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Content for Monday, June 21

Men’s Shorts Are Getting Shorter

Men’s shorts are actually getting shorter as men embrace their sexuality coming out of the pandemic. On TikTok hundreds of videos have been posted at #inseam and #5inseam. Most of the videos are posted by women, claiming that they would never date the perfect man if he wore shorts longer than 5.5-inches.

Fashion experts say men are finally embracing their sexuality and toned legs.

The trend comes at a time when many are expecting a “hot vax summer” as sexuality is running high coming out of the pandemic.

People Are Bringing Up Dangerous Things People Didn't Realize Were Bad At The Time

Reddit user u/pinkyfirefly asked, "What is something that used to be considered safe/okay but now we know is harmful?" Here are some of the super disturbing responses: 1. "Arsenic. It's wild to us now, but in the 1800s, someone figured out how to make a green dye out of arsenic." "There had been no truly good green dyes before then, and suddenly green was all the rage. People painted with it, used green wallpaper in their houses, and women wore green dresses, all dyed with arsenic. People started getting sick, and it took a while for them to figure out that they were only sick when inside their arsenic-papered house." —u/nakedonmygoat 2. "My mother talks about how when she was in high school in the 1970s, they would roll mercury around in their hands during science class with no gloves on." —u/Mt838373 3. "Heroin. It was originally sold as a cough medicine by Bayer."—u/WhenTardigradesFly "Literally was sold in mail order catalogs by Sears." —u/standingdesk1107 4. "All of the snow in 'The Wizard of Oz' was asbestos. They used to sell it for your own Christmas tree at home, too; you'd just spray it out of a can." —u/Omniwing 5. "Smoking. My grandmother's doctor prescribed smoking cigarettes. She was experiencing anxiety while she was pregnant with my mother (1951)." —u/NO_Cheeto_in_Chief 6. "Radiation makeup." "Yes! Radiation toothpaste, make-up, hair spray, deodorant...even health tonics to drink. There wasn't anything good ole radium couldn't cure with its magic glow." —u/Transcribbla 7. "Cocaine. I've heard it used to be used in place of caffeine and in certain medicines."—u/philwerrell_ "It even used to be in Coca-Cola when it first appeared." —u/LucyVialli 9. "Lysol as a douche. Look it up." —u/purrfunctory 10. "Lobotomies." —u/Tara-Hymen "'Your very own family member as a pet': The very headlines that was used to glorify lobotomies back then." —u/SkeepDeepy 11. "Letting little kids sit in the front seat of the car. I remember being early elementary age and having fights with my younger sisters on who got to sit in the front seat." —u/Iwoulddiefcftbatk

Ladies: The 4 Biggest Red Flags to Look For On Dating App Profiles

TikTok user @sydneyplus claims to work at a dating app and posted a “public service announcement” for all women. The video, titled “How to detect dating app red flags, by someone who actually works at a dating app” cites these four things to watch out for: “If he’s standing in front of a nice car, eight times out of 10 it’s not his.” "If the man claims to be an “’entrepreneur’, ‘writer’ or ‘musician’ you should take that to mean you’re going to be splitting the bill at dinner.” "Any man who claims, “mom is my world’ he’ll either ghost you or propose within a month, there’s no in-between.” "And if he’s looking for ‘smth casual’, it’s not worth the tears sis.”

What Profession Won’t You Date?

Reddit user u/Aarunascut asked: "What profession won’t you date?" Replies include: "As a doctor, other doctors. Or anyone in health care. I need to be able to turn my mind off of work mode." -- "I'm a lawyer, and always said I'd never date another lawyer for this same reason (and indeed, married somebody outside the profession). I won't watch legal dramas on TV or film either - notable exception for "My Cousin Vinnie" which is brilliant. I need to switch off when I stop work." "Dated an ER Nurse once. Never again. I was her emotional punching bag for all the stress she inherited at work. Not to mention her sense of humor was DARK and difficult to be around." "Social media influencer. They can be very annoying." "Tennis Players, love means nothing to them." "Any profession that requires 24/7 attention. If you can't turn off your phone, call it a day and spend some time with me, then we're not compatible." "I'm an academic engaged to a carpenter and I have got to say that it works out great. She's proud of me and interested in what I do and I will happily listen to her talk about building shit all day long because it's basically magic that she makes houses. I watched her build a deck one weekend and loved it. She listened to me practice defending my dissertation a dozen times and gave me great feedback. Dating people with different professions: recommend it."

