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Content for Monday, August 9

Most People Leave Their Online Shopping Carts Full of Items They Don’t Buy

Most Americans plan on buying everything online in the post-pandemic world. According to a new survey of 2,000 Americans, 56 percent expect to use home delivery more in the future. Of those, 83 percent think there will come a time when home delivery is their primary method of shopping. Seven in 10 respondents are using home delivery more now than ever before because of the pandemic. 69 percent plan to continue shopping online, even after the pandemic ends. Fifty-seven percent say they’re guilty of “cart abandonment,” where they leave items sitting in online shopping carts. Respondents are most likely to abandon clothing (56%), household supplies (49%), and groceries (44%) before reaching the online register. Of those who have items saved in their virtual shopping carts, the average respondent has 11 items waiting for them. These shoppers typically abandon their purchases four times a month.

Next Year Will See Most Weddings in Nearly 40 Years

Typically, there are more than 2 million weddings a year in the US, but only 1.2 million were celebrated in 2020. That’s why traditional weddings are expected to boom next year, with a market research firm forecasting 2.5 million of them. That would be the most since 1984. People are spending even more than they did before the pandemic. Because of the 2022 wedding boom, resources are thin. Venues are hard to find. Couples rescheduling postponed weddings or newly engaged are scrambling to find planners, hair stylists, officiants, and caterers, too. One wedding planner in Florida said bookings are happening on Mondays now. He says ‘Monday is the new Saturday’.

Loving Your In-Laws Is What Saves Marriages, Says Study Defining 11 'Partner Traits'

Loving your in-laws is the best way to save your marriage. Researchers looked at responses from 207 people about their relationships past and present to see what was important to keep a relationship strong such as being trustworthy and faithful, having the ability to compromise and how positive they were in their attitude to life. They found getting along with your partner’s family was more important than sex or money. And more men than women said that sexual satisfaction and compromise were important to a successful relationship.

Strange Habits People Hate So Much They Would End a Relationship Over Them

Recently, Reddit user asked women what their weirdest, most specific deal breakers are when it comes to a potential relationship. Here are some of the best responses: 1. "When they spit a lot. Nothing turns my stomach more than when you see a guy hawking one up in the street.” 2. "When guys have feminine hands or long nails. I have a thing for hands and I’m just not attracted if the guy has hands like that.” 3. "When they are incapable of fixing things around the house. Whether it is putting furniture together, or hanging lamps on a ceiling, they need to be able to do something. I can do it myself, but I feel way better if my S.O. does it with me.” 4. "When they make TikToks or Reels. I’m sorry, but that is so cringey to me." 5. "When I give my S.O. my purse to hold while I'm tying my shoes or something and he gets uncomfortable by holding something ‘feminine.’" 6. "When they spend thousands on their hobbies, and then skimp on using the heater in winter or buying healthy groceries at home because they are expensive." 7. "When they still use Snapchat. It's an automatic block from me." 8. "When the smell and taste of their mouth and body is unpleasant to me. It must be right or it can’t work." 9. "When their music taste and the sound of their voice doesn't fit my exact preferences." 10. "When they loudly and deliberately burp. Like if you accidentally burp, that's fine, but those long, drawn out, on purpose burps? I absolutely HATE them.”

If Your Employer Fires You Because You Won’t Get the COVID Vaccine, Don’t Expect to Collect Unemployment

Each day more employers are telling employees they need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to work in person or risk being fired. Unlike millions of Americans who were laid off during the pandemic, employees fired for failing to get vaccinated likely won’t qualify for unemployment benefits. In most states, individuals have to prove they’re out of work through no fault of their own to collect unemployment benefits. One expert said, “Typically, an employee who is terminated for failing to comply with company policies is not eligible for unemployment benefits, which would include refusing to comply with a company’s COVID-19 prevention policies, masking requirements or vaccine requirements.” But an employee who has proof of a medical exemption or religious objection to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine may still be eligible to collect unemployment benefits if fired.

