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Content for Monday, August 30

(Surprise!) -- Online Trolls JERKS ALL the Time

Researchers found that online interactions largely mirror offline behavior. People are predisposed to aggressive behavior that is just as unpleasant in person as it is online. They choose to be jerks as part of a deliberate strategy. Researchers also found evidence that less hostile people simply aren’t as interested in talking about politics on the internet. The author of the study said, “We know from psychological research that not everyone has a personality that is equally disposed to aggression. In the end, these personality differences turn out to be a much stronger driver of online hostility.” Another study found that the most aggressive online trolls may tend to be high in cognitive empathy, which allows them to identify when they’re pushing someone else’s buttons, but low in affective empathy, enabling them to avoid feeling bad about what they’ve said or done.

Chicken Wings are Americans’ Favorite Spicy BBQ Food

Even though restaurants are open, a recent survey found that 51% of Americans picked outdoor barbecues as an ideal venue for socializing this summer. Only 38 percent say the same of restaurants and even fewer (34%) are choosing their own dining room table. 47 percent of respondents are using cookouts to catch up on news from friends and family. Burgers (77%), hot dogs (72%), and baked beans (47%) are among the list of must-have dishes at a cookout. Spice is also a hot topic around the grill, with 79 percent saying they like spicy barbecue foods. 28 percent of respondents actually carry a bottle of hot sauce with them at all times, just in case. The top spicy barbecue dishes, according to the poll: chicken wings (45%), burgers (35%), pulled pork sandwiches (27%), and baked beans (22%).

Hair Horns Become Summer’s Hot New Trend... Allegedly

Hair horns is the latest fashion trend. The hairstyle features two slanted sprigs of hair sitting on either side of the head that are styled upward with wax paste to look like pointy horns. The #hairhorns hashtag on TikTok has more than 64 million views and the hairstyle is popular with men and women.

JERK of a Guy Orders His Date a Salad So “She Doesn’t Get Fat”

Reddit user Bartender writes: "While serving you get to observe other people’s relationships. The good, the bad and the ugly. On this occasion I really wanted to punch this guy." "I go to take the couples order and she says she would like a burger. Boyfriend instantly says “No, she will have a salad so she doesn’t get fat”. He’s telling me this not even speaking to her about it. She physically deflated, shoulders slumped, head down and I’m pissed. "I ask his if “he was going to also have a salad so he wouldn’t get MORE fat”. He obviously goes into the classic fragile ego rage fest by yelling to the manager- “I told the waitress my girlfriend would be having the salad. I know she said she wanted the burger but I don’t want her getting fat and this fucking bitch waitress (me) called meEeeeeeeeeeee fat!” "Manager is now pissed off at him and kicks him out. We offered for her to stay for a free burger but unfortunately she left with him." REPLIES Included: "Proud of you for calling him out. Sad for her that she left with that guy and didn’t even get to enjoy a burger. Edit: also, good manager you’ve got there … customer isn’t always right!" "Hopefully the GF has the foresight that your manager did and can see that there's just nothing left to do; he's a lost cause." "You can't make her leave him, but you can certainly show that there exist people in the world who don't tolerate that and perhaps give her that crack in the clouds to help her hope that she can have a better life after all." "I think you did so much more for her than you realize. One aspect of an abusive relationship is wondering “Is this in my head? Are they really that bad? They could be more abusive, this is fine.” So seeing a manager who is classically supposed to bend over backwards for complaints (or at least that’s the expectation from non-industry, you know I mean ha) actually eject him from the building probably really left an impression on her. All abused people eventually leave, you probably affected her inevitable decision quite a bit."​

Mom is Stripped of Parenting Time Over Refusal to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

A Chicago mom says a judge has forbid her from seeing her 11-year-old son because she is not vaccinated against COVID-19. It all happened during a court hearing about child support issues. She shares custody of her son with her ex-husband. The judge asked about the woman’s vaccination status. He then stripped her of parenting time when she said she refused to get the shot. She says she’s reacted badly to vaccinations in the past and is appealing the judge’s ruling. The woman said, “It had nothing to do with what we were talking about. He was placing his views on me and taking my son away from me.”