Doctors Warn Over TikTok Challenge Involving Fake Tongue Piercings

Doctors are warning over a dangerous TikTok challenge involving fake tongue piercings with magnetic balls, said to pose a deadly risk if the magnets are swallowed. Cincinnati Childrens wrote in a tweet, "This is potentially deadly if they accidentally swallow them. Revisit the dangers of high-powered magnets & talk to your kids about the dangers." TikTok user Dr. Karan Raj warned that the swallowed magnets can clump together and risk squeezing the intestines and threatening blood flow. He also warned the issue can be fatal without emergency bowel surgery, adding that two children were rushed to emergency surgery over the challenge. Another user, @helpigotmagnetstuckonlip, gathered over 20,000 views on a TikTok video showing two magnetic balls allegedly stuck on the top of the lip. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, many incidents of ingested magnets have resulted in surgeries, and the agency advises seeking immediate medical attention, and watching for symptoms like stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Bartender’s Fake Receipt Saves Women From Being Hit On By a ‘Creep’

A Florida bartender saved two women from being hit on by a creepy customer by passing them a note disguised as a receipt. Max Gutierrez shot to internet fame last week when a woman named Trinity Allie shared on Twitter how he helped her and a friend fend off the unwanted pick-up artist. When the other customer repeatedly hit on the women, the Hawaiian shirt-wearing barkeep handed Allie a note that looked like a receipt, but read: “If this guy is bothering you, put your ponytail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed. He’s giving me the creeps.” Allie captioned the tweet, “This man was harrassssing me and my friend and the bartender passed this note to me acting like it was my receipt ! Legit the type of bartender everyone needs." In a follow-up tweet the woman explained that Gutierrez yelled “you need to get the f—k away from these girls who clearly are not interested,” before kicking him out. Allie also clarified that she had Gutierrez pose for the picture after the incident, not while she was being harassed. ** Four days after the tweet went viral, Gutierrez tweeted that the sleazy patron came back to the bar for a beer — but the barman refused to serve him.

Fantasy Football League Loser Spends 15 Hours at Waffle House, Eats 9 Waffles

As consequence for coming in last place in his fantasy football league, a man had to take up residence for 24 hours in a local Waffle House in Jackson, Mississippi. For every waffle he ate, he could decrease his time by one hour. The man finished in 15 hours later after consuming a total of 9 waffles. He entertained himself overnight by listening to podcasts and working on a crossword puzzle. At one point, he was the only human inside as even the employees left to take their breaks. As he finished his last waffle, he wrote on twitter, “The sun is rising, it's a new day and I'm never eating waffles again. That’s 9 waffles and 15 hours in this restaurant. S/o to the staff for letting me hang out on a slow night (I tipped them well don't worry). This was horrible and I recommend no one ever do this."

Texas Residents Say The Temperatures On Their Smart Thermostats Were RAISED Overnight -- Without Their Permission

Some residents in Texas say the temperature on their smart web-connected thermostats was changed without their permission due to a heat wave. The thermostats were raised to 78 degrees without their knowledge… sometimes even as families slept in the middle of the night. Raising the temperature on the thermostat would cause an air conditioner to run less which would use less power. Many state residents have enrolled their thermostats, operated by the company EnergyHub, into a program known as Smart Savers Texas. The program allows power companies to remotely adjust thermostats when energy demands are high like now.

"How Do You Deal With Being The Least Good Looking One In a Group of Friends?"

