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Content for Monday, June 28

Are Your 20s the Best Years of Your Life?

A recent article in The Atlantic argued that your 20s aren’t necessarily the “best years of your life.” Yougov wanted to find out if that’s true, so they polled over 13,000 Americans. Their poll finds that 24% do believe that your 20s represent the best years of their lives, but a roughly equal amount (23%) believe that the 30s are actually the best years. But… the best years may shift by age. Adults under 20 tend to believe that their 20s (39%) will be the best years, though 23% believe it’s the under-20s time period – in other words, they think they’re currently living the best years of their lives. Two in five (39%) people currently in their 20s think that their 20s represent the best years. But many 20-somethings are looking forward to their next chapter, so 23% say they think their 30s will be the best decade. Those who are in their 30s tend to also think they’re currently living their best years (32%), though about a quarter (24%) say their 20s were better. Among 40-somethings, 25% think their 40s are the best decade, while a similar percentage (23%) think it was their 20s. Those who are past 50 are less likely they are to say their 20s were their best period.

Pandemic Saw Women Do Extra 173 Hours Of Work In Child Care In 2020

Women did an extra 173-hours of child care work last year due to the pandemic. Researchers looked at child care workload during the pandemic. They found women performed an extra 173-hours of work without pay compared to an extra 59-hours for men, as work and school were done at home indefinitely due to the coronavirus.

Mothers Reveal the Things That Other Parents Do That Drive Them Mad

People (on a parenting site) have revealed the pettiest things that annoy them most about other parents. From talking in baby language to boasting about a pain-free labor, the post was inundated with responses from fellow frustrated mothers and fathers. One user wrote, “Mothers who talk endlessly about how easy labor was and how all they needed was a puff of gas and air. Often with comments about their high pain tolerance. Never seem to consider that their labor was just easier then some women's or that they were lucky. Gets my back up every time.” Another told how the use of baby language really gets on her nerves. She said, 'I'll say 'look, there's a dog!' and a friend of mine will say to her daughter 'look, there's a woof woof.'' One user noted that mothers and father who always try and get one up on others really driver them nuts. Others noted that it drives them nuts when they are judged or given unwanted opinions by others. Another user who is halfway through her pregnancy told how she has been “bombarded” with people giving “advice.”

Woman’s Parents ‘Taxed’ Her Chore Money Growing Up

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for revealing that her parents “taxed” her allowance growing up, and parents everywhere think it’s genius. The video was a “stitch” (duet) response to the question, What’s the weirdest thing your family did until you grew up and realized it was just y’all?” The woman’s answer has over 10 million views. In the video the woman said,My parents taxed my chore money at 25%. When I was 10, I’d do 10 points worth of chores a week to get $10. $2.50 of that would go to family taxes and $2.50 went into a savings account, and then I’d get to keep the other 50% for spending. Once family taxes built up enough, we’d have a family meeting and vote on how we were going to spend it. So like one time, we bought a new microwave. My mom said ours worked fine, but the other three of us thought it was slow and old, so we overruled her. Honestly, as an adult, I’m so glad they did that. Because when I got a real job and all those taxes were taken out, I was like, what else is new?” TikTok users were quick to share their thoughts on the woman’s childhood tax system and mostly were in favor of it. One user said, “I was upset for you until you got to the family vote part. That’s actually genius, and I really love that idea!” Another said, “I love this because it teaches at a young age that YOU benefit from your tax money, and you get to choose what it goes to with voting.” Some responded with humor and one user said, “You should have clapped back with itemized deductions and tax credits.”

People Are Sharing Things That Should Be Illegal

Reddit user u/Xanduh recently posed the question, "What do you wish was illegal?" Responses included: "Convenience fees for online ticket purchases. Why am I getting charged for saving on paper, ink, and everyone's time?" –u/dipey16695 "Family YouTube channels." –u/cadynnj "I think it should be illegal for parents to use their kids in any type of monetized content. I’ve seen many family vloggers/Instagram moms using their kids to make money from ads. Bet the kids don’t see any of that money."–u/mustard_cow "Child beauty pageants." –u/BlueberryPiano "That stuff's just really weird, and it puts a lot of stress on the children. And it attracts some wrong people." –u/AlphaStatue702 "Commercials that are louder than the show you're watching." –u/qalarkiyv "Playing music on your phone’s speaker or via a Bluetooth speaker while in an inappropriate public place like on the bus or walking down the sidewalk." –u/chamada "Standing right behind a person in a line." –u/boole94 "Bots buying tickets and up-charging... the price." –u/pgh613 "Unskippable YouTube ads." –u/MrLazyTiger "Holding your cellphone up during a concert. The people behind you want to see the stage, too, ya selfish ass wad." –u/SquilliamFancySon95 "Companies can keep taking money from you until you explicitly request cancellation, even if you haven't used their service. What an absurd thing to be capable of." –u/Wise-Tune-7308 "And companies that make it impossible for you to cancel whatever subscription you have with them. Incredibly frustrating." –u/Imakefishdrown "Bringing children into bars. We're here to deal with our own problems, not listen to yours." –u/somekennyguy "Not moving to single file when someone's trying to get past on the sidewalk." –u/keitherson7 "Airlines overbooking flights. –u/Fishfingerrosti "Refunds taking more than three days to appear. If they can demand to get money from me on hours' notice, then I should be able to demand my cash back as fast as possible." –u/Umbraldisappointment "Revving your cars and motorcycles loudly, looking for attention because you are that desperate to be noticed by anyone." –u/TheCatNamedCookie