GONE VIRAL: Restaurants are Reserving 13 Beers on an Empty Table

Restaurants and businesses across the country are choosing to reserve a table and 13 beers to honor the service members who died during last Thursday's bombing at the airport in Kabul. The manager of the Ironwood Cafe, outside of Cleveland, Ohio said the news hit close to home since one of the fallen soldiers, Max Soviak, is a native of the area. They reserved a table for 13. The owner of Niko's Bar & Gyros, also in Ohio, did the same thing, and even took it a step further: until Sept. 11, the bar will donate a dollar for every beer they sell to military charities. The owner of First Line Brewery in New York has been displaying 13 beers inside the brewery. Staff refresh the pints throughout the night so the beers remain cold. A portion of their proceeds from over the weekend will be donated to military-run charities for fallen service members. Customers have donated about $2,000 in cash since Friday. A flower shop in New York placed 13 roses outside the store. A barbershop in Delaware decided to reserve a single chair in the shop and set out 13 beers as well. A kitchen manager at AJOBrady's restaurant in Wisconsin, heard from a former employee who left to become a Marine that some men in her unit died in the Kabul attack. They set out beers, but customers went above and beyond: dozens have offered to pay for the beer or meal of any veteran or military family members who come into the restaurant.

Downward Dog In The Conference Room? Yoga in the Office Can Ward Off Work Stress, Reduce Risk of Heart Problems

Employees can reduce the risk of stress at the office by doing yoga at work. Scientists say yoga relieves stress better than traditional techniques, including massage. They pooled data from 15 clinical trials involving almost 700 healthcare workers. They examined the effects of yoga, massage therapy, progressive muscle relaxation and stretching. Results indicated only yoga and massage were more effective than no intervention, with yoga being the best. It could help combat a major health problem that’s getting worse because of Covid-19. Healthcare staff are particularly vulnerable due to the emotional and physical strain, often leading to burnout. Millions of other people fear ending up jobless because of the economic crisis.

Cow Spotted in Back Seat of Car at a McDonald's Drive-Thru

A woman who went to a Marshfield, Wisconsin McDonald’s and spotted a cow in the back seat of a car in the drive-thru lane. She was in the drive-thru around 1 p.m. and posted a video of the strange scene on Facebook. Her post read, “A WHOLE FREAKING COW!!! Tell me you live in Wisconsin without telling me you live in Wisconsin.” The woman found out a man bought the cow from the fair and was driving home when he decided to make a pit stop. Apparently, there were two other calves in the back seat as well.

Parents Tossed Son's $30K of Porn, Now They Must Pay

A judge has ordered a western Michigan couple to pay $30,441 to their son for trashing his pornography collection. They also had to pay $14,5000 for his attorney fees. A judge’s decision this week came 8 months after a 43-year-old man won a lawsuit against his parents. He said they had no right to throw out his collection of films, magazines and other items. The man had lived in his parent’s house for 10 months after a divorce before moving to Indiana. After moving to Indiana, the man learned that his possessions were missing. In an email is dad, said, “Frankly, David, I did you a big favor getting rid of all this stuff.” In his original report to police, the man alleged the collection to be worth anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000.

BOXING: Jake Paul Beats Tyron Woodley Via Split Decision, Remains Undefeated

Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley via split decision to pick up his fourth professional boxing win. It was the first time in the YouTube star’s short career he didn’t end the fight with a knockout. The bout lasted all eight rounds. Paul won two of the three cards, 77-75 and 78-74. Woodley won on one card, 77-75. Woodley was landing some of his punches that rattled Paul in some instances, but it wasn’t enough to get the victory. Woodley was upset about losing and called for a rematch. Paul also complained about the judges' scoring. What’s next for Paul is unclear. He had been trying to lure Conor McGregor into a boxing match while also getting called out by Tommy Fury – the brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

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