Redditor u/BodyofWaterandGainz asked: "How do you deal with being the least good looking one in a group of friends?" "You're going out with your buddies, theres a group of attractive women you all get talking to however the attention is on your friends and not you. Does this bother you and how does it make you feel, any advice for people in this situation?" Replies Include: "...welcome to the life of the duff bro. You are in fact the male grenade." "2 things I would recommend. Exercise. Exercise not only builds healthy habits, but energy and confidence. The other would be to get into self care and grooming. Find a cologne that suits you, shave/shape your facial hair in a suitable fashion. Take care of your skin, and get into a moisturizing routine. All of this really built my confidence, and everyone around me has noticed." "I might be way off but from your post and the way you’ve worded this… it sounds like you’re lacking the necessary confidence. It may even be the case that it’s not happening as often as you think, you’re just hyper aware of women around you.Ultimately, you put an awful lot of attention onto your look and many might see this as you being shallow / insecure." "I've been the ugliest in the group my entire life. You just learn to deal with it and move on." "Build muscle." -- "Just not meat head muscle. A lot of men have the wrong idea about the male gaze." "Honestly it just sounds like you need to find a women by yourself or somewhere else that’s not with your mates. No need to feel down on yourself as you sound like a pretty cool guy that shouldn’t really have any issues but when your in a group it can be hard." "Lol you sound like kind of a douche ngl. No offense, you just gotta stop trying so hard!" "Find a new group of friends, make sure they are all uglier than you. But for real, just be yourself and remain confident. Ladies love a confident man." "That group of attractive women also has a least attractive friend, and also let your personality work for you."

Splash Mountain Or Paying Your Mortgage? Disney is 'Pricing Out Loyal Customers' By Targeting More Affluent Families

A Disney vacation will now set a family of four back more than $6,000 for just five days, while the average annual income in America now stands at $68,703 - or $5,725 each month. This means a visit to the 'happiest place on earth' is out of reach for a growing number of American families. The hefty price tag also comes despite pandemic-related restrictions squeezing some of the magic out of the experience. Firework displays, shows and the iconic character parades have gone but instead of slashing the prices to make up for the disappointment, costs have continued to climb. Since it reopened in April, Disneyland has focused on premium add-ons like an extra charge on the new Spider-Man ride to ensure a higher score and a $100 supersized sandwich at its new Avengers Campus. Meanwhile, the cheapest hotel room in Disneyland in July is $463, with some climbing as high as $800.

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Jose Cuervo Looking For Chief Margarita Officer

  1. Jose Cuervo announced they are looking for they first Chief Margarita Officer to join the "Cuervo Cabinet." The winner will get their own Cuervo Corporate Card, with $1,000 to spend on tequila cocktails and ingredients. They'll also have a say in cocktail recipes and will be flown to Tequila, Mexico, on an all-expenses-paid trip. Jose Cuervo's CEO posted a video promo for the contest.

Dave Chappelle Joins Foo Fighters On Stage

  1. Dave Chappelle made an appearance on stage with the Foo Fighters at their Madison Square Garden concert to perform Radiohead's 'Creep.'

Logan Paul Thinks He Can Beat Mike Tyson

  1. Here's Logan talking about fighting Mike Tyson.

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Reunion

  1. Khloe reveals she's only had one nose job, but talks about her insecurities throughout the series relating to her sisters.

  2. Kourtney and Scott talks about the current status of their relationship.

  3. Scott gives his blessing to Kourtney's realationship with Travis Barker.

  4. Khloe didn't think Tristan Thompson was cheating on her before she found out.

  5. Khloe says she forgives Tristan and Jordyn for the affair.

Kevin Hart Talks About Daughter's Reaction To His Cheating Scandal

  1. Kevin Hart on the challenge speaking to his teenage daughter, Heaven, after his cheating scandal broke.

  2. Kevin says his daughter is still tough on him about it "until this day".


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