collect her diploma in her cap… and her father’s coat. Instead of her dad cheering when her name was called, 300 of his colleagues cheered instead. When she arrived at the ceremony, the Saugus High School senior walked between rows of her dad’s colleagues standing at attention, and was escorted into the venue by an LA County firefighter. Her father was killed and another colleague injured when an off-duty firefighter returned to work and shot people there. The shooter then set fire to his own home before fatally shooting himself.

Boxing: There was No KO, But Floyd Mayweather Dominated Logan Paul

Since it was an exhibition fight, there was no "official" winner in Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather, but Mayweather dominated Paul. Paul ended up going the distance, a full 8 rounds. He even landed a handful of serious power shots. But 44-year-old Floyd took everything Logan had, and after round 3, it was Mayweather domination. Mayweather looked fast, strong and confident all the way to the end. Floyd praised Logan after the fight: ”He was better than I thought he was. I had fun.” Logan said, "Floyd Mayweather, it was an honor. This is one of the greatest moments of my life. This is the coolest thing ever, I'm happy I made it out ... he's tough to hit.” He even hinted at a rematch, saying: ”Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul 2?" Before the fight, Floyd told TMZ Sports he expected to make between $50 and $100 MILLION for the fight. He also said he'll "probably" fight Jake Paul next.

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