Olympic Hammer Thrower Gwen Berry Turns Her Back On Flag During National Anthem

A US hammer thrower turned her back on the American flag as the national anthem played while she and two other athletes stood on the podium at the Olympic trials on Saturday. Gwen Berry took third place, making her second Olympics. But as the national anthem played, she turned her back on the flag before holding up a black shirt that read, “Activist Athlete.” She said “I feel like it was a set-up, and they did it on purpose. They had enough opportunities to play the national anthem before we got up there.” Berry added that she believed it was “disrespectful”.

Fan Holding Sign Causes Huge Crash During First Stage of Tour de France

A race fan who reached into the road to try to get a sign she made on TV, caused a major pileup at the Tour de France, leaving a tangle of bikes and riders. ​The message on the sign was a greeting to the woman's grandparents. Tony Martin of Germany had nowhere to go, but into the sign and other riders then fell. One injured competitor withdrew from the race. The crash took place Saturday during the first stage, which started in Brest, France. Officials in France have opened an investigation and the race resumed Saturday and continued Sunday. The Tour said that it filed a complaint against the spectator, but that the fan had fled. Officials said the fan so far cannot be traced. A journalist appealed against launching a "potentially life-ruining campaign against the foolish young" fan, noting that crashes have been caused by race employees, a dog, and a drunk."

Why The Smartest People are the Most Distracted at Work

If you are an easily distracted person at work, the bad news is that you may have trouble focusing and will do all kinds of non-work-related activities. The good news: Research says the reason that you're easily distracted is because you're really smart. A study by the workplace solutions company Steelcase looked at the habits of more than 10,000 workers in 17 countries. They found that the more intelligent you are, the easier it is for you to become distracted and the more trouble you have prioritizing all the ideas you've bounced around in your head. Nearly half of the participants said that they struggled to concentrate in the office. Since you're super-smart, every time you're struck by one of your genius ideas, you try to deal with as it happens.

"What’s Something That People Turn Into Their Whole Personality?"

Reddit user u/Kandiblu asks: "What’s something that people turn into their whole personality?" Replies include: "Brands. People think choosing a brand of clothing speaks a lot about them." "Their music taste." "Disliking something mainstream/popular/common." "Their vehicle." -- "In high school, this guy would do nothing but talk and brag about his Ford truck and would literally argue and fight with people who had a Chevy or any other brand then Ford." "Crossfit." -- "I'm sure there are exceptions, but I've met 4 people who were heavily into crossfit and all of them were unbearable." "Cryptocurrency."

Confessions Of A Flight Attendant: 'We Were Put On Diet Plans, Passengers Faked Illness To Get Upgrades And Pilots Use Their Status To Get Sex'

A former flight attendant revealed several trade secrets, including, they reuse the headphones. The woman said her airlines had a uniform department, which they nicknamed the “fashion police” as they would stand around like cops and try and catch them if anything was out of place. She also said the airlines had a weight management plan that flight attendants were forced to follow if they had been reported by management or the “fashion police”. The woman also said as a whole, planes are pretty dirty and the seat covers were only exchanged if they’d been soiled or vomited on. And she says pilots used their status to get sex from the flight attendants... especially during layovers.

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The Rock Tries Singing Garth Brooks To Sick Fan

  1. The woman is a big Garth Brooks, so Johnson decided to try singing to make her smile. Johnson offers some kind words, then attempts to sing some Garth.

Former NFL Star Bruce Smith Says Gay Players in the NFL is Nothing New

  1. Smith says he never cared about anyone's sexual orientation -- as long as that player could play.

Woman Upset When Transgender Person Walks Around With Penis Out In LA Spa

  1. A woman uploaded her experience at Wi Spa in Los Angeles when a biological man identifying as a woman was walking around with its penis out in front of kids.

Derek Chauvin Sentenced To 22.5 Years

  1. Judge Peter Cahill says his sentence is also based on public opinion or any attempt to send a message. Chauvin is then sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison.

  2. Chauvin gives condolences to the Floyd family.

  3. Floyd's 7 year - old daughter, Gianna, spoke about her dad.


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