OMAHA! Video Shows People Trapped in Elevator as Floodwaters Continue Rising

A strong storm system rolled across areas in Nebraska cause serious flooding in cities like Omaha on Saturday, A man and two others nearly drowned as neck-high floodwaters engulfed the elevator of his downtown apartment building. Tony Luu and friends hopped on the lift around 10 p.m. to observe the damage from ongoing hail and flash floods— only to find themselves stuck in it on the ground floor as water rushed in from the lobby. He says, “Once it got to my stomach, we kind of figured, ‘OK, this is real'.... It was like something out of a movie.” Video recorded by Luu’s friend shows him vaping when the elevator jolts and water rushes in from below and the closed doors. Later, when the floods have nearly submerged them, Luu’s friend — whose head is barely above the water line — appears to be on the phone with emergency services, telling them to hurry. The pals managed to pry the door open before first responders got there, and escape along with the many gallons of water. By that point, Luu had been standing on the elevator’s railing to avoid going under. Luu’s friend Daylon Guy reported that four others were stuck in another elevator in the same building. He said no one in either elevator required medical treatment. Omaha was hit by as much as five inches of rain in a brief window of time on Saturday, causing severe flash flooding across the region. Nearly 18,000 people lost power during the storm.

8-Year-Old Boy is Running a ‘Donations Only’ Lemonade Stand During Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

An 8-year-old boy is running a roadside lemonade stand that has become a popular attraction at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. He opened the stand last year to earn a little money toward a Lego set he wanted. By the end of the day, he had earned the money plus $200 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Now this year, 50% goes to college, 30% goes to St. Jude and the rest goes towards a dirt bike. The Sturgis rally will continue through next Sunday.

'Multi-Vaxxers' are Getting Unauthorized Booster Shots

A California woman began to doubt the protection she had from the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, so she got a Pfizer shot at her local pharmacy, even though booster shots haven't been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. A growing number of Americans are getting under-the-table booster shots to decrease their odds of getting sick or infecting others. A New York City man also decided to "upgrade" his vaccine to Pfizer, after getting a different shot earlier this year. He said, ”I feel well-armored now. It feels good, actually - I'm mega-vaxxed!” The US could soon start administering boosters to vulnerable groups. In the next week or so, the FDA is expected to evaluate whether to allow boosters for immunocompromised people. "Multi-vaxxers" are experiencing mild side effects after their booster shots.

One Man... 32,340 Big Macs Eaten Since 1972

A Wisconsin man who has held the Guinness World Record for lifetime Big Mac consumption since 1999 had his record updated with his latest total: 32,340. Donald Gorske, of Fond du Lac, said he averages two of the McDonald's signature sandwiches a day, and he's been making them a part of his routine since 1972. Guinness World Records recognized him as the record holder for most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime in 1999, and the record-keeping organization said he has now broken his own record with a total 32,340. And he keeps the packages and receipts from every burger. *** He keeps healthy by skipping the French fries and walking about 6 miles every day.

O.J. Simpson Won't Go to L.A. 'Cause ... He Might Run Into The 'Real Killer'

OJ Simpson says he avoids LA because he might run into the person who killed Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman. The disgraced ex-NFL'er was acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife and a friend, but found liable in a civil suit shortly thereafter. In an interview with The Athletic he says, "I have trouble with L.A.," going on to add, "People may think this is self-serving, but I might be sitting next to whoever did it. I really don’t know who did this." O.J. adds, "I figured eventually somebody would confess to something, you know? I had one suspect I told my lawyers to look at. I still think he might be involved, but I can’t talk about it." O.J. also feels he lives a "good life" now in Las Vegas.

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Kevin Durant On Winning Olympic Gold

  1. Kevin Durant and Draymond Green talk about the people that didn't think they'd win Gold in Men's Basketball.

Peyton Manning Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

  1. Peyton was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame over the weekend. He was happy to be honored and reunited with some of the legends he played with.

  2. Peyton pokes fun at Ray Lewis and Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.

Pilot Gives Very Personal Speech To Passengers

  1. The pilot started to share very personal facts about his struggles with his sexuality and abuse he suffered as a young boy.

  2. The pilot continued and told passengers to see him after deplaning if they felt uncomfortable.

Packers Receiver Devin Funchess Uses Anti-Asian Slur

  1. During a Saturday press conference, the Packers player was addressing the media and talked about how he can tell some people are smiling under their masks. The receiver said he can tell people are smiling because they look “ch*nky” and he then motioned towards the skin near his eyes being pulled back. (CONTENT WARNING)


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