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Content for Monday, August 23

3 In 4 Employees Want Ability To Work From Home-- Forever

Over 75% of workers in the US want the ability to work from home forever. Researchers surveyed 2,000 Americans who are still working from home during the pandemic. They found 48% say a company’s policy on remote work is now their number one desired workplace perk, while 72% claim they wouldn’t even consider working for a company that didn’t offer flexible work-from-home policies. And 76% would prefer to work from home permanently.

TIP: Please Do NOT Take Livestock Dewormer to Treat COVID-19

Officials are getting so worried about the increase in calls coming into poison control centers that the CDC issued a warning: Don't take a drug intended for horses to self-treat COVID-19. Officials at a poison control center in Mississippi said, ”At least 70% of the recent calls have been related to ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of ivermectin purchased at livestock supply centers.” Of the callers, 85% had mild symptoms of poisoning, which can include a rash, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, neurologic disorders, and even severe hepatitis. The FDA said it's just beginning research on ivermectin. The drug is approved to treat people with certain parasitic conditions, but not for anyone with COVID.

More People are Growing Their Own Fruits and Veggies to Cut Food Bills

A new study found that 8 in 10 Americans have grown their own produce over the past year. Researchers asked 2,000 people about their thoughts on gardening and 65% say they’ve tried it themselves at some point over the past year. Of those, 76% claim it’s their new hobby and 86% have eaten the fruits of their labor. 6 in 10 say that witnessing panic buying at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic inspired them to start their own garden. Nearly 4 in 10 want to grow greens to save money, as the average American currently spends $45.25 per person on fruits and veggies each month. 62% believe a garden would help improve their overall diet and wellness, while 71% feel it would benefit their mental health. Of those who haven’t attempted to garden, 55% wish they could learn how but 42% worry they won’t know what to do.

Family Bought Their Lottery Ticket at a Rest Stop-- Didn’t Realize They Won $2 Million Until a Month Later

A New Jersey family won $2 million after purchasing a winning lottery ticket at a rest stop on their way home from vacation, last month. The family was driving from North Carolina when they decided to stop for a bathroom break at a 7-Eleven in Maryland. During the stop, they got snacks as well as Mega Millions, Cash4Life, and Powerball tickets before getting back on the road. The family did not tune into the drawing or check the numbers until a month after purchasing it from the store. The numbers from the Powerball ticket ended up matching most of the numbers from the drawing, putting them one number short of winning a major jackpot. The couple, who has three kids, claimed their prize in Baltimore, Maryland. The agency said the family plans to pay off outstanding debt and save what's left.

Sources say Kylie Jenner is Pregnant with Her 2nd Child

Sources are confirming that 24-year-old Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child with rapper and on-again, off-again boyfriend Travis Scott. One source says Jenner is "a few months along" and sporting a "cute bump.” Jenner and Scott are already parents to 3-year-old daughter Stormi Webster. Rumors of Kylie being pregnant started in June when she was seen wearing an oversize shirt in Idaho. She also shared a photo that showed her with a sushi order, which didn't include any raw fish. Speculation ramped up on Thursday when Caitlyn Jenner announced she had another grandchild on the way. It turns out, however, the California gubernatorial candidate was talking about her son Burt Jenner, who's expecting his third child with his girlfriend.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mike Richards Quits

‘Jeopardy!’ needs a new host again. Mike Richards, who was chosen to host the game show two weeks ago, has resigned. Richards has been taking heat over a past discrimination lawsuit. On top of that, last week, resurfaced comments he made several years ago on his podcast came out, and they were seen as derogatory toward women and Jewish people. Production on the new season had started Thursday and came to a halt after just one day. The show will now renew its search for a permanent host and bring back guest hosts in the meantime. On Friday, Richard wrote a letter to the ‘Jeopardy!’ team that read: ”Over the last several days it has become clear that moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show. As such, I will be stepping down as host effective immediately.”

Home Drinking is Becoming the New Normal as Alcohol Sales Surge During COVID

A new study finds alcohol sales in the United States surged between March and September 2020, during COVID. Researchers report that while U.S. alcohol retail store sales increased significantly, both restaurant and bar sales dropped dramatically. The findings point to the drastic change in lifestyles for many people during the pandemic and lockdowns throughout 2020. They add that this suggests home drinking has become the new normal for many Americans during COVID. Restaurant and bar sales declined by 27% between March and September 2020. During the first two months of the pandemic restaurant and bar sales declined by over 50%. Since then, these establishments have seen their sales bounce back, but are still down from their pre-COVID levels. The fact that so many Americans are drinking more at home is concerning for a number of reasons.Researchers says people have been using alcohol to relax and deal with stress for centuries, but the public needs to be aware that beer and liquor isn’t a healthy way of coping.

‘We Love NYC’ Concert Canceled At Halfway Point Due To Lightning Threat

The “We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert” was called off just past its halfway point on Saturday due to lightning. The abrupt stop came in the middle of a Barry Manilow medley at 8:37 p.m. as the 60,000 fans in attendance and even those in the VIP area were told to exit Central Park immediately. Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Maluma, Patti Smith and the Killers all hadn’t performed yet when the concert was shut down. The lightning came as the outer edge of Hurricane Henri was approaching New York City.

University 'Disenrolls' Over 200 Students For Failing To Comply With Vaccine Mandate

More than 200 students at the University of Virginia have been disenrolled ahead of the fall semester because they didn’t comply with the school’s COVID vaccine requirement. The school disenrolled 238 students, including 49 students who were enrolled in fall courses. The students received several reminders via email, text, phone calls, calls to parents that they weren’t in compliance. They can re-enroll if they comply with the vaccine requirement or file an exemption by Wednesday.

Today's AUDIO:

Topic Starters: There's a fashion rule for women that says you can't wear white after labor day. Do you follow it?

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Paula Abdul Says Michael Bolton Was Her Babysitter

  1. Paula Abdul confirmed that Michael Bolton was her babysitter when she was growing up. Bolton is nine year old than Paula.

Daniel Radcliffe On Rumors About Returning As 'Harry Potter'

  1. Daniel Radcliffe says there are no current plans to return to his role as 'Harry Potter', and says that the rumors are just usually started by the media.

Sha'Carri Richardson Gives Profane Interview After Finishing Last

  1. Sha'Carri Richardson gave a profane interview after she finished last in her first 100 meters race since her return from a marijuana ban. (CENSORED)

Adam Levine Forgets The Words

  1. Adam Levine performing the Maroon 5 song, "She Will Be Loved" in Milwaukee when he skipped to the second part of the second verse. (Censored)

  2. Levine explained that he has never forgotten the lyrics in 20 years. (Censored)

Man Kicked Out Of Anti-Vaccination Restaurant For Wearing A Mask

  1. Basilico's Pasta E Vino restaurant in Huntington Beach California wants diners to show proof of being unvaccinated before enter. No masks are allowed. A man decided to test the rules, first striking up a conversation with staff and pretending to support the policy.

  2. As soon as the man put on a mask, a restaurant employee took it off his face and told him to leave.


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